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[ Theme Reveal ] Peregrination Chronicles | #atozchallenge 2017 |


As January rolled in, I got caught up in the AtoZ challenge 2017 brouhaha. I was determined not to miss it this year but when I sat down to mull over what I wanted to write; I drew blanks. Panicked, I reached out to fellow bloggers; veterans and virgins alike. A few days of furious brainstorming over frantic tweets and DMs before a calm descended onto my writer self. Up bubbled the thought – write about what you love doing the most.


So my theme manifest for the challenge is Peregrination Chronicles!

Peregi…………………………………… what????? 😉

OK I was just trying to stand apart in the sea of 2000+ bloggers who have signed up for this challenge. 🙂

Peregrination simply means a course of travel; journey   [per-i-gruhney-shuh n] 

It often transpires that one travels with some touristy notions of seeing this and eating that and doing something not done before. The itineraries are super planned with hard pressed reccos of others who have been-there and done-that.

All of this fails for the traveller in me; for I am a tribe apart from Le Tourist as I want to venture into things not done, seen, or eaten before. I vie to try the mundane and ordinary rather than the most touted.

And on this quest, I have often encountered:

Zen as I did in Khalstee, Ladakh   (see post on Z)

Glee on the roads of Rewari, Haryana  (see post on E & T)

Surreal in the midst of the Sam desert, Jaisalmer   (see post on S)

Innovativeness in Khabrar, Nainital   (see post on M)

My theme is to sift through my globetrotting pictures (past/present) and pick out those moments which remained etched in my mind long after the bags were unpacked. It could be a snapshot of a food menu of a roadside eatery or a signboard that had me reversing my tracks or of a broken monument in the middle of nowhere or a simple tale of kindness or friendship encountered enroute to my destination.

These are not the main event, not even the highlights but by-the-way moments which have become epic in my retelling of these tales. These are simple yarns spun out of  threads of fun, laughter or just mind-blowing awesomeness!

In between, I will also throw up some stupendous travel-words that I encountered during my journey like:

Xenodichial – hospitable; kindly to strangers

XenoPhilia – love of foreigners

Xenagogue – guide; someone who conducts strangers

[ Maybe you have some that I havent found as yet? Wont you please share them?]

So sit back and enjoy the ride into my wanderlust memories as I endeavour to regale you with moments that made my travels special and rememberance-worthy.

Watch out for Amazing, Awesome, Astounding on Ist April 2017 in my blog post titled April Fools  !!

For the uninitiated, AtoZ challenge is a blogging challenge wherein one has to write on every alphabet from A to Z and post on all days of April, except sundays. Usually its better to devise a theme as it makes it easy to write the posts. Plus readers have a reason to stay hooked too.

The A to Z Challenge is created by  Arlee Bird of Tossing it Out
and co-hosted by

Alex J. Cavanaugh of Alex J. Cavanaugh

Jeremy Hawkins of Hollywood Nuts

Heather M. Gardner of  The Waiting is the Hardest Part
Zalka Csenge Virág of The Multicolored Diary

John Holton of The Sound of One Hand Typing

J Lenni Dorner of  Blog of J. Lenni Dorner


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104 thoughts on “[ Theme Reveal ] Peregrination Chronicles | #atozchallenge 2017 |

    1. thanks so much Mayuri – fingers crossed!! All the best to you too, cant wait to see your post too! 🙂

  1. Amazing start-up post, Shalz !!! Hope that I need more time to read your posts since I have to search for the words in dictionary. Anyhow thanks for making me curiously wait for…… Wishing you the very best, cuttie……

    1. Thanks Vasantha and dont worry all such words will be explained in my post itself!! 😉 Look forward to your views on my posts and I do hope you have the time to visit! Thanks

    1. Ha ha… I know. Even I did a double take when I hit this word love travel tales n looking forward to your too.

  2. WOW! This is so exciting! I can’t wait to read April’s Fool! The thought I had when reading your post was It’s the kind of BOOK I would love to read…& have in my collection forever! I love the Theme! Good Luck!

  3. Wow! You nailed it in terms of grabbing attention. The meat of the matter is the context and I totally love it. I’m looking forward to your unusual stories from the places you have travelled. Good luck! 🙂

    1. Chin-Chin Dear Natzee – raising the toast right back at ya! We actually need to open a bottle very soon and do this literally than virtually! OOf how virtuous we have been 😉
      I loved your theme reveal – one of the best I read so far!
      Cheers, Luck and big hug my darling! 🙂

      Lets rock April 2017

  4. What a word?!. During my first A-Z, I remember coming up with ‘Xenobombulate’. Looking forward to reading the whole series and all the best! 🙂

    1. Whoa! now thats another great X sounding word – shall look it up. Thanks for the share!
      Cheers n luck to you too! 🙂

  5. As lively and interesting this theme sounds, I’m sure it’s going to be fun the whole month!
    And don’t you worry, everything’s gonna be fine! If you need anything, don’t hesitate and ping me 🙂


    1. Aha Sanchie; now that will achieve my purpose fully! 😉
      Hope I am able to sustain the interest in my posts – very nervous!

