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[Gratitude] The darling buds of May!

” Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May”

– William Shakespeare

Month of May brought hot winds and dust storms to my otherwise staid and stagnant life, turning it all upside down. I have been confined at home since April this year owing to my dad’s ill-health. He has been staying with me to recuperate and get fit again. So I became home bound to his care routine which has taken a toll on me emotionally – such is life!!! I was saved by all the friends and family egging me on to retain my sanity and me chanting – “This too shall pass!”

Books, Coffee & Gossip session

TBR progress is coupled with breaking the no-books-buying pact (again!!!!!!) this month when I stepped out for a much-needed coffee and conversations with a dear friend. Ended up in one of my favourite spots in the Gaon – BahriSons where I indulged in a book buying spree along with a gorgeous cold coffee at Blue Tokai coffee!!!!! It’s been taxing two months taking care of my dad and there are days when I just want to run away from it all. So this outing hit the spot and you can see a much happy me browsing away in the bookshop. Grateful to have such friends around who pamper my demands at times like these. 


Also finished reading three more books in May to put a happy dent in my TBR. (A post to follow on that soon with some book reviews up this month)


Health wise

I have been going for an alternative therapy doc for my thyroid and somehow missed my May appointment in Gurgaon. Dreading the long trek to Delhi for it, but that got done in a jiffy and I ended up meeting Anamika there. We just had to go and jabber some as the gossip session was long overdue. Boy it felt good to meet her and the sweet message she sent me later just made my day. So maybe missing out on that appointment was a blessing after all.

And yes dad is on the mend though loads of care is still needed. Best news is that he is once again walking with the help of his stick and no longer needs the wheelchair/walker. I am heading off to Jammu to drop him off and taking a short break there too.

Grateful to all my friends who sent me messages and wishes to check on my dads health and me too. It really meant a lot to me to have peeps concerned about it and take time out of their busy lives to message me. A heartfelt thanks people. 

Blogging break

Took a month-long blogging break and also reduced my time/interactions on social media. It’s done a world of good to my writing mindset and I am raring to go now. So look forward to tonnes of posts this month on the blog.

Happiness came when a friend shared a pic of this list some agency has compiled for Book reviewing blogs – my  blog is second from the top. Oh joy, joy, joy!!! 


Mosaic Art

Writing break meant more time for other things and since I was home bound, I decided to re-energize my mosaic art table and complete it. I set a deadline of 31st May the done with it. I simply loved the entire process (even if I did get lazy for 18 months) and it’s been a sheer labour of love.


It’s not completed yet but the pace has been set and the deadline shifted to June end for now.

It was so good to be back in the class with Divya and the gang, each one creating a beautiful piece. Divya hosted a pot luck lunch for the mosaic class and what fun it turned out to be. I packed loads of doggie bags to take home as the food was just uber delicious and the variety meant everything couldn’t be sampled in one go.

Very grateful and thankful to Divya for her encouragement and guidance to me. Some people you meet and know are past life connections – she is one such for sure! 

Fitness in May

My fitness routine was in great stride and I was feeling too full of it I guess. So pride came before a nasty fall. I slipped down some steps and injured my back which meant taking a break from my yoga classes. I was glad that nothing was broken and I could resume class after a week. Loved the concern and advice my yoga instructor sent to me to take care of it.

The gym outlet which has yoga sessions to suit my routine shut down for 15 days. I was devastated. I immediately tweeted to them and the sweet blessed people there sorted it out for me in a brilliant manner. I am so grateful to Cult team for ensuring I don’t miss out on my classes by accommodating me at another centre.

The best thing that happened in May is that the weighing scales finally started showing a downward movement. Many kilos to go but oh joy to see that the weight finally budged. Hoping to continue now that it’s got moving. The gym workout badges are my badges of honor and pride at the moment 


Caught & let go

Had two run ins with the traffic cops and both times I was saved with sheer good luck.

First one was in Gurgaon as I headed for my mosaic class. Thankfully my pollution certificate was up to date and that was what they were checking.

Second one was in Delhi and I played demonitization card and asked the cop to swipe my debit card. See there was only loose change in my wallet which I showed him. He took 100/- and let me go.

