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#Gratitude – The Secret Ingredient is YOU

“There is no secret ingredient. Its just you”. – Kung Fu Panda

Remember this phrase from Kung Fu Panda when Poh gets his hands on the dragon scroll and is eager to find the secret? The scroll is blank or rather its polished surface reflects his face back to him.

I was struggling with some personal issues which set in a sort of a lethargy in the minds and the limbs. I was pretty listless in thought and not keen to engage with people at all. Safe to say, I was downright low! And when the mindset is such, one tends to analyze everything in this light.

I was bemoaning the heat and condemning it for ruining my morning walk regime. I was frustrated with the way my balcony plants were wilting and dying, despite watering them regularly. My car, the maids, money, work….. blah, blah, blah!

Now you must be wondering whether this is a ranting post, disguised as a gratitude one?

Can one be grateful without considering the rants in life?

I think not as its that contrast between the two that lets us acknowledge our blessings. And its this that let me struggle out of my heat induced torpor to spare a thought for those who are truly experiencing the brunt of this summer heat. I have a gorgeous roof over my head with enough appliances and electricity to keep me safe from the heat.

“Sharing is caring”

Keeping this adage in mind, I set out 3 terracotta bowls intermittently in the lane parallel to my house to fill up with water for the stray animals. I also started taking some biscuits and a bowl of water for a pair of very affectionate doggies near my gym. They rush up to greet me everyday with tails wagging full speed. I love the love that emanates from them and it brightens up my day to the core ♥

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♥ Social Front ♥

The Universe sent some much needed love to me via two warm souls who reached out and let me know everything is going to be alright. One of them is a fellow Reiki practitioner and decided that we need to sit together and practice our healing. Just setting up the house for that together session was good enough to cock a snook at my lethargy. The healing time was brilliant and I am looking forward to doing more of them with her.

Its no secret that true friends are the only ones who know us well enough to lift us up when we need it.

♥ Health & Fitness ♥

I joined back my Yoga sessions at CULT and am so grateful that there is a centre so close to my house. The trainers are just perfect and the sessions brilliant to suit my fitness state. All I had to do is take the step from morning walk to Yoga classes πŸ™‚

My healer astounded me this month with some insights into my life events which have led to some of my current health issues. I could only gape at him in wonder and thank the Universe for directing me to him. His remedies have been super duper for me and I am just happy to have connected with him.

♥ Bookish notes ♥

Despite the number of book challenges that I have signed up this year, my TBR hasnt been exciting me since past 2 months. So I decided to re-read a 15 book series called The Wheel Of Time by Robert Jordan. If you are a fan of Tolkien and fantasy, then this one is a must read for you. I was quite happy to tuck into this absorbing read and am finally done with it.

♥ Green efforts ♥

5th June is celebrated as the World Environment day and I joined in a plogging group to clean up the pahadi. Some 10-12 of us got together to pick up the trash which was then carted away by local municipal carts. Not much of an effort as the garbage out there was huge but I am hopeful of this start.

You can read my angst over it here

june gratitude

I am trying to influence people in my colony to take up home composting and hopefully will succeed in converting one person at least.

One member of the ZW group connected with me to understand how to make Bio Enzyme – I was super chuffed. Gave her some of the starter, filtered BE and hope she will soon have a huge batch of her own.

I finally got some early morning time out to take a walk on one of the section of the Wazirabad Bund. Its a massive eco-restoration effort of some local and citizen bodies to convert a green walkaway on a dirty water drain. I was blown away by the thoughtfulness given to pedestrians and cyclists alike. Bonus was the dozens of varieties of birds that flitted about in the gorgeous trees planted there. This Bund is one of the best kept secret about Gurgaon and a must visit by all.

june gratitude

♥ From My Kitchen ♥

Despite the heat or maybe because of it, I have been treating myself to some soothing meals like coconut rice, curd rice, pasta with sun dried tomatoes (done at home by me), sabudana khichdi and even a plateful of halwa puri with choley *patting myself on the back*Β 

My secret ingredient to cook up these meals is love for myself!!

june gratitude

♥Β Blogging news ♥

The lethargy took over the writing bit too and I only posted one post in the entire month of June – aaargh! Yup I am feeling guilty about it but since the heart is not into it, there is no point in writing. Hopefully I will be more recharged in July to pen down some worthy ones for my readers to enjoy.

Despite that the silver lining this month for my blog was this ⇓

june gratitude

Well that seems to be all from my June for this month’s gratitude post and linking it with Vidya’s Gratitude circle.


In case you are interested, you may find my last month’s gratitude post here

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18 thoughts on “#Gratitude – The Secret Ingredient is YOU

  1. I went through a similar phase in June as you. I couldn’t find a better word for my state so I took shelter in the word ‘procrastination’ which now I realise didn’t aptly describe what I was going through. You have expressed it more clearly – ‘lethargy in the mind and limbs & listless thoughts’. There were times I sat down with my diary and pencil and either nothing came out or what came out did not make any sense to me.
    I have heard the heat is unbearable there and it is hard to feel grateful about it and in the midst of it. You have been kind to consider the stray animals. You must be a truly happy sight for them. Ooh the halwa puri sounds and looks pretty tempting to me. I want to have it now (par banana padega and I can’t make nice puris). Okay, the halwa will have to do today evening πŸ™‚

    Congratulations for the listing in the Indian Top Blogs List. Kudos to you for keeping on with your efforts of converting your fellow residents to pursue home composting. I feel it is a hard task to get the people in the north to do such a thing while it may be easier to talk it out with the people in Bangalore. Strange, it is.

    1. I think both are inter-related Anu. One leads to the other, though I know not which comes first!! Hope you made the Halwa and dug into with loads of relish. I am planning to make some today as this has made me crave it πŸ™‚

      The listing felt good- like an affirmation that things are still right in my blogging world for me.

