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#BarWoWe: Nothing can go wrong, or can it?

#barwwowe-prompt-blogging-pink-bougainvillea-nothing-can-go-wrong-between-a-rock-and-a-hard-place A new day.

The feeling of spring in the air.

A pair of sparrows frolicked on my terrace; two for joy!

Nothing could go wrong today!

I stepped out for the day with this thought in my head, humming with the song on the FM and looking forward to meeting V today.

I had just settled in my monday morning office rhythm when ” Her Bossiness” sent for me. She had decided to send me for the Milan fair this year. Oh joy, joy, joy…… I floated on a cloud the whole day while my peers emitted green darts of envy, all directed at me. Some even confirmed voodoo appointments. I didn’t care! I was so so happy!

Pasta, cheese, shoes, bags, clothes, Italian hunks, Milan………………………………….. whats not right with this? Nothing!!! Yipeee Yay!!!!

Boss’s EA came to take all my travel details – passport, travel date, stay, currency, meeting agenda…. the works. I was to leave in two week’s time.

I called my mom, BFF and V to relay my happening news – lists were exchanged from shopping to things-to-do to since-you-are-going-alone-be-careful , etc, etc.

V proposed a dinner to celebrate – Yay!!!

I need a dress and a pedicure. With that thought I ditched the gym and headed for the mall. Mission accomplished, came home to snuggle up with Nori – my adorable but vagrant feline who I love to death, before putting on my party face and romancing off with V.

Meetings (work agenda set), shopping (of course I needed new clothes), parlour trips (buffing, waxing, trimming – the works), visa appointment (yay!!!), packing (with room for shopping left) – all flew into a crazy muddle as the days zipped past. Every checklists whetted out to the last detail to ensure nothing goes wrong.

The day arrived for me to fly. It was a 5 am flight and I had to leave home by 12 am. Pre-booked a cab, cleaned out the last specks of dust and dirty dishes and settled Nori with my downstairs neighbour.

12.17 a.m. – Yay! I was on my way to the airport.

12.20 a.m.- Cootchie-cooed with V a bit on phone before he dozed off.

12.42 a.m. – Bham!!

12.43 a.m. – Standing on the road and staring in shock at the blown out car tyre. Cabbie was equally shattered.

12.45 a.m.- Cabbie opened the trunk to discover, no spare!

12.57 a.m.- Calling Cab operator for a replacement

12.58 a.m.- Its ringing.

12.59 a.m.- On hold

01.00 a.m. – Cabbie deciding he can’t do much as require a new tyre, gets comfortable in the front passenger seat while leaving me to figure out the alternative *Cursing all cabbies and their ilk*

01.15 a.m. – Calling V; no response! *fuming over his deep slumber*

01.20 a.m.- A sumo stops by our cab. Driver inspects the blown out tyre with precision before declaring – its blown out!  * I roll my eyes in vexation*

01.25 a.m. – Both the drivers huddle up in a whispered conference while I chew my nails in anxiety

01.30 a.m. – Both come up to me and offer a solution – for 2000/- the Sumo guy would drop me to the airport, accompanied by my cabbie as well.

Millions of thoughts sparked my brainy neurons, each taking me from despair to lunacy in a matter of millisecs.

If I miss this flight, my boss will kill me and probably never send me on such a trip again.

On the other hand, if I go off with these two and they turn out to be mischief makers, I will be in a hotter soup than before.

But If I stay here, how will I get home, just in case nothing else works out.

A typical between-a-rock-and-a-hard-place situation with neither solution looking appealing or safe.

While I was chewing my nails over this complex decision, a PCR stopped by our cab!! Oh Joy – there is truly a god out there who loves me. And all was well in my paradise again.


Nothing-can-go-wrong-between-a-rock-and-a-hard-place-chrysanthmums-flowers-early-morning- temper-anger-balance-always-anyway-arrive-aspire-barwowe-ubc-tempering my nature

This post has been written as an attempt on the #BarWeWo prompt “Between a rock and a hard place”

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12 thoughts on “#BarWoWe: Nothing can go wrong, or can it?

    1. HA HA! It was a piece of fiction I conjured up for the BAR prompt Nita!! Maybe I will think of some other adventure to share soonest. So do stay tunes 😉
      Yes PCR van is Police Control Room Van…

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