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I am a sucker for romance – I like reading romance fiction any day, any time – provided its good and not the cheezy ones. I like the ones that are fun filled, over the top, bubble gum romance and I also like the ones with pain and hurt – the ones that make you think, that make you feel. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes is that kind of book that might make you realize you are an emotional typhoon!

What is the Story?

Louisa Clark, a cheerful working class girl starts her new job as a care giver and companion to the rich, angry and quadriplegic Will Traynor. He is perpetually stuck to his wheelchair, after an accident.  Camilla, Will’s mother wishes the ‘chatty’ Louisa could cheer up the young and angry Will.

He starts despising Lou at the beginning because he doesn’t want anyone’s sympathy or pity. Slowly the ice is broken and they end up visiting the horse race and a musical. However, Will has other plans with his now non-existent life which has been upsetting everyone. Louisa tries hard to make him love his life and tries to change his mind

Will drops in at his ex-girlfriend’s wedding with Lou. Taking that forward Lou decides to take Will and his male nurse Nathan to a vacation to cheer Will up. He looks happy and enjoying himself for the first time in his post-accident life. But his determination is strong. He doesn’t want to change his decision. Will Lou be successful in changing Will’s mind. Will they find love?

My Thoughts

Watching life from Will’s perspective is painful. Reading Louisa’s thoughts about Will and her efforts to cheer him up are hopeful. Though it may sound clichéd, but this love story is different. The characters are not what you will find in a romance fiction. Will is neither the knight is shining armor nor Lou the pretty damsel in distress. Yet Moyes managed to create a charming love story between them. The author brings out the flaws of her characters, and shows how good flaws can be, they are natural and it’s great to be normal in spite of having those flaws.

About the Author – Jojo Moyes

This British novelist is a former journalist who worked for The Independent for 10 years before devoting all her time to writing. Her novel Foreign Fruit won the Romantic Novelists’ Association (RNA) Romantic Novel of the Year in 2004.

You can read more about her at her website.

My Verdict

If you like romance novel you must read this one. I got so carried away that I ended up watching the movie too. The movie’s pretty good.

My Rating – A big 4.5 out of 5. You know why by now.

Warning: Keep a boxful of tissues ready for the last few chapters or if you are watching the movie!

Book Details

Paperback: 480 pages

Publisher: Penguin (5 January 2012)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0718157834

ISBN-13: 978-0718157838

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  1. The book is really worth reading. It passes amazingly romantic, strong emotions and will give a heavy heart as you pass through the pages. Reading it very soon.

  2. Thanks for posting the review, Shalini. ‘Cliichéd yet different’ sounds worth attempting although am not a great lover of romantic fiction.

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