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Shekar Kapur’s Devi


Tara Mehta was once human but when the spirit of a divine warrior fused with her, she turns Devi, a living goddess sworn to protect mankind from threats both criminal and supernatural. Now the girl-turned-goddess should protect one of her own as young woman claiming to be her long-lost sister appears, seeking refuge from a demonic cult.

To make matters worse, a mysterious vigilante is on a murder spree and all the evidence points to Devi. Hunted by the law she swore to uphold and haunted by her own treacherous heart, will Tara be able to clear her name and find the truth about the woman who might be her sole surviving family member?

More of a fine thing as a recognizable enemy returns for a second time, Tara and Devi both unite their combined forces to triumph over it. Other characters from the past also make an outward show. Devi meets someone even she finds easier said than done to surmount. Also Tara meets her long-lost sister but she cannot believe the news and stays mistrustful of her sister.

Another nice volume I am not sure if other volumes are in the channel or not. The plot gets more complicated as new characters appear and old ones resurface. At times it would seem that there is no real articulate plot and the story just wanders along.

However, the artwork is a cosmic upgrading – it is cleaner and less unstructured with panels not apparently heading off into all types of proportions. Tara looks nice; in fact, in one large panel, she presents a very appealing outline while in a cascade. Her proportions are more curved like an Indian.

To my disappointment, the dialogues are progressively more Americanized. We could miss the glib Yankee comments and have desi type of tête-à-tête. I recommend this to encourage the artists and other creators and hope for an improvement in the plot and structure in the next volumes.

Book Details

Name: Shekar Kapur’s Devi – Vol. 4

Author: Saurav Mohapatra and Chandrasekhar

Date of publishing: 18 March 2014

Language: English

Genre: Comic

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  1. sounds like an interesting story! I mean the very idea of a woman becoming a Devi thanks to a divine warrior spirit – that’s like wow! I do hope there next in the series is more indian reader friendly.

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