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| Day-5 | Letter – Sigh, Swoon & Drool #writebravely | WriteTribe – Festival of Words 2017 |

Day-5 prompt is to write a letter; I decided to make it a fan letter ♥


My dearest  SRK,

I first learnt of you when we congregated before the routine morning assembly. A gaggle of girls were chattering in earnest about this cute “guy” from the TV serial last night. The year was 1989 and it was a Thursday morning.

The furore was so intense that even the boys could be heard mouthing a few dialogues which had the rest of them in an uproar. It seemed I was the only one who hadn’t watched Fauji last night.

Next Wednesday morning, everyone in the school was reminding each other to watch “it” tonight amidst a lot of giggles and sighs!!!

Lt. Abhimanyu Singh got imprinted on my 14 YO heart that very evening and I haven’t felt the same for anyone since. (I didn’t learn of your name till a few months passed by)

Such was my fixation, that I started watching any and everything with you in it, never mind if I could follow the context or not. (Dil Dariya, Circus, Umeed, etc ) I would feel greatly cheated if the evening episode didn’t have a scene with you in it.

Your movies became my blissful world to immerse myself into. I vociferously defended your anti-hero roles as your dialogues crept in my heart to become my by lines. Your signature gestures began to evoke palpitations of magnitude 8.0 on a Richter scale.

Kal Ho Na Ho left me bereft and I exited the hall plotting Karan Johar’s painful demise. How dare he kill you?

When you came down to Delhi in 2009 for the Airtel Half Delhi Marathon, guess who signed up for it?

{ I left Gurgaon at 430 in the AM to reach Nehru park by 5 and then waited for hours to get one glimpse of you. I became one with the surging crowd that gravitated towards the stage to capture you in my prized DSLR, ended up almost being trampled. But I got some great shots of you, which I cherish to this day! }

Such is my fixation that I get teased even while watching the trailers– “ arrey she is too busy to remove her eyes from the screen right now!

When I visit Mumbai, folks want to know if I am headed for a “darshan” or to simply kiss the door of your house! (haven’t done either yet)

Everyone knows better than to ask me for a review of your latest movie! 😉

I love the fact that you wear your heart on your sleeve. Your eyes, that smile and the killer dimple – all set my pulse racing!

I will meet you for real someday and will tell you to forget about the haters and their ilk. You are fabulous and I love you just the way you are. You are the “Jug” of my life and I would love to lay my head down in your lap and pour my heart out to you!!

Yours adorably  wholeheartedly sinfully,



I actually have nothing left to ask or say to you dear readers as writing this letter has emptied me of words, filling me with intense desire for my heart-throb. So adios until next post!!

 I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6

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41 thoughts on “| Day-5 | Letter – Sigh, Swoon & Drool #writebravely | WriteTribe – Festival of Words 2017 |

  1. Oooh this letter finds such an echo in my heart. isn’t he just the cutest? And his off screen persona adds to his charm. I love how articulate he is, so very witty and a little philosophical too. All of that aside, I love his romantic side in films. I am prepared to like WHMS.

    1. Oh man isnt it so!! He is just unbelievably adorable! I totally agree to his off screen persona too!! I liked watching JHMS and it wasnt a torture as everyone was going on and on about it to be!! 😉

  2. Wah! Wah! Fan ho to aisa. There is something cute about Shahrukh and I have hardly missed a movie of his . And believe it or not I liked him best in Don and Chennai Express. He does silliness to perfection

    1. Shukriya *courtesying low*
      I agree- there is “something” about him that kuch kuch hota hai!!! sigh 😉

  3. Aha! So thrilled to meet fellow SRK devotee 🙂 I have had a crush on him since Fauji days and it continues still, unabated.
    Those are the pics you captured at the marathon… how cool!!! 🙂

  4. OMG Shalz! A true blue SRK fan. Loved how you played with words laced with humour to write a letter. I hope SRK reads the will surely make him smile. You must have loved Jab Harry Met Sejal then despite the horrid reviews, after all SRK at its best!

    1. Yes I enjoyed it despite all the horrid reviews but then I watch all his movies no matter what he is doing in it!! 😉
      Ihope so too- fingers crossed!!

  5. Aww, tots adorable Shalzz!! Written like a die-hard fan! A true entertainer and heart-throb! Your adulation oozed over, hope he reads this and you get to meet the King of your Heart xoxo!

    1. I havent written to him in real life too – I am too too shy to do that I guess!! I like all his movies but my fav is Raju ban gaya gentleman!!!

  6. You sure are a Fan. I love his attitude… Totally king style! I admire him for his hard work and giving us movies like DDLJ and KKHH… I mean those are still the ultimate dreamy movies of all times.

  7. I might sound bias, but this is the best letter I read today, since morning. I still keep watching Fauji on Youtube..I also watched an episode of waghle ki duniya last month, in which SRK featured.

  8. I call him Shah Rukh Sir, He is truly amazing and his hard work, dedication made him reach where he is today from his humble Delhi beginning. SR Sir is such an inspiring man and the world he pulls his hand to embrace. No wonder girls swoon over him. I loved him in Fauji and his endearing act touched the heart. You should tag him on Twitter.

    1. Thanks Vishal – I so hope to meet him someday too. I reallt envy all the peeps who seem to be meeting him these days!!! Sigh!!!

  9. You know what, I declare you as my best friend! Oh God! I am also obsessed with this man. His are the only movies I watch even before the reviews are out. I literally wept out loud when he died in KHNH, His smile, dimples, sense of humor, charm… OK. I am stopping here.

    1. Yay bestie fist bump 🙂 Thank you for that!!!!
      I never follow any reviews esp for his movies- god he is just adorable. Just a chance to see him on screen is enough for me.
      Amen to everything you said here 🙂

    1. Awww Menaka – yes that movie was so sad but he was brilliant as the obsessed lover! I wept for him in that movie

  10. I couldn’t agree more! Isn’t he the most charming Man !!! I love his humor, wit, smile, the way he carries himself….basically everything and not to forget that smile with a dimple on his cheek!! i can go on and on…. I could relate to this post as that’s the same feeling i get when i watch him! Today was a painful day for for me and this post brought a smile on my face; if only i read it earlier!

    1. Hey sorry to hear about that – I hope you are feeling better. I am glad my post gave you a few smiles. Yeah isnt he just a babe!!!!! 😉

  11. Lol…you know what? I was in love with him when I was 11 and 12…and then I dunno, something happened and I went completely off him. I loved him in DDLJ and my friend and I would re-enact the scenes. Around 11, I started watching cricket and then started to get smitten by cricketers instead and slowly and steadily it reached a stage where I actually couldn’t stand SRK. Plus I got a bit sick of him doing the same roles over and over and over…. 😛 *Runs away as I know you’ll chase after me to beat me up*

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