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#MondayMusings: Reflections 2018 & WOTY 2019

This post has been inspired from the wonderful ones I have had the pleasure of reading since the clock chimed 2019. I was quite regular at doing a reflections post for the year and also started on the WOTY (word of the year) posts up till a few year back. Then, I just stopped. I think a few years have just been so awful for me, that a summation is the last thing I wanted to do.

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word of the year 2019 and reflection 2018 - WOTY

Reflections 2018

Anyhoo! Here we are and let me start with seeing how 2018 has been for me. Its been a fairly balanced out year on the whole. I mean sure there were the downs like my dad’s ill-health and my little munchkin went through a scary surgery. But they both recovered and are doing pretty well now. Knock on wood!

My health has been improving, thanks to the alternate medicine treatment I have been following religiously. Joining the gym for yoga sessions and been very regular at it. I completed 75 workout sessions in nine months, which given my health turns; is a huge blessing! ( Okay could have let go of some laziness too but then I went for walks too 😉 )

Had some great travel trips to Uttarakhand, Amritsar and Mumbai. Connected with nature, the almighty and tonnes of friends and family. Also did plenty of reading, sight-seeing, eating yummy foods and shopping to my heart’s content.

I joined a course on Ayurveda to further my interest in it. Have given exams and now lets see what happens in 2019.

My biggest take away from 2018 have been connections, good health and being happy.

WOTY 2019

So while deciding on my word of the year for 2019, I focused on what I am lacking so far in my previous years. I mean what has been stopping me from achieving what ever I have been dreaming about? I realised I havent been giving ample wings for my dreams to take off.

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” 
― Friedrich Nietzsche

So for this year my WOTY is going to be PURPOSE! The dictionary meaning of PURPOSE that I am choosing to focus on is – a person’s sense of resolve or determination.

I need to prioritize my goals/plans and then purposefully set them into motion. Just planning is not enough and thats what has been seriously lacking in everything that I have been doing since past few years. I hope this will also kick procrastination in the butt – thats one devil that I just cant get rid of. Any suggestions on that?

I have taken up quite a few projects in the second half of 2018 and not even made a dent in anyone of them. This really needs to get going. Plus my fitness regime has dipped in effort – I need to get this  back on track ASAP. Why oh why do I get so distracted and down and out so quickly these days?

I have downloaded a few planners, checking out bullet journals, vision board and other such stuff to get my mojo back.

Maybe making a buddy pact for fitness or reading or some of the other project is what I need to inject action into my goals – what do you think peeps?

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15 thoughts on “#MondayMusings: Reflections 2018 & WOTY 2019

    1. Thanks Sanch!! I am thrilled to bits with your offer to be my fitbit buddy! Yes accountability is whats missing put I was never the task put awayer and this procrastination is really troubling now!

      Please please push me to get back to my fitness regime!!

  1. Purpose is a wonderful word both for the year and life in general 🙂

    As for tips to kick procrastination, the ONE thing that works for me is putting it down in writing every day and working on a task for a minimum of 10 minutes a day. No compromises. Plus, only take on what you are sure you will complete. Else it’s just a stepping stone to overwhelm.

    Additionally, look at your day to see where you tend to spend time wastefully. No judgment, by the way. We all do it 😉 Then cut back on it bit by bit, in small doses, until you see the difference it makes.

    *My latest on the blog speaks about how to avoid time wasters if you’re interested. Somewhat similar to battling procrastination, so check it out when you get time. 🙂

    1. Thanks Shy!! You are something else with your goal setting and working on it. I seem to have lost some of my organizational mojo somewhere – really regrouping my energies and trying to work out the why of it all!!

      Thanks for the post suggestion – will definitely read it up as they have been quite illuminating so far to me!

  2. You definitely sound purposeful with your new post! I’m sure you’ll achieve all your goals with this new purpose in life – to be more focused. Am intrigued with your Ayurveda … will it enable you to treat others too ? Or are you doing this merely out of interest.
    Wishing you a happy 2019!

    1. Thanks Sunita!!

      Ayureveda was initially taken up as a learning to help cure others too but the way the course was done, left me in great doubts of getting there. I am re-aligning my learning and hope to get there. But as of now its only to further my interest in it and benefit in general from its fundamentals by applying in my life via fitness / nutrition/sleep, etc.

  3. A fantastic WOTY and one I am sure you will ace, Shalz, and come out on top! Also I feel having a accountability buddy helps a lot. I’d be happy to buddy up on the fitness goals, since I need some accountability in that area of my life too.

    1. Thanks Shantala- I know accountability is the key! Please be my buddy- thank you for offering! Let me know what you have in mind for this!

  4. Purpose is a fantastic word. I am so happy that healthwise you are doing so much better. Yoga sounds terrific. Anything that you can do regularly sounds wonderful. Wish you a fab 2019, my dear!

    1. Thanks so much Rachna – doing it regularly is the key! Thats where I am struggling so far!

      Happy 2019 to you too my dear!! 🙂

  5. Purpose!! That’s a fabulous word. May it guide you in everything you do, all year through, Shalini.
    Glad that you had great connections and good health in 2018. Wishing you great times in 2019 as you ace all your goals. And all the very best for your Ayurveda exams. That’s such an interesting subject that you have picked up.

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