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[U] Unorthodox romance of a vampire & a mortal #AtoZchallenge

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Yup you heard it right – A vampire and a mortal fell in love and yes there is a happy ending to it. Yay!!!! I found this love story highly unusual and unorthodox when I picked up the book; but reading through it, charmed me completely. So much so that I have been giving myself paper cuts to just have Edward appear magically – sigh!!!

Title: Twilight series

Author:  Stephenie Meyer

Genre: Fantasy Fiction / YA

Publication: Harper Collins

Stephanie Meyers is an American author whose claim to fame is the four book Vampire love story series titled Twilight. Meyers says the idea to write this book came to her in her dreams one night. Twilight series have sold over a 100 million copies world-wide with translations into almost 40 languages. This series was also adapted onto screen with 5 movies made out of the 4 books – each one a huge success.



Isabella Swan (Bella) is a high school teenager who moves from sunny Arizona to rainy and cold Forks, Washington to live with her father who is the town chief of police. Her mother and stepfather wanted to travel and couldnt do so with Bella living with them. Bella is not very expressive, just like her father Charlie and they learn to “co-exist” without breaking each other’s rules/boundaries. Bella also has low self-esteem, is often clumsy and hates the cold.

She detests the overt attention being paid to her in school on account of her being new. She can’t comprehend the interest of boys in her and tries to avoid all talks leading to dating, etc. Shopping for an upcoming prom dress becomes a nightmare for she hates dancing.

Bella notices a set of students in school who seem far apart from everyone else. Their looks, attitude, clothes, cars – all speak volumes of money, pedigree and class. She wonders who they are and is told that they are all part of a foster family.

Sparks fly between one of the boys of that group and her as he is a lab partner in biology class. The boy – Edward Cullen, tries desperately to change his class schedule to ditch running into her. A fact that she finds offensive and lets him know so.

“And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…” he murmured. I looked away, hiding my eyes as I thrilled to the word.
“What a stupid lamb,” I sighed.
“What a sick, masochistic lion.” ― Stephenie MeyerTwilight

On a trip to the seaside with some of her school mates, she runs into the local Quileute boys and one of them develops a crush on her. Jacob Black tries hard to impress Bella with the folk-lore tales of his clan who morphed into werewolves whenever the “cold ones” or the vampires come into the area.

Through a series of events, Bella puts together the fact that there is something different about Edward and his family and confronts him with it. Thats when Edward gives into his attraction for Bella and tells her the truth about himself. He is a 104 years old Vampire and has been living in this area with his family for decades, on and off. The other 6 members of his family too are vampires but they all sustain on animal blood and don’t harm humans. Each Vampire has a special supernatural skill ranging from reading minds to foreseeing the future.

“And you’re worried, not because you’re headed to meet a houseful of vampires, but because you think those vampires won’t approve of you, correct?”
“That’s right,” I answered immediately, hiding my surprise at his casual use of the word.
He shook his head. “You’re incredible.”
― Stephenie MeyerTwilight

There is a sudden spurt of growth among the quileutes owing to the proximity of the vampires in the area and many of the young boys find themselves turning into werewolves. Soon an amicable treaty is ensued between the werewolves and the vampires to separate their hunting grounds. A tug of war ensues over Bella which she handles with great aplomb.

“You’re not like anyone I’ve ever known. You fascinate me.”
― Stephenie MeyerTwilight

Bella wants to become a vampire so that she can never grow old and die. Edward doesn’t want to hurt her chances of a normal life and refuses to do the change. She wants to marry him and live with him forever. In between she faces the threat of death from two different sects of bad vampires who are out to kill her. Each time she is saved by the Cullens amidst great perils to their number.

The series charts the love between Bella and Edward while the other characters have their own tales to tell. Does she become a vampire? Do they get married and live happily ever after? What about Jacob? Did he get his happily after?

No spoilers here though I am sure many of my readers would have read this series.

“Twilight, again. Another ending. No matter how perfect the day is, it always has to end.” ― Stephenie MeyerTwilight

Lasting impression on me:

What do I say – it’s a love story! A vampire falls in love with a mortal. A lion falls for the lamb! But what a lion this vampire turns out to be. Being 100 years old, he was old world charm and manners, he plays the piano with great finesse, composes music, is an accomplished reader……………… his list of virtues are endless. Bella is the bumbling belle who manages to charm the beast and is unfazed with being friends with vampires or werewolves, alike.

The way the writer has treated this scenario, its straight out of a high school drama. One can almost ignore the fact that there are magical species involved here. It’s a very human tale of emotions, relationships, betrayal, trust,  and above all love.

All the characters make their choices; Bella wants to be with a vampire. The vampires decide to lead a life of not hunting/harming humans. Jacob falls in love with Bella, despite the fact that she is crazy about Edward.

