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#NaBloPoMo: Day#6: Soul – Build a soul practice!



Wow! This is Card # 5 and it’s totally blown me away. I have been doing some of the things mentioned here or rather doing them my own way, not daily, nevertheless the journey has started.

Lets see:

♦ With Day#1 of this deck, I have started a 10 minute meditation practice daily by myself and noticed a me that reacts a little slower to situations/words now ♦

♠ I demarcated a pretty little jar as a piggy bank to collect my wishes – Yup you may call it a Wish Jar. I sit down quietly anytime of the day, think about what I really really want and put it down on a piece of paper, fold it and drop it in this jar. (Since I started about 10 days ago, 2 wishes have already come true) ♠

♣ 15 days back I started a Gratitude Diary wherein I write down a thank you for any one thing that happened in that day or in a person or… (I am seeing a more satisfied me) ♣

♥ A month back I started writing in a diary the contemplative thoughts that has started to surface after the sunday meditation sessions; in fact this was initiated during a workshop I attended there. (Lot of my mental keedas are being set free in this) ♥

♥♥  For sometime now, I have been making a conscious effort to appreciate things in people around me. A skill, a quality, for being in my life, for a kind heart…… this is all from the bottom of my heart and came up on its own ♥♥


Now I need to strengthen this practice without using excuses to let myself off; for I know this is helping me.

Do you keep a journal? How does that help you?

November 2016 is my month to participate in the NaBloPoMo with Blogher

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10 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo: Day#6: Soul – Build a soul practice!

  1. My blog, I’ve found, is my journal. Perhaps, for many bloggers, that is what a blog becomes. Seven years of my life are recorded now. And yes, I sometimes go back and reread some of those posts. I’ve been enjoying your series, by the way.

    1. Thanks a tonne Alanna. A forced break due to health and my series of writing has come to a halt. Trying to pace up and get back to it.
      I guess a blog is an ideal way to express and journal one’s life and thoughts.

  2. I was reading an article about spiritual space- which is just a place where mind soothe itself and thoughts vanish. For me, its my rest chair. I write a journal about anything I wish to save in my memory. Loved the series of posts.

    1. Thanks so much Upasana. Its amazing how all of us have learnt to identify such a simple thing as a corner/space that is just ours and lets us be, ME!

    1. Hey Menaka. No this is not a Tarot deck but an Inspiration deck created by an extremely nifty Life coach whose workshop I had been blessed to attend a while back. Its a pack of cards with an inspiration for each day – 30 cards in all. I am exploring them one by one.

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