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The Secret Road [ #MondayMusings ]

I loved this picture clicked by my friend Sailesh Anand, somewhere in Australia!!! I love the picture as it looks like the road to never-where!

They say that what you are looking for is, is searching for you too and comes to you when you least expect it to. This is a secret that I have learnt the hard way up but now believe with all my heart.

I hate getting into a tizzy first thing in the morning and take pains to avoid it. Which is why I don’t open my mouth while on the morning walk and simply smile-nod to acquaintances and friends alike. I like to let the maid work in the kitchen while I meditate over my morning cup, killing two birds with one stone. I have my tea in peace while she works without me looking over her shoulder.

Of late I seemed to be yelling at my maid more than often. Mind you this maid has been with me for more than 3 years now and knows the ins and outs of my ways by heart now. She seems surly and can be heard muttering under her breath after a scolding from me. She seems to be forgetting to do the basic things, forcing me to lose it.

I hate yelling at her – She works many houses, has children to be readied and fed before coming here, etc. Days when she is not well, I don’t let her do my housework and send her back after a cup of tea and meds.

Our language barrier is such that discussing things with her is not an option. Plus she never wants to chat.

So, I had been mulling since days now as to how to tackle this situation. I don’t want to let her go as she is a good worker.

I follow the twitter account of The Secret and had been noticing a few messages since some days.These three struck a chord with respect to my current situation with the maid and I thought of working on them.

“Energy flows where attention goes. Notice what you are paying attention to.” – The Secret

“As you imagine the worst, that’s what you will receive back. As you imagine the best that’s what you’ll receive back.” – The Secret

“The person who is filled with love sees love everywhere, and receives it from everyone. The same goes for every other emotion.” – The Secret

So I have made a two-week pact with myself to not yell at the maid, no matter what the provocation from her end.

I am hoping a change in my attitude might adjust hers. Or maybe I will stop getting worked over the little stuff. Fingers crossed that at the end of it, my sanity will be whole.

And I am trying to apply the maxim “pick your battles wisely” to everything I put thought and action into. I confess I tend to get worked up at the slightest provocation and hoping this will lead to the secret road of Shifu’s inner peace.

Pssst…….. Today was Day1 & went off successfully!!!

What do you think of my epiphany?

Whats your secret to handling things that stress you out?

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16 thoughts on “The Secret Road [ #MondayMusings ]

  1. Shalini, that’s an interesting piece. It’s easy to get provoked but with practice we can learn to choose the fights to fight. You’ve written that your maid is a good worker, so I’m happy that you are putting in efforts to tone down your yells at her. Hope you have a successful two-week pact!

  2. So true Shalz! I am glad you’ve decided to tackle your problem wisely. I absolutely agree with the quotes you’ve mentioned. They are the mantras when followed diligently puts life on the happy track!

  3. What a great way to manage all the negative energy you might be feeling. I too suffer from random angry outbursts, and those quotes you gave really struck a chord in me. Great read 🙂

  4. A road that never ends reminds me of that possibilities still exist I think you’ll surely going to rhythm with your maid with these positive energy

    1. Thanks so much Bushra! How have you been- I just realised its been too long since we connected!! Really nice to hear from you! 🙂

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