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#NaBloPoMo: Day #19: Body- Hydrate for health & happiness



While growing up, I suffered some health issues because of which I was  only drink boiled water. My picnics and outdoor activities were limited as my mom was paranoid about me falling ill. As a result I was on rationed water all the time. No sharing my water bottle in the school and no filling it at the water dispenser when my supply ran out.

I outgrew the disorder slowly and could quench my thirst with any kinda water. But by that time, I think my body got used to me not drinking a lot of water and try what I may, my water intake wouldn’t go up.

Then the health pundits started foretelling the benefits of drinking a lot of water. It was the new age weight loss, cure to all health maladies, glowing complexion and what not….So now my mother started counselling me to drink plenty of water.  Of course she had to, as it was the next beneficial thing in the world these days.

Having too much water is a sign of diabetes – please get your sugar checked.

Then came the new health finding that drink only as much as you are thirsty as overworking your kidneys can lead to something else.

Make up your mind fad fortune tellers.

A yoga guru told me that drinking a glass of water the moment I got up in the morning is very beneficial as there is a lot of saliva in our mouth and all of it is good for our gut. So instead of going into the bathroom to brush, drink up first.

Another told me to drink hot water and lemon with honey the first thing in the morning – led to a lot of acidity for me when I tried it out.

Drink a glass of warm water while eating the meals as it aids digestion.

Avoid cold water as it makes you fat by slowing down metabolism.

Ummmmm. Ok – this was too much advise for me over the years.


So I devised my own rule of drinking when I am thirsty and to carry a bottle of water ( no matter the size of it) with me when I step out of the house which can fit into my purse. The key is to stay well hydrated.

Some friends and relatives do comment on my lack of drinking water as they are forever gulping down some to melt the body fat – tell the truth, I havent seen that much fat loss in them as much as they wax on and on about drinking water for it.

Whats your water intake like? Do you hydrate enough?

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