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Do Quotes have the power to heal? [ #Guestpost ]

What do you think about quotes as healers? Do you think these little nuggets of wisdom actually help one heal through the hurt and pain? Read on as Shilpa meanders through this post to question and seek answers for her pain.

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Tryst with Brugge [ #Guestpost ]

My guest today is Prasanna Kini who blogs with Mocktail Mommies and has written about her trip to Brugge in Belgium. Please welcome her on my blog and show some love to her writing.

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Purify your thoughts [ #Guestpost ]

Have you ever reflected on how your thoughts affect your happiness? To purify your thoughts, there are certain steps that can help you achieve it. Read on this intriguing guest post by Vasantha Vivek on self love and happiness

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The Chef [ #Guestpost ]

Catch this version of cooking love that Varsha shared with her mother and now her son who knows cooking isnt gender specific – we need more men like him

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Purple [ #Guestpost ]

Please welcome my guest today, who doesn’t need any introduction as she is a very successful blogger and graphic artist – Ms.Tina Basu . She has spun out a thrilling tale for us. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. Purple  Please stop this noise someone! What is this noise? It’s […]

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Tassel & Trim [ Decor ]

I love browsing markets – the joys of discovering shops with unusual wares, chats with the owner about their products and clientele and rifling through the exotic items – totally therapeutic and rejuvenating for me. One such unique discovery of mine is this quaint little shop in Nehru place which stocks a treasure trove of […]

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Once upon a time in Jaipur [ #Guestpost ]

Today’s guestpost is by Anjali of Safarnama who is a qunitessential traveller and loves to share her unique travel experiences with her readers. In this post she has covered a trip to Jaipur and all its delightful sights and sounds!

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Fiction – The Fight [ #Guestpost ]

A fictional piece submitted by a fellow blogger who normally writes Travel post. Read her take on fiction in this sory titled The Fight. This piece is a guestpost for the ongoing birthday ccelebrations on my blog all of september

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I see no God here [ #Fiction ]

I SEE NO GOD HERE ‘Attic, my favourite place on earth. It’s next only to the open skies where my heart dwells’, thought Bradley. This was his routine reflection before going to bed. Recently, after a great fight with mom, he had shifted his base from otherwise well-appointed bedroom on the ground floor of their spacious […]

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Silent Spectators [ #Guestpost ]

Read about self love from Dipika Singh’s persepective as she writes about how we silently witness crimes against each other in public, without ever stepping up.

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My selfie love [ #Guestpost]

Read all about the selfie love by Graphic illustrator Sreoshi sinha whose Instagram feed is peppered by her bold uninhibited pictures which bring across her self love very clearly!

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