#BookSlutThursday – Week3

#BookSlutThursday Week3


  1. I have pulled out my most favourite reads from last year off my shelves for a re-read – Forty rules of love by Elif Shafak. A brilliantly woven tale of love, mystique and devotion – and I love the twin thread in the narration. Have no superlatives to add-on to Rumi’s quotes sprinkled in this book. If you haven’t read this one, then I do recommend it to all. A great one for introspection of life and love.
  2. Ghachar Ghochar by Vivek Shanbhag has intrigued me ever since a Twitter friend shared its pic. Then I happened to find it in BYOB s book lending shelves and couldn’t resist it.
  3. An adult colouring book – hold on, before you judge me, I picked it up for the pretty patterns within. And yes the set of colour pencils was also picked for the same.
  4. The Coach pocket is to store my colours, of course and is a gift from one of the loveliest people I met last year.
  5. The wine glass markers are one of my prettiest possessions and I am always asked where did I get them from. Well they are a gift as well. ☺️
  6. Last but not the least is my butterfly printed spectacle case from Chumbak which I treasure as I am (what else) butterfly mad.

Alright folks there you have it, my post for this weeks #bookslutthursday. Now let’s see yours…..

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16 thoughts on “#BookSlutThursday – Week3

  1. Hi Shalz, this prompt is really interesting. I would try my best to give my entry this week. Your collection seems to be intriguing. The book FORTY RULES OF LOVE is apt for the month of love.

  2. the book ‘Forty Rules of Love’ sounds interesting, will look out for it and hope I can find it here in the US..
    And coloring books, well, I end up buying them too… 🙂

    1. This book is just awesome Vidya. When you do read it, pls share your thoughts. I have been wanting to have a discussion on this book and looking for peeps who have read it too.

  3. The Coach pocket is something I would love to own though I have my eye on a pen pouch by CROSS. Spectacle case from Chumbak is really nice, I like the goodies made by this brand. Coming to coloring books I finished 2 of them – Mandala and Persian. My post for the same is coming very soon.

    1. This was a gift from a friend and I treasure it. Haven’t checked out the Cross one as yet. Do show, if you pick it up.

      I am looking forward to the colouring book post….

    1. Yes I did Natz- thank you so much for this. But could I pls request you to go through the rules one more time? You have left out a few things to be done for it to be eligible !!!

  4. I would love to read Forty Rules of Love. Sounds interesting. And I am ordering Mindfulness Coloring book. I am sucker for Chumbak products and I am eyeing your spectacle case too!

    1. Hey Shilpa, you won’t regret picking up this book- it’s written very well and the way it moves through Rumis life and quotes with incidents to highlight their meaning…. it’s just too too good.
      Would love to discuss this book once you have read it.

      Stationery is such a craze with me and I love pretty pretty things

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