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#NaBloPoMo: Day #28: Mind-Stay Calm!



This card talks about the value of resting the mind to keep the creative juices flowing. Our mind handles an immense number of thoughts and issues; so it needs to be recharged periodically through short resting phases. This is why we have sleep in our life.

Besides sleep/nap time, the mind needs to be consciously recharged by practicing mindfulness, i.e, being aware of how to quieten the mind at least once in a day when we are awake. This kind of recharge stays for a long time as it’s on a conscious level.

One very good exercise of how to do that is what this card talks about. I have started to sit down in the park where I go for my morning walk. Once I finish my walk I sit down on the green grass my face uplifted to the sun and then I do  my breathing exercises including the Humming bee as described here.

The peaceful environs of the park, the warmth of the sun on my face, the smell of the earthy grass in my nostrils and the occasional twitter/chirp of a bird in the bush in my ears – all add to my sensory perception which is further enhanced by the humming exercise. When I open my eyes after the exercise, I rest for a bit and I realise that when I open my eyes the grass looks greener, the park looks mystical, while my senses seem to be buzzing with the new energy. I notice that my mind stays quiet and there is no humdrum planning of what I will do once I get home or how my day will progress – its quiet yet active as it takes in everything that’s teasing my senses.

I realise that my mind is still and is only willing to soak in the tranquility that the humming has bought on. So I give myself a further 5 minutes to absorb some before, and then put on my shoes to head home to start my working day.

“Your mind is a powerful things, express your gratitude daily by using it creatively and resting it regularly.”


Do you believe in resting your mind? Whats your secret practice for it?

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6 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo: Day #28: Mind-Stay Calm!

  1. I need to do this. There is so much I need to think about and do during the day that it becomes necessary for me. Thanks for the reminder. Much needed trust me.

  2. I have been practicing mindfulness ever since I read a book on the same and trust me, I have had good results from the same. To be in the now is the motto that I follow these days, whenever I feel anxious or apprehensive.

    1. How awesome is that Maliny – do share the details of the book. It sounds like a must read and I would love to, too! 🙂

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