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10 day “You” challenge: Eight Fears

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Eight Fears

  1. I hate lizards – they creep me out with their beady eyes n creepy crawling style.
  2. I am petrified of horror movies; can’t even watch a horrifying scene on tv or in a movie – change channels or close my eyes. I am legend is one movie I walked out of because of this.
  3. I can’t stand peeps who pull other down for their choices and daring to be different.
  4. I have a fear of heights and have tried out various activities to get over it like ziplining, cliff jumping but…
  5. After Nirbhayta rape case, I hate driving alone at night and have cut down on gurgaon Delhi commute, largely because of this.
  6. I havent had the guts to try out solo travel trips as yet – this is one thing which I am hesitating to do since so long.
  7. I freak out when a lift stops due to electrical failure; its sets off a major hyperventilating fit inside me as I am very claustrophobic about being enclosed. It helps if there are other people with me but if I am alone – damn!!
  8. Lastly I fear being with an alcoholic; they can make your life such a misery and you end up blaming yourself for all of it.

There you go…. my top 8 fears from the heart for you to say you know me somewhat. I know you have fears too, how about sharing your too? I would love to know I am not the only scaredy cat in the universe.

Linking up this post for Day #10 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge

This blog challenge has been inspired from two bloggers Novembers Child & Mayurithank you ladies for inspiring me too. 

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14 thoughts on “10 day “You” challenge: Eight Fears

  1. Horror Movies? Horror! I can’t remember the last one I watched. Because I don’t watch them. If I accidently start watching one, I’d either walk out, or close my eyes. I love your lists. Thanks for sharring.

    1. Same here- I just have a very bad aversion to anything horriffic – movies should be about loosing oneself into a day dream – a pleasant daydream 😉

    1. Ha ha – yes I agree with you there on both the points. I have tried umpteen number of tricks for making the lizards go away but….

  2. Lizards even i am scared of… And alcoholics and driving or being anywhere put alone. This day you challenge is great in ishqbaaaz I knew about it before and could participate

  3. Me too have big fear from lizard & alcohols .if there is lizard in my room i can’t sleep .You evaluate your self smartly & discover your fears thanks for sharing

    1. Oh I know about the lizard being in my room – I cannot sleep there either. I have so many tales of sleepless night thanks to this in my current house!

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