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I recently joined the Blogchatter community to put some oomph into my blogging mojo and am I glad that I did. Being part of a blogging community (especially one as close-knit and pro-active as Blogchatter) has been a boon for that swift kick in my lazy behind to get me working on it diligently.

I have also formed associations with fellow blogger; some in the same boat as me and some leagues ahead of me with blogging content and popularity.

I have drooled with envy over some of the better designed ones with graphics that seem to have been created with a swish of a wizards wand; others that have razor-sharp wit and verve and still others that write about everything under the sun and with such saucy accuracy that I end up wondering why didn’t I think of writing this up.

And through it all, I have made friends who are there to push me to write better, to guide me on SEO or graphics or anything under the blogging sun that I maybe stuck with.

So I thought of doing a post with a special mention to these peeps whose blogs are my envy and their pride!

Mayuri  writes some amazing fictional posts that are full of wit, flow and imagination that takes the reader to another level altogether. In fact she is one of the two whose stories inspired me to start my #FridayFiction series which has got a lot of love and encouragement from her. A big thumbs up to her blog!!

Check out this post titled Homecoming which is a poignant story on a father-daughter relationship which is guaranteed to make you call your dad and tell him how much you cherish him.

Mayura Amarkant is a blogger who writes with amazing diversity as is visible in her in depth stories of people we meet in our everyday life but don’t think of giving a single thought to them like the Security Guard  or the totally fictional post about The first Kiss – both are equally rich in detail and layered with enough texture to keep you wanting more. Her writing style is uniquely expressive and has me going back for more. I wish to write as inspiringly as she does.

Anindaya Basu ‘s blog is a visual treat courtesy the awesome photographs that he clicks. Each picture has been taken with vivid attention to detail to finely bring out the subject, composition and context of the click. His travel stories like Phewa Lake, Nepal has these beautifully haunting images of colourful boats which linger on in my mind to date with a poignancy that borders on guilt or the food posts such as Smoked Cocktail Festival where one can literally see the images smoking, they have been shot with such perfect realism – each and every story is accompanied by some amazing photographs which speak more than the written word. I am stunned by the detail I see in his pictures.

Tina Basu is a food blogger and the graphics/images on her blog are as yummy as the treats she waxes about. A trained graphic artist, her mastery on such softwares is amazing as is her artistic sense in taking food pictures and creating mouth-watering ideographic out of it. She puts together colour, shapes and textures with amazing clarity into her images, all of them make you want to reach out for the goodies. What I have loved about her is how graciously she has shared her graphic secrets with me when I asked her for tips.

Shalini Nair is another blogger who I look  up to for both writing style and visual treats. Her fictional writings about Mira n Arjun – a couple discovering love and marriage or the introspectional posts about thoughts, festivals, her life…. – each of her stories have been built up in many layers with carefully crafted characters and scenarios. And the colorful look of her blog brings a smile to my place, every time I go there. I am filled with awe and gratitude for her as she has given me unstinting support and advise for my blogging, every time that I have approached her.

So there you go, this is my top 5 list though let me assure you that there are many many more incredible bloggers on this community with some very exciting blogs.

Posting my day 19 post for #Dailychatter Here as I take my blog to the next level with #Blogchatter and  #UBC – the ultimate blog challenge in October 2016

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14 thoughts on “Top 5 BlogStars I admire in recent times

  1. I am perched on Cloud Nine, Shalini. I am honored and touched that you thought of me and knowing that you enjoy my writing.
    This is even more special, as I am writing again after a 4 year hiatus., I was buried under a stubborn writers block.
    I am following your story and will be prodding and nudging you to take it forward. You keep getting ‘better with every post.
    Thank you, once again.

  2. Aren’t you a darling! Thanks for the mention dear Shalini. It means a lot when you say such sweet things. I’m glad I could be of help. I’m always a ping away 🙂

  3. I absolutely admire all the ladies and Anindya too.Mayuri I think has stolen all our hearts.Tina has ftool eorthy photos ,Anindya has outstanding pics.And kohl eyed Shalini is super fun.Great post .

  4. I have always considered peer evaluation as more important than any listicle by any website and when a compliment like this comes the way , least to say I am elated. Thanks for counting me in and needless to say I draw inspiration from your writings only.

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