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tassel-trim-decor-decorations-interiors-nehru-place-furnishings-curtains-buttons-tiebacksI love browsing markets – the joys of discovering shops with unusual wares, chats with the owner about their products and clientele and rifling through the exotic items – totally therapeutic and rejuvenating for me. One such unique discovery of mine is this quaint little shop in Nehru place which stocks a treasure trove of silken threads, interwoven with gossamer beads and strung up with metallic tints. Sandwiched amongst the haphazard collection of hardware, stationary, printing shops of Nehru Place, this gem of a shop held more surprises than one could imagine.

Aptly called Tassel & Trim, this store stocks almost every variety of furnishing accessories to beautify curtains, cushions, bed covers and what ever one can think of. So we have Bullion fringes, tassel fringes, pompom fringes, beaded fringes, braids, gimps, borders, decorative cords, trimmings, tiebacks,  etc. ( Yup some of these names were French to me too!!) And did you know some of them are for curtains, some for cushions and some for furniture too. There was such an overload of information for my senses- both visual and analytical. And all this jostled for space in barely 100 square feet of shop area. The shelves were piled sky-high with wares and everywhere I looked, items were spilling out profusely as if each wanted to show off itself more than the other.

The shelves under the cash counter had rows upon rows of jars filled with beads- metal, glass, fabric, plastic; sequins, marbles and other such exotic stuff. Behind the counter were strung up flowers crafted out of jute and dyed in different colors. While my mind was toggling with craft ideas to use them in, I espied some adorable buttons which had me thinking of the dresses my mom used to make me wear when I was a kid.

There were some really amazing decorations; in fact I realized I can kit out a Christmas tree with ease and in minutes in this shop. There were embroidered hearts, clover leaves, medallions – sequins, suede, metal trims and beads, all were used to beautify these and make them very unique.

There were even doll house sized metal utensils like Teapots, strainers, pots and pans which were in gold and silver colors. Not to miss were the trumpets in various bright colors. I had stumbled upon a wonderland; was the Mad hatter waiting behind this door with a tea service?!!!

I was very impressed with their range of curtain brooches which I thought was a unique way to holding the curtains. And these were in pretty finishes and colours.


As I started perusing the shelves, the helpful owner came to my aid and started pointing out items and calling out their names. I grappled to make sense of it all and started to make some notes too but before long it all overwhelmed me. So I simply took loads of pictures and decided to make a pictorial inventory of this shop. And that’s what I have tried to represent in this article and hopefully it comes across.

Curtain Tiebacks

Their selection of Curtain tiebacks include Single and Double Tassel Tiebacks and Beaded Tiebacks –  all totalling about 500 in number! I loved the gorgeous detailing with the beads, crystals or just sequins. And the colours seemed infinite.


Cushion fringes

Their range  of cushion tassel includes Key Tassels (small and large), Furniture Tassels, Xmas Tassels, Napkin Ring Tassels, Menu Card Tassels, Graduation Tassels, Flag Tassels, Bag Tassels, Holiday Tassels and many more- all totalling a selection of over 1000 tassel designs in their collection. Mind boggling isn’t it? Also check out the wooden and resin tiebacks that have been probably shaped on a spindle to have so many near perfect curves.

Don’t miss out on the decorative cords which seem to be in some amazing colors.


Christmas Decorations

I simply adored these sequins studded heart-shaped cushions to adorn a Xmas tree. And what do I say about these tiny little trumpets in all these bright colours? They had it all – stars, medallions, silver balls, embroidery hoops with wreathes embroidered on the fabrics. Wow! This sure was some motley  collection. And yes they had some fairy lights too, to complete the seasonal cheer.


Tassel and trim have one production unit situated in Delhi and another in Surat ,Gujarat. All their designs are done in-house and they take great pride in employing over 200 people directly and have another 500 working as out workers on various components. They supply to major retailers in India and all over the world as well.

Contact Us

Tassel & Trim
(a unit of Oriental Trimmings
Pvt. Ltd.)
Shop No. 103,
Manisha Building,
Nehru Place,
New Delhi – 110019

Phone: 011-65066701


Nehru Place is accessible through the Violet line on the Delhi Metro

One could also check out the huge number of export surplus fabric shops; suede, velvets, linen, prints, denim, stripes, etc.

Don’t forget to have a fresh glass of juice at one of the many juice shops in Nehru place.

The pavement vendors offer some amazing covers and cases for phone s and tablets and yes bargaining is a must.

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15 thoughts on “Tassel & Trim [ Decor ]

  1. This seems like wonderland for my mom. She loves such shops where you can find a treasure trove of decorations and everything that has got to do with making your home more beautiful and warm. I have noted it and will let her know when she visits there next.

    1. Thats good to hear Naba- there are a tonne of fabric shops (export surplus) in Nehru place – from silks, suedes, satin, linen to printed stuff – another shop just for laces…. The fabric related items there are in a huge abundance and will boggle the mind with variety and quality. There is loads to explore there.

  2. I always get to know about interesting shops from your blog. I love old fashioned markets where I can just roam around, each shop with its own history and stories. However these shopping malls are taking a toll on these old markets. This was a very comforting post.

    1. Thanks Balaka for saying so; I hope to feature loads more of them here as I love browsing through them. Flea markets and fairs is another treasure trove of gorgeous items all around for home and kitchen. I love shopping for such stuff 🙂

  3. O wow….thought Nehru place was all about gadgets n electronics!!! Thanks Shalz for blogging about this…will fill my shopping basket in the coming weekends from this place

  4. Wow! look at those knick knacks. So much to see and buy. Who wouldn’t get tempted? I have heard Nehru Place is a haven for electronics. My brother also tells me that. I never knew the place would have such a store as well. How cool!

    1. Ha ha Parul- I can understand you delight I was mesmerised at first sight too. Yes Nehru place is a haven for computer peripherals, stationary and other office related items. But its also a treasure trove for fabric – export surplus outlets and other related knick knacks.I have traversed the entire area over a period of 20 years and know the best suede/satin/silk/checks/stripes shops there… You get lovely printed denims and courdroys too there.

    1. Ha ha ha!! Doc your technical skills and knowledge is far above mine; I am sure if you write medical terms, I will be in the same boat 😉

    1. Oh yes Tulika this was a very quirky and fun shop for me; it rivals in its goodiness with the Kinari bazar in chandini chowk – wait for my post on that too soonest!!

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