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#UBC: My blog in 31 days of first month of 2017


#UBC: One month of continuous blogging

The first month of 2017 is standing at its end and I took this time out to just reflect on how my blog has done.

My Blog!!! My chest swells with pride at these words, for I have really laboured to get it “up” right there. I started by going self hosted last August and then entering three back to back blog challenges, hosted by various agencies. I learnt about SEO, Alexa, rankings, readership, curation, other bloggers, blogchats and what not.

All through, the learning has been massive with the added bonus of making some great blogging friendships! I also experimented with topics I wouldn’t otherwise and wrote my heart out. I designed, modified and edited my blog to make it “pretty” to my heart’s content and gloried when I was complimented on it.

Oh and I won the Alexa campaign – rather was one of the winners; something totally unexpected as I was just focused on learning and doing everything and more for my blog.

I took a break in December as I couldn’t, just couldn’t keep up the pace of writing anymore. I took the time out to set some (informal) blogging goals for 2017.

Then I started Jan 2017 with the Ultimate Blog Challenge and wrote daily; even scheduling some posts for a holiday; I missed out on some postings due to bad internet connection, though I still wrote everyday and will now be posting it all in a backdate. (Please say this is not cheating)

For the UBC, I looked around for topics to write and ended up participating in 3-4 blog prompts, hosted by fellow bloggers.

I started writing for #ClickandBlogAStory with DewCool & Zainab and was accorded the accolade for one of the top three posts for this prompt “Journey” – read it here 

I loved the prompts given by BAR under their #WordyWednesdays and wrote a few on those

I participated in #ThankfulThursday prompts hosted by Amrita and won for one of my posts  – read it here

Writing fiction is new for me and loved the picture prompts under #FridayFotoFiction by Mayuri & Tina

I wrote my second Guestblog post on November’sChild blog and its been awarded as the best with an offer to write another one – read it here

I went on a whim to Kashmir to see snowfall as that’s been one of my dearest wish to do so and wrote quite a few blogs on my travel-a-cation – read it here

I am “stealing” a hashtag by a fellow book lover and starting a Book Prompt of my own for the month of Feb 2017 as I really wish to now write about books on my blog – look out for #bookslutthursday on my blog from 1st Feb 2017

* Book lovers take special  note of this as there will be prizes to be won

All in all a fruitful month for my blog this month which has also got the highest blog views since it went self hosted (1500+)

am writing daily this month as a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. This is my post for day 31. (can’t believe one month is already over)

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22 thoughts on “#UBC: My blog in 31 days of first month of 2017

  1. That’s awesome, Shalini. Many congratulations on successfully completing so many prompts and challenges. I look forward to the bookish posts in Feb. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Shantala- the bookish posts are going to be another new achievement for me. I am looking forward to your ocmments on them as well. 🙂

  2. Wow, I can’t believe the month is over! Not only that, I can’t believe I posted every day! LOL
    It sounds like you’ve done really great, and I should really look for other challenges and things to participate in to increase traffic to my own blog(s).
    I enjoyed learning about your blog through this challenge, and will be adding myself to your subscribers.

    1. Thanks so much VJ – I missed out on some posts initially but back dated and completed it. So many congrats to both of us for being consistent in finishing this challenge.
      I have loved your blog too and have earmarked for future visits.
      All the best for your blog and may your readership grow like anything 🙂

    1. thanks Martha. I intended this to be a busy blog year for me 😉
      Congrats to you too for ocmpleting the blog challenge

  3. Congrats! You’ve put a lot of work into your blog. A question, from my eight years of blogging: are you able to pre-schedule posts ie. if you know you are to be traveling, you write a post in advance and it will post at the set date/time? That may save you the next time you run across bad connections. With the posts you weren’t able to post, my suggestion would be to simply use them in February and not try to date them in the past. There is no prize in the UBC so it really isn’t cheating and you know, in your heart, that you made the challenge. But you may have a bigger audience by not posting them in the past.

    1. Hey Alana – thanks for these words of wisdom. I had initially pre-scheduled for my travel but then due to the snow, I got stuck and my flight cancelled. So I missed out on 4 days; made it up as I was writing daily – just unable to pot.
      I dont mind backdating and posting as I really wanted the satisfaction of completing the challenge.
      The prize was all in my head. 😉

  4. Good for you Shalini for making the first month of 2017 count. I didn’t blog at all through Jan and now that I read all that you accomplished I am feeling sadder.
    You should be very very proud of getting your blog up there and with the efforts that you are putting in .. its going to go further up!
    Have a super Feb!

    1. Thanks so much Chandini- I just needed to do this…
      Take it easy on yourself, you will get back to it as I know you are pretty passionate about yours too and you write sooooooo well!!
      Do see my book contests up on my blog this month – 2 of them!! Hope to see you take part in them too!! (You never know, you might just get those earrings now…..) 😉

    1. Thanks so much Amrita n congrats to you for completing UBC. I love reading your posts too and really enjoyed your prompts too.

  5. Waah! Bravo, Shalzy! This is epic. I took a step back in January and tried to fix a writing schedule for both my blogs. It has come out well. Inspired by you, I am trying to maintain a reading schedule from this month on. Fingers crossed!

    1. Thanks so much Shalzz… And I am flattered to hear you are inspired by me. I like reading your personal blog but avoid the cooking ones as I get too tempted by the pics….

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