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10 day “You” challenge: Four Books

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Four Books

My mom tells me that as a toddler she noticed me being very fascinated with pictures and words in newspapers and periodicals and so decided to get me books to read whenever she could afford to. Her perception was right and something I am extremely grateful for as I dedicate my love for reading to her. By age 7, I was quite the avid reader and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next comic book.

Over the years, my reading has gone through trends, peer pressure, experiments and self discovery. I soon learnt to judge a book by its blurb (though I get hooked by pretty covers too) and reviews. I cannot limit my reads to four favourites as that’s just impossible for me. So I will settle for picking up four from the recent five years of reading.

  1. Time of Wheel series: It’s not cheating to name a series for I feel its one giant book which has been portioned off in 17 books ( yes 17) as it’s too mighty a tale to be contained in one. This series by Robert Jordan is one of the best in the Fantasy Fiction genre that I have come across and yeah I will say better than LOTR any day. It leads the story through many characters, magic, power to the ultimate triumph of the good over the evil but not before its shown how Evil can tempt and maybe, be good too if one is comfortable with its powers.I love it for the shades of grey that have been enmeshed pretty well in the entire narrative. I have re-read this series thrice over already.
  2. The Book Thief: Markus Zusak says he re-wrote this book a 100 times before getting it published. Well! the hard work shows in its beautifully written lines of a very poignant tale set in a heartbreaking time. The most peculiar and endearing bit about the book for me is that the narrator of the story is Death who tells the tale with such eloquence and heart, that it made me see death in a new light. The underlying tale is how reading can feed one’s soul.
  3. Forty rules of Love: This book by the Turkish author Elif Shafak has depths and layers that one needs to slowly decipher to savour in the fullest. I took a month to read it and am glad that I did as it has delivered in huge measures the joys of Rumi’s simple words. Its one of my most treasured reads and re-reads.
  4. NightCircus: Erin Morgenstern has created a gorgeous world of magicians who compete with each other by pitting an apprentice each; they in turn take turns at doing immeasurable spellwork in a circus, that comes alive at night, in creating the most amazing illusions. Each illusion is more real than the previous one and their imagery took my breath away. I hated it when this book ended. Its one of the best that I have read in the magical realism genre.

Well! that’s my list of top four books out of all the ones I have read in the past five years. Looking forward to adding more to this next year!

Do you have favourites?  Any from my four? Why not share with me?

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10 thoughts on “10 day “You” challenge: Four Books

  1. 17 books in a series… Wow! Can they be read as standalone?
    I had to read atleast 300 pages of the Book Thief before actually starting to like it… Probably it’s just me but apart from the tragic end, the book didn’t click with me. But some of the quotes from the book are my absolute favorite.
    With check out Night Circus.

    1. I don’t think reading them standalone works, but you could pick one and that itself might tempt you to read more
      I completely adored BookThief…. Do tell how you liked night circus Raj

    1. Thanks Amrita. I am in love with this genre and I would recommend Laini Taylor – book of short stories titled “Lips touch thrice” , Helene Wrecker “the golem and the djini” – really awesome
      Also this book called Night of puppets and cupcakes by Laini Taylor which is a short sweet romance available only on Kindle version but it will alliw you to get an idea of her writing .. happy shopping

    1. Thanks V.

      I really recommend Forty rules… It’s a great book to read. I found parallels in my life which I could relate with it

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