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10 day “You” challenge: Six Places

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When I first came down to Delhi from a small town like Jammu, I couldn’t get over the largeness of this city or the humdrum it possesses. I had never had the freedom to run around on my own either as my parents brought us up as very protected. So growing up we ( me n my sister ) were ” escorted” everywhere – school, college, friends house, market, tuitions…. You get the drift. Since terrorism had partially shut down J&K in the late 80s n early 90s, our trips to movie halls were far and few.

Delhi was like a melting pot of people places and events – all waiting to be discovered. Most of these spaces were happy on my pocket and have some amazing architecture for me to lust after.

This is one of the best thing about Delhi – there are a tonne of spaces here that offer free or low-cost entry and have some amazing cultural events for everyone to attend.

Let me take you through my top six places in this gorgeous city that I never bore of……

 Dilli Haat
A perfect mix of an artisans hub with some great crafty items on sale – be it exquisite indian embroideries like kantha, chikankari, mirror work , lamps, paintings, curios from every indian state ; and the veritable smorgasbord of delectable food from every region of India. One can gorge on Momos from Nagaland stall or sagodana khicdi from the Maharashtra stall or piping hot sweet jalebis from the Rajasthan stall – can one really ask for more than this!
India Gate
Late night after dinner drives for an ice cream which is eaten strolling along Rajpath teeming with others who came out with same intent. Be it a chuski or orange bar on sultry summer evenings or a hot cup in fogged out misty nights, it makes for the perfect evening out with family and friends. Bonus part is the zipping up and down Rajpath in full view of the martyrs memorial – one of my best memories of Delhi!!
Lodhi gardens
It’s one of the biggest green lung in the heart of Delhi which lures people in droves to enjoy its green lawns, dotted with majestic ancient monuments which foretell our past with romance in its architectural lines. I have fond memories of long morning walks, picnics, art classes, photography meet ups and more in its environs. One can lounge by the lake and feed the honking geese, or soak in the peace in one of its monuments or simply walk on its many paths to discover an unknown section of the park. It’s the perfect amalgamation of a green space and heritage, designed to captivate nature lovers and romantics alike.
India Habitat Centre
I fell in love with the architecture of this place and its the perfect spot in Delhi to enjoy cultural and intellectual meets, be it classical music, piano recital, art shows, rock concerts, environment meetup and many more such. Its got some divine eating joints; some have membership while others are free. Or one can simply sit down in one of its open spaces and day-dream without hesitation.
Connaught place
There is something so old world about this space in Delhi – some modern architecture coupled with its graceful plazas, make it one of the best markets to walk in. Its teeming with cinema halls, eating joints, book stores, stationary shops, libraries, emporiums and museums in its surrounds – all beguile you with their charm. One can simply soak the winter sun in the central park, if one is desirous of doing nothing at all.
British Council Library
Again a graceful building with an amazing art gallery, auditorium and an open theater space for art installation and performances – all free and accessible to all, especially during the awesome events that take place here. Most of the events are free and have some delicious food and wine too. I had initially become a member of its unbelievable library which has the most impressive collection of not just books but videos as well. Now I haunt its insides during the film festivals and art shows that are a regular feature here.

So here is the lowdown on the kind of places I love to roam around in; what are your favourite haunts? Come on share them with me!

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14 thoughts on “10 day “You” challenge: Six Places

  1. Delhi feels so lively… I visited it only for a couple of days… I wish I had visited the library. Your description is making me regret the decision of not visiting it. Growing up in Jammu must have been quite an experience. I wonder if it is bad now or then?

    1. Thanks Raj – yeah Delhi has quite a charm once you get past its politics and not safe for women tags! 😉
      Jammu wasnt bad then nor is now- not politically or otherwise. Its a charming small town with loads of greenery and fresh clean air plus homely locals! I love my visits home as they make me feel grounded.

    1. Wow World warII – can only relate to that from my textbooks! I hope you do get to visit our capital city someday – its architecture, food and buzz will definitely charm you.

  2. LOVE dilli for its architecture, food and shopping!! Learnt bargaining in Janpath and Sarojini 😀 The hustle and bustle of Chandni Chowk and the Azaan of the dargahs! your post just got back the streets of Dilli live in front of my eyes 🙂

    1. Ha ha – Janpath and Sarojani are a sort of initiation for learning how to bargain in India. 😉 I remember the excited shopping trips there too though now just dont have the patience anymore for it.

      I am glad you liked my post so much. Thanks 🙂

  3. I had been in delhi for a month during my preparations for PG entrance Shalz. It was a great time there. I was there in May and it was so difficult to get out of the room. How good it was to study, you know by compulsion.

    1. Awww studying, that too in the heat is a killer – hope you g et to tour delhi someday really well. We have a great HOHO city bus tour service now which is just incredible.

  4. I had seen this theme floating around way back. So good to see it back 🙂 I rushed through Delhi on 1st (yes, The year started here) and somehow made it through all the crowd to Jama masjid before rushing out again 🙂 Some other time, I will explore the place. Good to read about the place and connection!

    1. Hey Shanx thanks for stopping by… my blog 😉
      Yeah Delhi has a mystique and charm, unparalleled by any other city for me. I hope you get to explore fully at least once!
      I am loving this challenege- it s just awesome; a few of my blogger friends are also going through it, so its fun!!

  5. You brought Delhi to life for me, better than reading a book. I like to hang out where there’s lots of space, parks, beaches (if they aren’t crowded) or the mountains (in the summer.) I also love to visit museums and libraries, or checking out the varied, and individual owned shops. Now I’m going to have to go exploring again soon. Thanks for taking me on the tour and reminding me to get out and see things.

    1. Wow!! Thanks Nita- reading your comment made me realise how well my post has connected with you. Made me feel pretty darn good about it. I am so escatic to hear that it could make Delhi come alive for you.
      Happy exploring!! 😉

  6. we visited Delhi this past summer and it was a wonderful trip. This was the first trip for the rest of the family (hubby and kids) while my last visit to Delhi was in high school over two decades ago.
    Our favorite part of the trip was eating corn roasted over coal (even though it was a super hot summer evening) at India Gate; would have loved visiting the library.

    1. Hey glad to hear your trip was so lovely too. Delhi is really a charming and full of buzz kinda city with something for everyone! There are loads of library here in Delhi as are embassy related cultural centres of other countries which offer open houses to the public too. All worth exploring!

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