#Contest 2 for February 2017 – Guest blogging Posts for Book Reviews

Guest Blogging Posts for Book Reviews

Contest #2 for the month of February 2017

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I love to read – that’s no secret and I love to pick up books by reading the book blurb, reviews on Goodreads and more importantly opinions of peeps whose book reading taste is similar. So I decided to improvise my Book section on the blog by inviting Guest posts from fellow book lovers.

So dust out your older posts, if need be (Yes, 1 older post is allowed **) and check out my prompts for this month and other guidelines for posting.

And yes more importantly, one best post will be selected each week and awarded a gift which could be a book, funky stationary or even an Amazon gift voucher.

Basic Guidelines

  • Send your post in a word file to with the requisite pics of the book
  • Attach a 3-4 line self bio with your pic, blog name and other social media details you would like to share
  • Dont forget to include this line at the end of your post : I have written this post for Guest Blogging with Book Reviews for #shalzmojosays
  • Review should mention clearly – Name of Book & Author; Genre; Date Published; Nomination/win of a Literary Award & the year; Made into a Movie/play; any other such note worthy details about the plot / author / book. Please Review a book that you have loved to read with your reasons for liking it – idea is to make others read it too. Review should be of 350-500 words
  • Each week a new prompt will be outlined and submission will be open for 3 days only.
  • You can submit a maximum of 3 reviews per prompt every week
  • ** Older posts are welcome but only one per prompt per week; but every older post must be accompanied with one fresh one too. **
  • One winner will be judged each week and my decision will be final.
  • Entries are open to all bloggers – India & Abroad
  • Request you to follow me on Twitter to stay updated on this contest @shalz75
  • Contest starts 3rd Feb 2017 to 20th March 2017 (All timelines are on IST)
  • Every submitted post will be published without any contention; please make sure you have necessary permissions for re-submissions, in case  you are using older posts published elsewhere.

Prompt Schedule

Week#1 3rd Feb 2017 

GenrePoetry collection in any language but should be translated in English

Posts submissions open till midnight 6th Feb 2017; best post for Week #1 will be announced by 15th Feb 2017

Week#2 10th Feb 2017 

Genre– A Love Story set in any of these genres – Magic/ Historical fiction / Sci-fi / Classic –  in any language but should be translated in English

Posts submissions open till midnight 13th Feb 2017; best post for Week #2 will be announced by 20th Feb 2017

Week#3 17th Feb 2017 

Genre– A book made into a movie in any language (Book should have an English Translation)

Posts submissions open till midnight 20th Feb 2017; best post for Week #3 will be announced by 27th Feb 2017

Week#4 24th Feb 2017 

Genre– Comics in any language

Posts submissions open till midnight 27th Feb 2017; best post for Week #4 will be announced by 6th Mar 2017

Week#5 3rd Mar 2017 

Genre– A book set in Japan / China / Turkey or the author is Japanese/ Chinese / Turkish and the book is written in English

Posts submissions open till midnight 6th Mar 2017; best post for Week #5 will be announced by 13th Mar 2017

Week#6 10th Mar 2017 

Genre– Book written in any regional language of India / Indian Mythology based story; with an English translation.

Posts submissions open till 13th Mar 2017; best post for Week #6 will be announced by 20th Mar 2017

All deadlines are final and will be accounted for in Indian Standard Time

I look forward to welcoming all of your guestposts on my blog


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15 thoughts on “#Contest 2 for February 2017 – Guest blogging Posts for Book Reviews

  1. I haven’t written any proper review last year… But looking at your prompts probably I will start writing one 🙂 cool contest… You are one busy blogger… 😀

  2. This is an excellent initiative, Shalz. I am not reading much these days, owing to my studies, but I would definitely pitch something if I finish reading one 🙂 I am back here after a hiatus. How have you been?

    1. Hey Maliny- I am doing good; what are you studying? You have been missing from the action these days and would be good to read something from you for sure. I am really hoping loads of peeps participate in my contest!!!
      All the best with your studies!!

    1. Yes as long as it falls within the genre mentioned in that week’s prompt. This week’s prompt is book made into a movie – can be a childrens book!!

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