Blessed indeed baby! 

Well Amigos that’s it from my end and I am looking forward to starting June on a positive note with lots of good things to come my way. Cheerio!!

If you have posted your gratitude post, I would be grateful for a mention in the comments. I will definitely hop over to read it as I am addicted to these posts by now 🙂

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43 thoughts on “[Gratitude] The darling buds of May!

  1. Hari OM
    Good to see you up on my reader, Shalini; good to read that things are on the improve after a trying time. Having an aging and unwell father, I appreciate how it can strain. Wishing you well for things to continue on the up and here’s to happy blogging! YAM xx

    1. How good it feels to read those words Yamini- awesome to hear that I was being missed 😉
      Wishes and prayers for your father’s health dear- it’s indeed a trial for all concerned and much patience and fortitude is required.
      I am glad to be back from my blogging break and fresh posts up ahead all of this month. Hope you do enjoy reading them all 🙂

  2. So happy to hear that dad is doing better now Shalz. You made the best of your month with time spent with friends reading, fitness and more. Good to hear that you recovered so quickly after that nasty fall. Thanks for the Reiki sessions. How your June is even better.

  3. I hope your Dad is feeling better. It’s not easy when parents fall sick and it can be emotionaly taxing too. Good that you have kept yourself engaged with books, fitness and more. And yes, congratulations for making it to the 2nd in the list. Awesome!

    1. Thanks Naba. He is better now and finally could drop him at home in Jammu now. Hopefully he will stay fit now.

  4. Hey Shalini, good to hear your dad is recuperating. And glad you got new books, awaiting their reviews. And that mosaic table looks fab!! Loved reading your post after a long time!! Have a great time in Jammu!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Anshu it’s indeed sweet music for my ears to know that my writing has been missed 😉

      I am looking to come back muchos refreshed after this break.

  5. Wow! What an eventful month, Shalini.
    I wish your dad a speedy recovery to normal–great that you got to spend time with him!
    Beautiful mosaics!
    Kudos on the TBR progress!Congratulations on being included in the book review blog list. Your AtoZ was great!
    Do take care of yourself and thanks so much for joining the Gratitude Circle.

    1. Thanks Vidya- reading your post made me realise that I forgot to talk about Musafir- oh well next post I guess. Thank you for all your wishes and I just live to be a part of this gratitude circle. You got me addicted to it- huge thanks to you 🙂

  6. Glad to hear about your dad’s recovery, you are wonderful daughter Shalini! Parents indeed need children’s support more during such age. I loved your Mosaic art! You have accomplished so many good stuff in such busy hours of taking care of dad is great! Wish you happy June 🙂

    1. thanks Shilpa- that’s such great feedback. Does my pride eons of good to hear it. Yes this art project is my pride and joy and am hoping to start using it very soon as my morning tea tray.

  7. Glad to hear your dad is doing better and good on your for your fitness journey! Hope it continues to go well. The art looks amazing and I’m sure you had a well-deserved break from blogging after A to Z. Hope June is a wonderful month too!

    1. thanks Sanch… May was all set to be a long month but when I looked back, it was actually quite productive. so yeah loads to celebrate.

  8. Quite an eventful May. Glad that you dad is better.
    Love your mosaic artworks. very neat and pretty. Congratulations for being listed in the top book reviewing blogs. Way to go!
    Have a wonderful June and good to see you back. 🙂

    1. Thanks so so much Shilpa – good to see you active here too. I have been missing you since ages <3

  9. First things first, I cannot tell you how happy I was to see a new post by you pop up on my reader. I have missed you! So yay for being back. And many congratulations on the feature, girl. It’s super well deserved!

    I am glad your dad is doing good, and your injury also recovered soon. I know such setbacks can affect the continuity of a fitness routine, so I applaud your determination. Congrats on losing those kilos!

    I hope you have a wonderful June ahead. I look forward to reading a lot more from you! 🙂

    1. Yay for those super warm words about missing me – I love hearing such nice things 😉 Thank you so much for the love. I have been loving my fitness journey and am super duper happy about it now. Looking to get back to it as soon as I am back from my break.. Do check out the giveaway on Shuchi’s book which was actually my first post of June!!

