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#ThankfulThursday: Thankful for love


When I saw this week’s prompt for #thankfulthursday, I was a little flummoxed (my love life is at an epic low at the moment). Thankful for love – any kind- hmmmmm!! My mental gears whirred and vroomed while I plied myself with a bottle of red wine (you see writing about love warrants wine)

Then it struck me, I do have LOVE in my life – it’s for all the hobbies, peeps, moments and everyday blessings that come in varied guises. I figured Love is basically a perspective with which to look at, at everything that happens in one’s life.

#thankfulthursday-thankful-thursday-writing-prompt-love-gratitudeTake this week for instance, Love came into my life by way of a friend who is now settled in Australia since two years and was now in town. She showered me with some yummilicious Lush cosmetics which have me swooning, cooked  a meal for me, gabbed with me for hours and also traipsed in a crowded-to-the-gills kinda carnival in warm february afternoon. Could I have asked for more? I was in tears when I read the love filled postcard in the gift bag – going up on my desk wall soonest.
Or meeting this amazingly warm and zany woman – who I met for the first time and who has been a sorta “virtual” acquaintance courtesy of Twitter. Joy, giving and conversation oozed from her pores while she chatted non-stop with me. (Did I say we met for the first time??) I loved her hearty laughter, zest for life and the zeal to share her life, stories and energy to the hilt! Oh Cosmos your Leela is truly amazing!!!
Then there was that dearest wish of mine to watch snow as it sprinkled in abundance from the winter skies, engulfing the world in a shades of white that drapes the landscape into an endless postcard. Ethereal, Surreal were not superlatives enough to ascribe the scene or my feeling of pure bliss at watching this happen as I visited Kashmir for the nth time. I fell in love with the snow-clad valleys and wondered if a prince charming would ride up for me to swoon over for?
I loved the pampering that a dear friend, who has recently shifted in my neighbourhood and has now adopted me for almost every meal, has been showering on me. Her bday lunch had me hogging and sighing and then hogging some more. I am in love with the idea of having her so near that I can pop over to her house for a quick cup of tea or a stretched out one (depends on it being weekday or weekend). We have known it for a while now that we are soul sisters.
I love the way my terrace garden is turning out and this miracle worker I have found to help me rejuvenate it. Soon my little green oasis will be up and I will probably turn cartwheels there, much to the amusement of my neighbours. Watch out for my insta posts on this soonest!
An innocuous rant about hair fall led to some great hair fall advise, a fabulous oil recipe (tried and tested) and a tag by a fellow blogger onto a Shampoo brand (that she recommended for use) – the brand sent me free samples of 3 shampoos to try out. Now if this isn’t Love, then I don’t know what is!?!
Then this came in the mail from another “virtual” friend – a book lover I met via a secret santa giveaway; we connected over twitter to bond over books. She sent me this packet of goodies which have floored me to eternity as it has all my very favourite stuff in it – stationery!! Oh how I love thee!!
Last but not the least, is the love and camaraderie that I have found with a group of incredibly talented writers, warm human beings and extremely helpful souls. The love and zenith attached to my blog today is all thanks to them and more like them. Love the likes & comments on my blog!!
I am of the opinion that love is like a kaleidoscope (remember we used to make them as science project in school?) where with every revolution (of life), the pattern (blessings/ events/emotions/thoughts) evolves into something else- no two patterns are the same; yet they all spell out fantasy for me. The inane pieces of glass (thoughts) that we put into it, mirror onto each other and collude to evoke newer colours (emotions) and designs (journeys).

This is what love looks like to me and I am indeed thankful that there is an abundance of it in my life. Touchwood!!!

Have you noticed this love in your life? Why don’t you share some of your thoughts on it here? 

P.S: What thoughts on a Kaleidoscope?
Writing this post for #thankfulthursday and linking it up with Amrita
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11 thoughts on “#ThankfulThursday: Thankful for love

  1. To have friends like that! But not to have snow, and to have to travel to see it…ah to me that would be happiness. Instead, it is snowing/sleeting right now, and when it freezes over tonight…yikes.

  2. i think this kind of love is the best kind of love. my love for food and lipsticks are at an epic level, i can never fall out of love with them. Thank you for linking up with #ThankfulThursdays

    1. Food and lipsticks – incredible combo, unheard of before!! 😉 I must check out your lipsticks shades when we meet; I am very bad at picking them for myself- always get confused..;-)

  3. Lovely feelings and wonderful words.Love is indeed a kaleidoscope
    .Its different for different seasons of life.Its a joy having love in our lives .Thanks Shalzz for wriying with us for #ThankfulThursdays

    1. Awwww thank you so so so much love to hear that
      And yes friends are such a joy. I never tire of making friends, regardless of how some ppl turn out to be…. Cheers

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