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My superpower is Gratitude

Gratitude-girl-superpower-blogchatter-dailychatter-ultimate-blog-challengeGod! I have been moaning and groaning; in fact I love to do so all the time. Its absolute catharsis for me to be a moaner. How far from the attitude of Gratitude is this, you may very well ask!

Yes, I find it easier to complain than to be thankful for what I have in hand.

I have been following a practice of sunday meditations for more than a year to be  able to appreciate self-love and put an attitude of gratitude into practice.

Before long, I realised gratitude before I felt it. I saw it before I appreciated it.

Little things started sparking around me, like the Kingfisher that started visiting my terrace on a daily basis. Then the sparrows returned – have you noticed them; they are visible in abundance all over again.

The peacocks on the little forest trail behind my house; the new park with the Rudraksh trees where one can breathe in the sweet exotic smell of the Indian Magnolia; the book sale I stumbled upon and ended up buying 53 books – thanks to the bday money stash.


This year hasn’t really exploded with joy for me; on the contrary its bought ill luck and ill-health all around. But then all of it passed too and I wondered if it was a test? They say that troubles comes to those who are ready to face them; though I must confess, I would be happier to not be tested so!!!


My recent win in the #MyFriendAlexa campaign is nothing short of a miracle seeing how I griped and complained about my lack of understanding of the blogosphere and almost gave it up plenty of times. But then I met so many helpful souls who were only too happy to share their expertise and patience with me despite my despair. And look where my blog is today.

I won the Bluestone contest and got an opportunity to write for them – if this is not a blessing, not sure what is, seeing that I have been wanting to start writing for commercial brands.

I have joined in a 31 day blogging challenge; feels like I have bitten off more than I could chew; but am at it and will take it as far as I can. And I will be grateful for as many days as I will be able to post.


Posting my day 6 post for #Dailychatter Here as I take my blog to the next level with #Blogchatter and  #UBC – the ultimate blog challenge in October 2016

Shalini-Baisiwala - b;ogchatter-dailychatter-ultimate-blog-challenge

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8 thoughts on “My superpower is Gratitude

  1. There is indeed o many things in life to grateful too. When I am low this keeps me going. A beautiful post,Shalzz. And Congratulations once again on the winning the contest and the campaign 😉

    1. Thanks for the praise Ramya- such words of encouragement form the blogchatter darlings is whats keeping me going… 🙂

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