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Pic credit Sreoshi Sinha Instagram feed

My guest today is Sreoshi Sinha who I had the pleasure of working with on a project called The Granny’s Inn in Benares. I was immediately blown away by her sense of colours and flair for design. A warm and exuberant human being, Sreoshi revels in her creativity. I have been following her instagram feed of her random sketches, water colours and most interestingly – her selfies! Her love for self comes out very strongly in them and this post is all about that. Over to you Sreoshi….

I’m a better painter than a writer. But, I’m gonna give it a shot, for Shalz. So here goes.

I am an architect by qualification but not a practicing one. Not anymore, at least.I’m an illustrator/graphic designer by profession, instead. I’ve always been an introvert of sorts. I take time to open up to people. But when I do, boy! I can talk…so much so that you’d probably ask me to shut up! I think, I’ve changed as a person over the years…for the better. But it’s taken me a while to get to where I am.

Even as a generally quite person, I was always confident, with a no-nonsense attitude, which was usually labelled as “egoistic” / “arrogant”.

Not that I cared much, as the people who really mattered thought otherwise, So I was like- whatever!

Pic credit Sreoshi Sinha Instagram feed

It’s taken me a while, to be a bit more flexible about the people around me; to know myself enough to not get effected or influenced by them; to be okay.

I use my art to express myself, as every artist does, obviously.

The Self, the gaze and the female form being the most recurring themes in my work (as you’ll see if you go through my IG!).

My Self-portrait series has sparked a bit of a debate within my family. Questions like,

“Why are you doing this?”

“What is the necessity for it?”

“This is silly..”

“Aren’t you worried your colleagues will see?”

were being thrown around. One relative actually had the audacity to tell my parents that, I no longer care for my family’s ‘reputation’ and if I’m aspiring to be a cover girl?

I’m like, seriously?! All my achievements are nullified because I’m posting photographs of myself..? And, what if I really wanted to be a cover girl? What’s wrong in that..? Anybody who is a professional model is…wrong/bad? WTF! 

Pic credit Sreoshi Sinha Instagram feed

I am lucky to have really progressive and modern immediate family and close friends, who are my constant support. Whose opinion truly matter to me, and they’re like, “as long as you do it for the right reasons, you are an artist- go for it!”. And I’m truly thankful for having them in my life.

So, what I’m trying to say is, we are all a work in progress.

We have our own coping mechanisms and we go through life’s lessons- changing, adapting and growing into, what we can only hope, is the best possible version of ourselves. My work is my coping mechanism. I am a woman, who is trying to become a person who is comfortable in her own skin and sexuality. With each self- portrait, I get to see myself as a subject- like a detached view of my “self”. Which in turn helps me understand, analysis, critique and appreciate myself just a tad bit better. This is me trying to accept all my imperfections. This is me trying to let go of my inhibitions and be brave.

We are taught to be nice to people. Be kind, generous etc. And we expel all our energies in doing just that. But sadly, we need constant reminders to treat ourselves right! I believe we owe our self the love we so freely give to others and that does not make us a narcissist or a self-obsessed person in any which way.

Pic credit Sreoshi Sinha Instagram feed

So boss people..”just keep swimming..just keep swimming..”.

Be brave, be happy, and give yourself some credit. You’ve made it so far..and you are fine..more than fine. You deserve all the happiness. You deserve to be loved.


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This guestpost has been written in celebration of Shalzmojo turning one as a self hosted blog. 


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9 thoughts on “My selfie love [ #Guestpost]

    1. Thank you, Shalini, for letting me speak my mind. Freedom and independence to express our selves freely is perhaps to most valuable gift any human being can have. We say that’s our right..but we also are pulled down in so many ways..when we try to do just that.
      As creative individuals, we need to stick with one another ..and I thank you for that. Lots of love and best wishes.♥️ SS

    1. Absolutely agree with it Esha. I had the same thoughts when I initially started seeing her feed; why the hell is she posing so provocatively? People will trouble her on social media? It took a while for my heart rate to calm down and then I realised how liberating her posts are. I had been meaning to get her to write about this since ages; thankfully it materialised now! Her creative expression is amazing for me!

  1. Beautiful post and you should be able to be anything your heart desires and a Model is a perfectly reputable business.

  2. Unfortunately our society is so absolutely limited within a box that anything out of the ordinary becomes unacceptable. Sreoshi’s work is amazing and however much it may appear to be narcissistic,it’s not and its more about the artistic expression that comes through. More power to her.

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