      I think ppl in the North are more consumerist in nature and prefer to take everything out of a packet- very true of Gurgaon. In the South, ppl are more conservative in expending resources and still do a lot of home drying of stuff, preparing for winters and stuff like that. I think they are more rooted towards nature perhaps and thats why the composting bit is easier to spread there- I too discovered it when I was in Bangalore courtesy Daily Dump. I took it up after moving back to Gurgaon from Bangalore and even then it took me a while as I couldnt get the containers easily.

  2. Ah Shalz, I feel you darling! <3

    The lethargy and overwhelmedness does take a toll on us, but it always okay to step back, calm down and take some time out! I was going through the same phase last month and had to slow down!

    Your cooking efforts looks so delicious! So glad it helps you and it sure is a gift to yourself.

    Stray animals need all the love that they can get. We have already befriended the dogs around our new place and they love us as much as we love them!

    So happy to see your blog too on the Indian Top Blogs list! Yay to us.

    Lots of love and hugs coming your way from Bangalore! Do reach out anytime you feel like talking.

    1. Thank you my darling for those lovely words Somz. As always your warmth and connect cheers me up to no end. Hope the new house has begun to take shape and now feels like the place you need to be in. Cheers

  3. You sure have been busy. Glad you are getting back to your yoga routine. Your pictures from the kitchen looks absolutely droolworthy. ohh all that delicious foood!!! Kudos to you and your group for cleaning up trash. You guys are true citizens of India. So good to hear about eco-restoration.

    1. Thanks so much Raji – great to see you back in the blogging docks. Hope baby Damien is doing well and keeping mommy light on her feet πŸ˜‰

      I love my kitchen effort s too – keeps me sated with the yummy in my tummy πŸ™‚

  4. Glad you stepped out of your lethargy. It’s a fantastic idea to re-read a good series when you don’t find anything that holds your interest. I just remember to try it to snap out of a reading block.
    Interestingly I also did just one post in June, that too right at the end of it. But then I had shifting on my mind so that’s an excuse of sorts.
    I love how much good work you’re doing. Feeding dogs and your work for the environment is creditable. Also, it leaves one with a happy feeling so it’s a win win. Hoping to see more of you this month.

    1. Congrats on the home move Tulika- looking forward to seeing some pics especially of the bookshelf!! πŸ™‚

      The reading block is gone for now and yes I am glad I did this too – it felt fantastic to do so! I am hoping to be more regular on the blogging front in this month too! Cheers

  5. Glad to know that you are encouraging people in your colony to compost their wet waste. It is a noble effort. I am also glad that you took part in cleaning the pahadi on environment day. These things are need of the hour and am so proud of you for doing this. You always read books that intrigue me and most books that you review gets added to my TBR. Have a great July.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Balaka – my book choices are a bit weird πŸ™‚ So thank you for appreciating them.

      The green drives are my personal causes now – I hope to influence as many people as I can to take up the cudgels on behalf of Mother Nature as I can. My heart really bleeds to see all the garbage lying in every nook and cranny of the city.

  6. Oh I hear you, Shalz! I felt tired all the time, blame it on my thyroid and hormones. I’m making conscious efforts to stay energetic these days. I try to do things I love, may be read a book or make something. Sometimes, it is as simple as getting out of bed and taking a walk in the lawn with Muffy. Every little bit helps πŸ™‚
    And you did amazingly good. Feeding the strays is the most noble thing to do. Yay to the green drive!

    1. Oh dear you too?? ?? I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering from Thyroid too – please take loads of good care of you! Its a very draining off disease and silent too. Love to the munchikin and yes do what ever is motivating you to feel good about yourself.

  7. You know, Shalini – ranting is okay. We need to share how we feel and that could be in words or in ink. I am glad you were able to pull yourself through that phase.
    Yoga at Cult is good. In Bangalore, they have also got something called Dance for Joy and it is a good cardio. Not as intense but still good.
    Your cooking attempts are amazing. And sun dried tomato at home? Aiyoo!! Too good you are. If I come to Gurgaon, then I want a home cooked meal πŸ˜› No pressure!
    Congrats on being on that list. Well deserved.
    What we give comes back to us. All your love to others I know keeps coming back to you. In form of friends. So I wish you a fabulous July and many more months ahead.
    Take care and hugs!

    1. Thanks Parul – yeah the ranting!!!! πŸ™‚

      I have been waiting for the Dance for joy workshops at Cult which I believe will now start in August in Gurgaon – YAY!!!!!

      Sun dried tomatoes are really easy to make and as for a home cooked meal when you are here; I hope you stay with me for a day or more and we gossip over food and other things for hours to an end – let me know whenever you are here. I would love to host you.

      Hugs and love to you too!!!

  8. I admire you so much for all the good you get involved in, Shalini. I go through the doldrums from time to time as well–Project WHY keeps me going at such times. Huge hugs.

    1. Thanks so much Damyanti but you are giving me overt credit – its such a small bit that I contribute to. I am just grateful the Universe allows me to do this much – we are instruments of the divine and he decides and gets things done via us. Happy to connect with you as you are one such positive soul – hugs my dear friend. πŸ™‚

  9. I’m catching up on all my blog reading slowly! Firstly, sorry the heat has been annoying. While I love summer, I do not like Indian summers so I empathise. I’m over the cold here though. Great going on the environmental front and the yoga! Glad you have had good social support over this time. Hope July has been good to you so far πŸ™‚

    1. Hey there Sanch- tell me about slow reading. I have been slow in writing too. Guess its okay and am enjoying the break so far. The rains are here so some relief from the dry heat and yes the social support in the environment thing is a great great bonus of living where I am. Very grateful to that indeed.

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