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The Joker & The King of the Deck!

This image has been very carefully composed and shot. The Deck of Cards is a unsusual compilation of some artists who collaborated to interpret the deck in their own way; I started out as a JOKER of the pack and finished as the KING during the last campaign and this one hasn’t been that bad either; and the tea-cup and vial of tea are the endless chai gyaan that Blogchatter supplied to us all everyday!

Day #31 of the ultimate blog challenge.and I am looking back at the 31 odd days of regular blogging that I have engaged in. I started out as an odd man out (The Joker) during the Alexa campaign and came out as the First runner up (The King) in that and it was so ultimately unbelievable for me that sometimes I still cant believe it. But its in that feeling of extreme rush, that I signed up for the next campaign of daily blogging for a month.

Phew!! Is the topmost feeling though I have missed out on posting daily, did some back date postings and yet have some 3 posts still left to cover. So in all 28/31 is my post tally which for me is H.U.G.E seeing how I had been with my blogging journey till now.

(I had told myself that I will write these three pending posts too , seeing I have these half written posts but I don’t think I will be able to make it now.)

I am just proud of myself, for throwing myself totally into this challenge and pushing to my limits and beyond.
Who knew I could write fiction – I mean I have followers of the series and I hope to write some more. Plus blogchatter has planted the seed of an e-book too………

Alexa rank, bounce rate, etc has started to look better and sound better too (though keywords n SEO is still not at home with me)

Now setting up for the next campaign which is BlogBuddy 3.0

Note to self :
Next time I engage in a blogging campaign, ensure that I have a contingency plan if there is a festive season or family engagement coming up during that time.
Second note to self:
Plan the campaign with subject/topic for content for blog posts to maintain a blogging consistency for the challenge.

Posting my day 31 post for #Dailychatter Here as I take my blog to the next level with #Blogchatter and  #UBC – the ultimate blog challenge in October 2016

Shalini-Baisiwala - b;ogchatter-dailychatter-ultimate-blog-challenge

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10 thoughts on “The Joker & The King of the Deck!

  1. Congrats Shalzz for you are a winner in your own way. I also finished the 31st post yesterday only and would be impossible to finish on the last day. Diwali celebrations…hehe enjoyed reading you.

    1. Great going Vishal – I just couldnt get myself to write backdated posts anymore. Hope this next campaign goes better!

  2. You have been wonderful during UBC and have completed on a high! ANd now off to NabLoPoMO. You are being a wonderwoman with super powers. Some one lend me some of that power!

    1. Oh my Tina that comment has rocked my world – I think you are quite a wonderwoman yurself with your blogging and the graphic creatives you keep putting up. Thanks so much for such a wonderful compliment- treasuring it!

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