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Buttery oats with spiced apples [ Breakfast Recipe]

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Oats breakfast recipe by Anamika Nandy Das

I am holidaying in Uttarakhand with a very dear friend who is into organic food and zero waste practices. A has been developing recipes here and I am trying to learn as much from her as possible. She treated me to an amazing breakfast of spiced and buttery oats which was my first time of eating oats in such a way.

Sharing this quick and delicious recipe from her kitchen which btw was made on an induction cook top. I have never cooked on this and have tried to incorporate her heat settings as much as possible.

Recipe butter oats cinnamon nutmeg lemon apples Uttarakhand traveldiaries

| Prep time: 5-7 mts | Cook time :10-12 mts |


2 tbsp butter ( Amul was good here)

8 tbsp steel cut oats ( A used Quaker Oats)

4 tbsp water

4 tbsp jaggery sugar ( A has a lovely one sourced from Chandini Chowk) (you can use regular sugar too, to your taste)

2 tbsp lemon juice (or more to taste)

1 large apple diced into bits ( we used 4 small local ones which had a lot of crunch)

One pinch of Nutmeg powder

1/4 spoon cinnamon powder

A pinch of salt

Recipe butter oats cinnamon nutmeg lemon apples Uttarakhand traveldiaries


In a pan, melt the butter till it froths a bit. Toss the apples till slightly warm. ( 2-3 mts on medium heat)

Sprinkle the sugar and keep tossing lightly on low heat to caramalise the apples in sugar.

Add the oats and stir with a light hand till they coat the apples and then add the water. ( 3-4 mts on medium heat) The water should lessen to half or less as the oats will soak it up.

Sprinkle the spices over this mix and keep lightly stirring. Now sprinkle the salt.

Add the lemon juice and take off the heat and mix.

Portion into a breakfast bowl and enjoy the hot buttery oats coated spiced  and caramelised apples which for me was quite a filling breakfast.


You could substitute apples with pear and cinnamon with thyme. Plums and peaches can’t be combined with basil/oregano.

While using the softer fruits, remove them after caramelising, cook the oats with rest of the stuff and then mix the two.

I hope you really do try out this recipe as it’s quick to make, super easy and delicious like anything. Icing on the cake is the health and nutrition factor. 

Your feedback would be awesome, so don’t be shy to tell me what you thought of this.

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14 thoughts on “Buttery oats with spiced apples [ Breakfast Recipe]

    1. So happy to hear that Swathi. I hope they turn out as wonderful for you too as they were for me. Outdoor be great to hear back from you on this.

  1. Yumm! That’s how it feels like, Shalz! What a combo–so healthy, and tasty too. Will surely try it out some day. I used to eat oats earlier, but then switched over to our Indian breakfast menu. But, I do have oats, on and off, so i can sure try it out.

    1. Thanks Shilpz and trust me it was. I have never eaten oats like this and now can’t wait to try it out when I get back. Do tell me how did it it turn for you and any suggestions to better it.

    1. Ahhh that’s the trouble of single living. I have made a resolution of sorts here to try out such healthy stuff for brekkie once I go back. Fingers crossed that it happens

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