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Dowry – Buying your groom you mean!!! Team #Inkmagic

I have adapted a conversation from the famous movie Eat, Pray, Love to explain the concept of Dowry So, Liz is at Guru Gita’s ashram in India where she meets 18-year-old Tulsi whose parents are ardent devotees of the guru and have arranged a match for her. She is lamenting to Liz that her life […]


#NaBloPoMo: Day #24: Mind- Suspend the judgement

#NaBloPoMo Wow! This is one card that I really need to practice and very diligently for I have the proverbial foot-in-mouth disease. I have always been accused of being “blunt” ( since school days) and it has never been intended as a compliment. While working in a corporate set-up, one senior gave me this feedback ” […]