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|| #Gratitutde | March Musings

End of March which btw is my birthday month and turned out to be quite a social do. Not complaining – it was the perfect month by far in the year for me yet. So here are my musings from March in yet another Gratitude post. Hope you have been enjoying reading these so far.

I am loving the spring gaiety all around me as Hollyhocks, poppies, daisies and other such blooms are creating a splash on sidewalks and gardens alike. Not to mention the pretty green leaves budding on the bare trees, the sunshine makes them look so ethereal.

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march musings hollyhocks flowers spring gratitude blessings thankfulness

♥ Birthday Bounties ♥

Let me begin with the birthday musings which begins with receiving unexpected couriers. I love book mail – don’t you? Sanch sent me a goodie box of treasures, including the Michelle Obama book that I had been meaning to pick up. Anshu sent me Ikigai – another book that’s been high on my list – Yay!!!!

cake birthday love mexican meal flowers

I had a fabulous lunch outing at Cafe Getafix with some amazing mexican food and then packed the desert platter to enjoy with R and her munchikins. Came home to a gorgeous cake and flowers while a close friend dropped in with her fam to help me celebrate the day. I have one of the best brothers anyone could have – he is the one who arranged for the surprise.

And then there were the umpteen number of calls and messages that left me feeling so loved and special. I still have to get back to a few of them as I missed speaking to them. Plus my parents were over for it was time for Dad’s checkup – everything is fine!! Phew! best news ever.

♥ When friends came visiting ♥

March saw close buddies dropping in from as far as US and as near as Kashmir; some connections are made forever. Had a whale of a time chatting and catching up on each others life over some really good food. 32nd Milestone in Gurgaon has become a hot spot of sorts with me for now. Enjoyed lip smacking Bihari cuisine one weekend and Carnatic food the other.

 hollyhocks flowers spring gratitude blessings thankfulness

♥ Music in the park ♥

Gurgaon Utsav is an annual fest organised by an organisation of the same name in coalition with the MCG and a few corporates. Its held in the amphitheater in the Aravali Bio diversity park and just that spot is a visual treat in itself. Combine that with the music and the awesome seating arrangements, it’s a win win situation all around. Every year there is an eclectic mix of musicians hosted over the weekend and this is the second time that I could make it on all three days of the festival.

gurgaon utsav musicians in the park Aravali bio diversity park

♥ Currently reading ♥

Two books came as birthday gifts while the third one is a book I have been long meaning to read. And yes, I have been indulging in some decadent meals at times to enjoy the book.

books wine pizza

♥ Blog News ♥

To be honest, I had taken a very conscious break from writing in last two months as somehow the mojo was not there anymore. I am even mulling shutting down the blog as perhaps this no longer gets me going. Same applies to all my social media handles. Perhaps I should just head off to the mountains for a bit and luxuriate in the fresh air to clear my head some.

Thats the reason why I refrained from my favourite blogging challenge – AtoZ this year. Wishing all the best to my blogging family for it and hope to be back into it next year,

♥ Health & Fitness ♥

Touch wood and knock on wood and all that jazz for this has been doing great. I am happier and healthier than I have been in a while and that has helped my sanity levels a lot. Been going for morning walks on and off. Switched to earlier hour as its become quite warm now. Trying to get into the habit of eating oats and searching for good recipes to do so. I hate milk so that’s the challenge there.

Well that’s it from me folks – yup this month its a short and breezy post. Do drop me links for your gratitude posts in the comment section – would love to catch up on your action too.

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11 thoughts on “|| #Gratitutde | March Musings

  1. So that’s where you were hibernating! Don’t blame you for the kind of ennui that sets in after hectic blogging . Enjoy April and hope your mojo comes back … I enjoy your blogs and the gorgeous photos to match !

    1. Thank you so much for these kind words – my true blue blogging friends are all the love and support I need to not quit!!

      Yes I think the mojo is creeping back little by little these days!! 🙂

  2. Birthday months are usually the best! I’m glad you had a fabulous birthday month with lots of celebrations and good times! Good to hear your dad is doing well. It saddens me you’re thinking of shutting down the blog – I do enjoy reading your posts. Don’t push yourself to write heaps but don’t shut it down – write when you feel like it without the pressures of promotion etc. I find that’s when you get the most joy and also, you connect with the people who truly want connection and engagement as opposed to link backs etc. Always here if you want to chat about it! Hope April is a fabulous month too!

    1. Thanks Sanch! I am just so tired of writing these days. Thats why taken a break. Not writing for numbers or commercial stuff. I am way past that – just cant seem to energise myself to pen down anything.

      Guess its a phase. Thank you for the kind words- really heartening to hear the love and support! Hugs my dear girl XOXO

  3. Belated happy birthday Shalini. Glad to see your month happy and lot of celebration.

    Btw, Do not shut down blog. I am not matured blogger to advise you but I believe to write for me when I feel and I can. It gives me happiness. Internal happiness is more important.

    1. Thanks so much Shilpa for your wishes 🙂

      And thank you so much for being one of my fans- I am completely bowled over by the love peeps have shown for my writing. So not shutting down but generally just slowing things down for a bit!

  4. Glad to know you had a happy birthday month. This is how birthday months should be. Love all your pictures. They show happiness and are all so lively.
    Don’t shut down your blog. Write when ever you want. Do it when you want to and not because of any compulsion. I like reading your posts.

    1. THANK YOU – what a lovely boost to my writing ego Parul!!! Love you tonnes for it!! I am sticking with the blog for the moment as my holiday and so many appreciative comments have put wind beneath my wings 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Ramya. Doing just that. Have headed to the hills for a brief vacation. Ad to know my writing has fans

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