  10. Ah what a lovely choice of books. Looking forward to your reviews before i pick them up. Glad your dad is feeling better now.Your absence on the bloggin scene was missed, so do get back with all the mojo that you have :)))) Have a rocking June Shalzz

    1. Awwww love you so much Ramya for saying you missed my posts- music to my ears!!! I am glad to be back too and am looking forward to doing at least 15 posts this month!! Thank you for all your love and wishes- this is just what I need to keep going!

  11. Sorry to hear about your dad’s health. My worry with growing older is parents’ health. So wonderful of you to have your dad stay with you so that you can look after him. I am sure he will leave to Jammu with many blessings for you.
    That mosaic art is amazing. You are also only of those talented bloggers. 🙂 Keep up working on your creativity.
    Wishing you a happy June!

    1. Thank you Parul- he has recovered well and fingers crossed that it stays this way now. I am really enjoying getting back into the groove with the mosaic art and have already outlined my next project for it. 🙂

  12. Missed you, dear! Happy to know you are doing well and are working on your fitness. Hope your Dad is better now. My Dad had given me a scare few years back and I know how it feels! Hugs!
    Loving the mosaic artwork! Such talent! 🙂

    1. Hola my dear- I have been thinking of you and was going to ping to check where are you now. So good to hear from you – it was such a lovely feeling to catch up with you. Hugs back darling and stay your perky vivacious self!!

  13. Sp proud of all your improvements on the fitness front, babe! And very glad that dad is on the mend too. How you were able to do the A to Z with all of the hospital visits I will never know. You are one superstar.

    Books and friends always make me smile too. So glad you managed that this month 🙂 Congrats on the book blogger feature. Much deserved too!

    Wishing you a June filled with good health, more books and friend meet ups and of course, more blogging. Hugs.

    1. You are sunshine personified Shy – made me feel so so good with this feedback. Thank you so much!
      I think I needed these two months to sort out a few things in my head and finally have the clarity on a few things that havent been able to resolve so far!
      Touchwood indeed for such lovely friends – I am indeed blessed there. Hugs and much love to you Shy! 🙂

  14. Reading about all these, a blogging break was much deserved and needed. Hope your dad gets better. Have a good trip to Jammu. Never been there.
    That mosaic is very pretty. Didn’t know such crafty workshops are there. Ah, wish i was in Gurgaon.
    Awaiting the book reviews too. Happy June to you….

    1. Hey thanks so much Pratikshya – I love my mosaic classes a lot; grateful have an amazing teacher here for it. I did have a great trip and yes dad is much much better!

  15. Love that Shakespeare quote – sounds perfect as an introduction to your month. I’m so glad there was good mixed in with the challenges, and I’m glad to hear that both you’re doing well and your father is on the mend. Hooray for friends and books and creativity. Your mosaic is fabulous – I can’t help but smile at it. Wishing you a wonderful June!

    1. Thanks so much Deborah – that mosaic is indeed my pride and joy at the moment. I have come to my parents place to drop off my dad and can hardly wait to be back to complete it and start a new one! Glad to hear that quote resonated – i loved it when I happened to read it too and felt it was just perfect.

  16. haha! The run in with cops is hilarious. The mosaic art is so beautifully and hope health wise both you and Dad will improve, Shalz mojo. A gratefulness post filled with blessing 🙂

    1. Thanks so much buddy- these kind words are music to my ears.
      The run in with the cops got funnier when I came to know that while he was asking for 1100 as the fine, it was actually only 100/- Thankfully i had no cash and he wouldnt take card – so he let me off with a challan for 100/- which is what it should be actually!! He was trying to rip me off. Damn Delhi traffic cops…

        1. Yeah a friend sent me the challan fines of the Delhi motor vehicle dept – now I will keep a copy in my car of the same.

  17. So glad to know that your dad is feeling much better, Shalzy. Congrats on having your blog featured on top Two. That’s amazing. Welcome back to blogging with a bang. Missed reading you 🙂

    1. Awww thanks so much Shalini – being missed is feeling so good. I think I should take this breaks often 😉
      Yeah Dad is much better and now I cant wait to get back into my full groove from coming Monday! Cheers girl

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