  6. Peregrination. Does sound a lot more sophisticated than travel. I’ll be joining you, traveling through time and space. Sounds like yours will be a way different ride!

    1. Hey I am looking forward to seeing your posts too; many thanks for stopping by! Cheers n luck to rock April 2017

    1. Thanks Ritika – hope I do achieve what I am aiming for! Look forward to some feedback once the posting begins! Cheers 🙂

  7. Shalzmojo, I don’t do much travel other than to nearby places. So, it’s a treat to see where others venture to through their photography or experiences. Your A2Z series should be a fun one and I hope your first-time participation is a fun one. 🙂 I invite you to visit Curious as a Cathy for a little mewsic and learn about my AprilA2Z challenge theme reveal!

    1. Thanks for dropping in Cathy and I hope i have been able to hook your interest in my theme
      Really have my fingers and toes crossed for the challenge.
      See you around.

  8. Ah, now this sounds like a journey of sorts! I look forward to seeing where all you’re going to take us. By the way, I love the efforts you have put in with researching on those words. 😉

  9. Welcome to the challenge! I’m happy you decided to take part. It’s a fantastic experience. It’s the third time for me and every time I’ve learned so much, I’ve met so many awesome people and some cool blogs.

    Great theme too. I love reading about travels. It’s a bit like experiencing that travel myself.

    Have a great time!

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    1. Thanks so much Jazz; wow third timer – you are a veteran 😉
      I am excited to read and meet some kickass bloggers too, fingers crossed for that.
      Wish you all the best too! 🙂

    2. Thank you so much; you seem to be such a pro at it – very nerve wracking for first timers like me 😉 Please do share some advise as and when you could – it would be great learning for me.
      I am so happy to connect with you and looking forward to your theme this challenge.
      Cheers & all the best 🙂

  10. Sounds like a lot of fun and trivia is in store. And from the sound of your theme reveal, I can sense the travel tales you’ll share would be just right for someone like who avoids everything touristy a place has to offer.
    Good Luck for the challenge, Shalini!

    1. Thanks Era; fingers crossed to deliver all this promises! I hope to hear your feedback please 🙂
      BTW you doing it?

    1. Oh wow it will be good to have you along in the ride with your generous feedback- I need tonnes of it. Thanks for dropping in 🙂

  11. This theme is really super exciting! The best moments in a travel journey are not the ones which were anticipated, but the ones that jumped up on us when we were unaware!

    Will follow this blog daily, Shalini. All the best! 🙂

    1. Eggsackliiiiii!!! You summed it up so well. I am hoping I am able to deliver all that I have promised in this 😉
      Thanks for signing up as a regular reader- dil khush kar ditta !!!!! 🙂

  12. Excited to explore dream destinations with you. Hooked for amazing images and awesome experience. Will get to learn a lot from you. Best wishes and thanks for sharing your experience with us 🙂

    1. Oh Bushra you are ever so generous in your comments and feedback. I hope I am able to live upto my promise now. Thank you darling for stopping by 😉

  13. Peregri-what is exactly what I said when I first read it 😀
    That said, this sounds like a great theme. I’m always on the lookout for travel writing and travel-related posts.

    1. Hey there – thanks for dropping by Sreesha and thank you for these kind words; I need many more such to boost my confidence! 😉

  14. Wow wow wow !!
    Firstly a “hi”.. I know it’s been long 🙂

    Now.. was it the word or the cluster of words you have used or the theme or the way you have put it…
    I am pulled !!
    &. yes I am..
    Now.. Here’s looking forward to this pere……. (whatever 😛 ) blog journey with you 🙂

    1. Heylooooo stranger – yes its been that long Uncle Sam! Looks like you have been very busy with stuff as I have been missing your poetic posts.
      Thank you so much for tuning in to my blog; I am relieved to know atleast one reader I can count on 😉

    1. Good to hear form your Cythia – all the best for the challenge and thanks so much for your wishes.

  15. Wowsa! What a theme it is. I like the injection of variety into your travel posts so this will be interesting for sure. Have fun in April, Shalini 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Arlee. I am damn excited about the challenge as its my first time. Really looking forward to conencting with some fabulous bloggers and also receive feedback on my writing!

  16. I love your theme, I was trying to do a similar theme, but then I thought about another one
    I’m excited to read about your “peregrinations ” 😉

  17. Nice to know a fellow travel buff. Xenia is also a good word; going back to ancient Greece and meaning “hospitality”. 🙂 I’m eager to check out your offerings. See you in April!

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