One would think that a vampire tale would only have the horrors of death; but this tale talks of choosing to live than die/kill. There is love and not lust between the characters who truly value their relationships. This tale is a lot about hope and tells you that no matter what life hands out to you, you and you alone have the power to change that vis-a-vis the choices you make.

This vampire-mortal love story does convince me that love conquerors all. I am a huge fan of the movies based on this series too and would recommend peeps to give it a fair chance.

My rating:

5 ***** of course – I did say I am a sucker for love stories and this one is fabulous with its supernatural characters in present day world drama.


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Do you like love stories? Which is your favourite one? What do you think of this series?


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Coming up tomorrow is [V] for humour through human life stories

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27 thoughts on “[U] Unorthodox romance of a vampire & a mortal #AtoZchallenge

  1. Again I have not read the books, but watched the movies instead. They were quite fascinating. As you said the old world charm and chivalry of Edward, the one sided love of Jacob and the persistence of Bella are really touching. A good pick, shalini, I must say. Usually vampires are those blood sucking creatures who prey on humans, so this one is sure a refreshing change.

  2. This is one popular series that I didn’t like at all … (now I better hide as all the fans will attack me!)
    You written a nice review 🙂 just not my kinda book.

    1. Ha ha ha!! I know what you mean Seema – only a handful of my reading friends have agreed with me on liking these books ; maximum peeps have dissed me for it 😉 So your comment was not unepected!!! 🙂

    1. Juvenile bit is why I liked it so much. I missed out on a lot of stuff growing up and books like these make me livein wonderland about how my teenage might have been like too! 😉

  3. I have read Twilight though have other 2 books in the series with me. But I have watched the entire movie series in bits and pieces, God knows how many times, because my son loves this series. 😀
    A fab review and hope to pick up the other 3 books of this series. Thanks for the nudge, Shalini.

    1. Phew! finally one comment that is positive. 😉
      I was wondering if I will be left with any readers after this post as no one seems to take to this book at all. 🙂
      So thank you for saying you will read the rest and liked the one you read! Phew!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m so sorry for what’s gonna come next, but….. Puke! Puke! 😀

    I can understand how many loved this (Even Fifty Shades of Crap has its own set of admirers) but I felt Bella Swan to be the single most irritating and boring (amazing how she could be both, but yes she is!) character in all of literature.

    1. Ha ha ha!! I am surprised to note that a guy read them? or are you saying this based on watching the movies? Yeah Bella is not one of the most impressive heroines ever nor will she be ever remembered for it. She seemed lacking a lot of things. But I loved the entire premise of this book – vampires, werewolves, imprinting, etc. Plus the high school scenario -it had me with the first page. I have loved the movies as much as the books and re-read them all the time.
      Each to her own I guess 😉

      1. Lol! There was no warning on the cover saying # not for dudes. btw, I picked it thinking it’ll be a good vampire story. Boy, was I disappointed. (Btw, I usually don’t watch the movies if I’ve read the book. Only exception being the Lord of the rings and first three of potter. )

        1. Oooops – so you fell for the Vampire angle – aha!!! Explains a lot – no wonder so much gore in your writing these days 😉

  5. I saw a one of those joke motivational posters a while back that shows all of Stephenie Meyer’s books with a legend that said “If crap like this can sell, so can yours.” I’m with Seema here.

    1. Ha ha ha!!! Yes I know the flak these books got was phenomenal as the movies became a raging hit with a certain section of peeps. Its not everyone’s cup of tea and most dissed it. 😉

    1. Yeah this one didnt find many takers in the world too; I know loads of peeps who look at me askance to know I read this stuff. But somehow it just appealed to me; so I guess each to their own 😉

  6. While I liked the movies, the books seemed repitative and I stopped enjoying them after the first two. I really liked Jacob in the movie , can’t imagine Bella spurning his love

    1. Oh I was all for Jacob too initially as that story would be far too real and have sweeter moments too; Edward at times was just too perfect!

  7. Ahem!! I am glad to see you’ve been bowled over by Edward Cullen too! It drove me crazy to think that I was falling for something so, so young and cheezy but, there you go…the magic of words and imagination! Cheers to Team Edward!

    1. Ah yes- finally a kindered soul who understands me and my love for Edward!! Thank you so much Kala darling for agreeing with me 😉 Cheers t team Edward for sure!!

  8. I am a sucker for love stories too. Loved these series. Had read it all in 2011 and the following year.. just after my 12th grade. I miss those days. The excitement of discovering a romance and Reading it away from parent’s eye…

  9. I enjoyed the series a lot and a fabtastic tale of Bella and Edward but the only one missing is the last outing. I was hooked to it. Never got a chance to watch the movie, though! Now, you pushing me to get the last one. From next month, I shall go on a no buy book pact and reminds me that some books just came by order and will grab them first or else have quite a few lining up on Kindle.

    1. Ha ha ha- yes the last book is most interesting for me though the movies didnt do this one justice. Infact the movies havent done justice to this series. So yeah read the last one! 🙂

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