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10 day “You” challenge: One photo


2012  saw me heading off to Leh – a dream destination so far! I was all set to be charmed by the clouds, lakes, land formations and the people.

But this picture is my favourite of that trip because I can’t for the life of me imagine how I managed to get on top of this Yak.

More amazing is the fact that I handed over my precious DSLR to the operator dude and let him have a free reign of shooting me while I sat gleefully atop this magnificent beast!

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Do you have that one pic that you treasure the most? Share it na with me please!!!

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18 thoughts on “10 day “You” challenge: One photo

    1. I was scared too, they do look menacing. But I also wanted the experience so braved it and trust me it was fun. They are actually very gentle creatures!!!

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