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#NaBloPoMo: Day#1 – Of resolutions & conscious thoughts!


A new month brings in new challenges and resolutions. Yeah I am jumping the gun on the latter this annum. I haven’t really had a very good year and have been moaning about it to just get over. Sick of my rants, I decided to end the year well by putting these last two months through some resolute thoughts and actions.

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November 1st saw me jump out of my bed to hit the walking trail. Yoga and meditation are going to follow in my daily routine with conscious thought.

November 1st is also the first day of two blogging challenges that I have taken up. Yes you read me right – 2 campaigns side by side this month to spur my blogging mojo.

Last month’s daily blogging saw me finish with 28 posts as opposed to 31 but I started writing fiction and enjoying it tonnes too. In fact the reader response has been  phenomenally unexpected for me and I am mulling an e book compilation of it.  Yes I have come very far.

Learning from two previous campaigns, I am putting a theme in place for content of my posts and also writing in advance with a daily same time postings.

Something in brief about my blog theme for this month:
In August this year I happened to experience the joy of a holy Trinity of sorts. I attended an unusual workshop with a fabulous Life Coach and human being in the holy city of Benares. Yup!!! Can’t get better than this unless you also count in my incredibly warm and loving hosts/friends, awesomely healthy n delicious home cooked meals and the wonderful melange of women that I met and bonded with. Ok so it was a double holy Trinity.

I will continue talking about this workshop, life coach and of course Benares in my subsequent posts throughout this month for this workshop has had quite an effect on me.


One of the brilliant takeaways from this workshop has been an inspirational deck of cards, which Kashmira very lovingly tells us is all her and it took a massive labour of love and time to put together.


I have decided to do the 30 days with this inspirational deck to basically follow a month-long transformational process- body, mind,soul,balance, sammati and then finally the next step.


Follow me on this journey as I pick out a card each morning from the deck (in no order) , do the needful and at the end of the day see how or what it did for me and then put it down as a journal entry.

Since I will be picking in the morning, my post goes up only at night or rather the next day; so although I am starting on 1st November, the journal entries will be a day late.

I hope to share and hear from my readers what they think about this journey or each card or how should I better this…… Your opinion matters to me and I am so grateful to all of you for taking the time out for my blog. It has helped me shape my blog better each day.

November 2016 is my month to participate in the #NaBloPoMo with Blogher

I am also participating in Blogbuddy 3.0 with Blogchatter and my team is called BlogBusters


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16 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo: Day#1 – Of resolutions & conscious thoughts!

  1. Wow …. You are a champion, Shalz. Really admiring your talents and actions. Feeling proud to be your #Blogbuddy of #blogBusters. And no need to mention that I have already booked my seat for your one month show. Loved your choice of theme and the way you deal with it. Waiting for some personal transformation on reading yours. All the best buddy !!!

    1. Gee Vasantha you are making me blush now woman. I am trying my best and its very hard work actually.

      I am so glad you liked my theme – do stay tuned. I would really love to hear your thoughts on the cards and my views.


  2. The mindful transformations sound like a good theme. Normally, with a challenge, (except for A to Z Challenge) I don’t choose a theme. I suppose it isn’t too late for me if I change my mind. Best of luck and success.

    1. Thanks so much Alana. This is the first time I have used a theme and largely due to this deck of cards. I fyou do change your mind, let me know.
      I love reading your blog. Cheers

  3. That is definitely something new and I look forward to reading your journal entries on your journey of mindful transformation. Good Luck and it is never too late to do something for yourself! Ha, look who is talking! 😛

    1. Hi Eli – thanks so much. I hope your curiosity keeps you hooked on to my blog for longer; hope to see more of your comments!

    1. Hey Corinne thanks so much. I am in love with this deck ever since I was introduced to it during the workshop.Hope you stick around for all the posts. I would really love to hear your views on it.

  4. Wow! That sounds super interesting and I am looking forward to know more from your journey. Benaras always rings a bell 🙂

    Good luck with NaBloPoMo and I will be around cheering you!

    1. Hey Parul – yeah Benaras is really an amazing place to be in. I cant get enough of it.
      Thanks for the encouragement – I am hoping to complete #NaBloPoMo fully.

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