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#ThankfulThursdays : Apps everyday, keep the worries at bay

 #ThankfulThursdays Week 13

Writing this post for #ThankfulThursday prompt by Amrita as it made me realise how much the apps help me out to manage my tasks, without any worry of forgetting or time constraints.

Though  I won’t classify myself as a true gadget freak or even  cell phone crazy , I do love the convenience of mobile phone apps that let me do so much work on the go. From reading a book to scheduling tasks to storing medical data to booking tickets to editing pics, my time is utilized to the fullest – all thanks to some brilliant apps.

Being a photography buff, don’t be surprised to see only such apps in my list 😊

Alright here goes….

  1. PicMonkey – Tina introduced me to this website when I complimented her on the amazing graphics she would post. Then I discovered its mobile app and was in photo-edit-wonderland, thanks to its wonderful tools, stickers, fonts that are easy to work with and made my pics a true delight. Best part is, I have been able to create a logo-watermark for my pics – something I had been struggling with since ages. Yes, there are some limitations (it’s a free app, after all) * I can’t save the logo as a template and need to make it anew for each pic. *Limited colour palate and font styles
  2. Moldiv – I have loved  making picture collages as a child, then I would do it manually with actual paper prints. But this amazing app let’s me do it digitally and I have tonnes of fun posting my collages on Instagram, Twitter, FB, and my blog. There are so many permutation combinations of picture grids, frames, text, colours and the app is very simple to use. I just adore the magazine layout template the most. For me, there are no limitations in this app and it’s my most favourite one for that reason.
  3. Photo and Picture resizer – As the name suggests, this let’s me compress my images to a low res in two quick steps for easy uploads on social media. There is of course loss of picture quality but the good part about it is that one can reduce pic size in percentage as well as pixels. One can choose the presets for this or enter a customer size too. I have just recently started using this app, so yet to discover its limitations.
  4. Buffer – I got hooked onto this app via Mayuri (whose stunning and timely postings on Instagram and twitter for her blog postings had me in throes of serious envy) and so I set out to explore it. I love this app for allowing me unlimited scheduling of postings for twitter. I tried to link my FB page but that’s not been working somewhat (limitation for now, but hope to resolve it soon). None of the apps available are allowed to schedule for Instagram (some blocking by Insta makers) but Buffer let’s me compose a post which are then sent as reminders on insta app. Not very efficient, but works for me for now.
  5. Insight Timer – I saved the best for last. This is an amazing app which let’s me schedule a meditation timing, create a session and has umpteen number of meditations to search from. It has music, bells and imagery which can be used to design a session. It also maintains a log of my sessions. One can add friends, make groups and meditate together with people the world over. I am in love with this app and don’t fail to miss my sessions – all thanks to it, I now am into practicing meditation daily.

Special mentions goes to Kindle app which let’s me read on the go, To-Do-List for my everyday chores and My Calendar to note my monthly cycle and other gynae related data which is often overlooked- I recommend all menstruating women to definitely have one such app on their device.

am writing daily this month as a part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. This is my post for day 27.

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36 thoughts on “#ThankfulThursdays : Apps everyday, keep the worries at bay

  1. Ohh how wonderful, if you are having trouble linking an account with Buffer you can write to them or best tweet to them. I am sure they’ll help out. Thank you for writing for #ThankfulThuursdays

    1. Buffer is very neat for scheduling at one go.
      PicMonkey is addictive for me now. Do try and I would love to hear your exp with them too.

  2. I need to check the buffer app now. I tried hootsuite and it is good. But, a tad confusing. I am not able to make it work like I want. Maybe, its an issue with me.

    1. Oh you will love it Amzee. Do try it and let me know how you like it. Loved the prompt so just had to write for it

  3. Wow some great apps. I still need to explore what’s buffer app is about;)
    Already downloading the second app you mentioned- moldiv.

  4. I don’t use many apps but I am interested in good (and free) photo editing apps. I’ve loved collages I’ve seen on other blogs, and will be checking out Moldiv.

  5. I never heard of moldiv, buffer and inside timer. Will surely try them now as u have recommended. Thanks for linking up wiht #ThankfulThursday.

    1. Thanks Deepa, I am sure you will love these apps as they are easy to use and simply fantastic with their applications

  6. Shalzmojo, I am so NOT techno savy, but I do like some of the technology. I love PicMonkey, wasn’t a big fan of Canva, but I think I need to try it again when I have time to really study it and figure out what it will and won’t do. Definitely need to check out Moldiv, thanks for introducing it.

    1. Thanks Nita- I know what you mean. I get very uppity with techie stuff as it flies off my head. I haven’t tried canva on phone yet, but I found PicMonkey far better than canva on desktop too.
      Moldiv is simply fantastic!!!

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