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Intimacy & Travel [ Guestpost ]

They sat together sipping tea, the gorgeous morning sun casting a halo around them in the background. It was a picture perfect moment and although it warmed my heart to see them like that, I felt a slight tinge of regret for not being in a position to experience it myself. Mom and Dad looked radiant together!

I travelled with them across the length and breadth of our country but never before had I felt the need to be in the company of ‘someone special’ like I did when we visited Ganpatipule. Enjoying playing in beach waters of Goa or Puri and was one thing, this surreal beach brought out the romantic in me who wished to hold someone’s hand and just take in its beauty.


Located in the Ratnagiri district in Konkan region, the small town of Ganpatipule is famous for its pristine beaches and a Swayambhu (self-created) 400 year old Ganpati temple. With the intent of commercializing it, spots like Prachin Konkan (tableaus depicting the history and life of ancient Konkan), water sports, forts etc are being developed here for a better tourist experience.

Getting back to my story, after I got married this place beckoned me yet again to live out that special moment with my man. When we planned the trip I convinced my parents to accompany and watch A Jr for us while we had some alone time ourselves. We opted to stay at the MTDC resort, primarily because it is on the beach and close to the temple.


Instead of exploring nearby tourist attractions (which aren’t many) we chose to roam around the local market and bought Konkan special food items like Aam papdi, Kokam syrup, etc. There weren’t any water sports since it was monsoon season. Prachin Konkan was interesting and A Jr loved it. Also, a memorable thing was that we saw India win the World Cup there!

The resort had decent food and passable room-service. There was also a Panchkarma centre which I didn’t get time to check out.

With A by my side, the relaxed weekend seemed heavenly. Knowing my nostalgia, he wondered if the smile on my face was because of him or for a dream realised. I walked hand-in-hand with him on the beach far ahead till everyone else looked like tiny ants. We never spoke a word, didn’t need to. Intimacy can be delightfully quiet.


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23 thoughts on “Intimacy & Travel [ Guestpost ]

  1. Thank you so much for making me a part of this guestpost marathon, Shalz! This post brought back some fond memories for me. Loved putting them down.
    All the variety of posts I’ve been reading are simply amazing. Travel is lot more than visiting places, as we can surely make out from our blogger buddies.

    1. You are so so welcome Varsh! Thank you for writing such a thoughtful and engaging post for my blog! I am glad ot hear you haev been enjoying the guestposts so far- I thin kthey are terrific too! Here is to a great blogging month of December- last month of the year, making it count!

  2. That was so beautiful, Varsha! I have been to Ganpatipule, and if I am not mistaken, we stayed at the same place. And, as I too love beaches, we spent a lot of time there, on the beach, soaking in the sun and the surf!
    Your post brought back fond memories!

    1. Isn’t it the most serene place one can find so close to Mumbai? The MTDC resort is packed most of the time since it has a location advantage. Could be the one you visited too. Glad you remembered your visit too. 🙂

    1. I love beaches since always but it was only for playing in the water earlier. 😉
      The company of the loved one is something I can truly cherish and treasure now. Like you said, it is the best combination. Thanks Anagha!

    1. Married to a silent man, so are you a chatter box like me?
      I’ve often found my I love you’s responded with a smile. That’s it. It silently conveys the unspoken words though. Thanks a lot, Meenakshi.

  3. Aww..that’s really sweet. I used to feel the same whenever I went to Kanyakumari as a kid. I have gone there numerous times with parents and never once after the wedding. 🙂 Such a heartwarming post. I should make a trip to Ganpatipule also soon.

  4. Such a beautiful read…Well i must admit i have many such dreams and hope to fulfill them some day 😛
    It couldn’t have been more justifying and right than what you said about intimacy and that it need not always have words added to it. Some times silence speaks louder than a thousand words.

  5. That’s such a lovely warm post. Travel can mean so many different things to different people. And it does bring people together cut off as they are from their routine business.

  6. Loved this post. It’s true that silence is the best form of communication and it can convey the strength and intimacy of the moment so beautifully and deeply! Havent been to Ganpatipule despite being in Mumbai for 8 years. 😐

  7. I haven’t been to ganpatipule, my husband though has been before with his friends. He did mention that the MTDC resort is way better than others. I am sure i am going to visit this place soon 🙂

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