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#Gratitude- Travel Tales: Feasting on a Hill vacation in Uttarakhand Part – 3

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Hey so I am back with my travel tales about the Uttarakhand stay and I promise this is the last of it now πŸ˜‰ This one will feature the food antics and I will share the Insta feed more here.

One of the things A has set herself about to do, is grow her own food, and get into food processing work. This is a pretty popular thing in the hills of Himachal and Uttarakhand as there are plenty of fruit orchards.Β I have already shared the yummy Apple and oats recipe that she cooked up for brekkie on my first day there.

She made me sample all the delish and inventive jams that she has been experimenting in the kitchen with. Have a looksie at my plate where a stuffed parantha is paired with butter and loads of different fresh jams. My favourite is the Plum chutney and you bet she gave me a bottle to get back with me tooΒ ♥

Pasta was something we experimented with a lot and thanks to the fresh rosemary in the garden, it turned out pretty divine. Then we discovered Fiddle head ferns in the veggie market one day and of course we had to pick a bunch to experiment with. In that went into the pasta pot along with some smoked sausages and boy was there a feast exploding inside my mouth. UFFFFFF!!!!!!

Once T came down from his work travels, the fun just tripled as he is a passionate baker (besides an excellent cook) and he treated us both to his delicious creations everyday. Plus he brought back some excellent supplies with him. Check out this fest we pigged out on where he baked some sourdough foccacia bread with oven dried tomatoes (yup he dried them himself). He whizzed up an amazing dip outta black olives and some Olive oil – we were in food heaven for the entire night!

Next day it was a med-fed for us as he baked Pita breads and I made up some falafel and Hummus to go with that. The pickled jalapeno and hill fresh radishes were killer.

Besides these, he baked us fresh pizzas, spanish omelette, crackers, wonton, oven basted chook and what not – if you are wondering about the pics………………….. Well I was in too much of a hurry to eat to click any!!!

And of course Black Rum was our favourite Tipple to savour the cool evenings with; I have my recipe of brewing some garam masala with apples/fruits, and then adding lemon and honey to make a killer hot Toddy.

So as you can see this was indeed a feasting vacation and I came back a few kilos heavier but none the worse for wear ♥

Hope you wont hate me too much for the divine holiday I had or the gastronomical treats I enjoyed there!! Peace Peeps – every dog has their day; you shall have yours!!! πŸ˜‰

Feasting in Uttarakhand with delicious fresh sourdough breads Pita Focaccia Fruit Jams Fiddle head Ferns Pasts Black Rum
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12 thoughts on “#Gratitude- Travel Tales: Feasting on a Hill vacation in Uttarakhand Part – 3

  1. Uttarakhand has been close to my heart. There is a new story about Uttarakhand everyday, let alone just the food. I remember having plucked my share of apples from the Dronagiri hills that remain fresh for 6 months straight. The ‘A’ for apple just took me back to the mountains. Thanks for sharing…

  2. I totally hate you for writing this post and sharing all those pics. Not fair.
    But Oh Em Gee! Can you take me along next time you to go Uttarakhand? So much fun and delight! Beautifully droolworthy gorgeous stuff! πŸ˜€

    1. Oh I would love to take you Parul- it will be fun to travel together πŸ™‚
      This trip was loaded with very yummy food- all made at home and that was the best part!

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