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#MondayMusings – My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist!

I consider myself a huge Shah Rukh Khan and I don’t mind admitting I have pretty torrid fantasies involving him (and me of course). I first fell in love with SRK at age 14 when I happened to watch the second episode of tele-series Fauji. Ever since that day I have watched pretty much everything with him in it.

I sometimes think that the reason why I couldn’t find boys my age attractive is because of this fixation with Shah Rukh Khan at such an early age. I could never get into any boy from school or college days as they fell way below standard ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dont believe me, then read my fan letter to Shah Rukh Khan here

Now you must be wondering why am I boring you with my obsession with Shah Rukh Khan and that too on a Monday Musing post?

I have been very upset at the constant stream of divisive politics and the subsequent hate crimes being reported from all over the country. The Hindu-Muslim divide has never been this huge in our country than in the present political climate. And its sickening and absurd to stomach daily.

As I was penning down a post on my thoughts on this malady, I was reminded of how I have been a witness of this dialogue in my circle of friends and family. And you know what prompted the ire at me, twice? Yup you guessed it right – Shah Rukh Khan!!!

Intrigued? Pin it for later!

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About 15 years back, I was chilling out at my older sister’s place. Her brother and his family were down from Dubai for a India vacay. One afternoon, my 14-15 year old niece, Bhabhi and me were gossiping away when my niece happened to mention the name of a class fellow. Bhabhi verbally pounced on her as the boy’s name indicated he was Muslim. She was outraged that the niece is friendly with him and proceeded to tell her how we must avoid/hate Muslims.

I was shocked and rounded on her for brainwashing a teenager with hateful thoughts. This wasn’t right and since the child has parents, they can probably guide her on this. But Bhabhi’s sermon was unwarranted and very out of place. I was gobsmacked to know this intelligent and vivacious woman (I used to really look up to her till that day) is such a bigot.

She justified her stance with her experience of living in the middle east and witnessing first hand how the Muslims treat women. I asked her why is she living in such a country that disgusts her so much? Why does she party with such people if their way of segregating men and women at such occasion galls her?

She answered like a typical hypocrite – “my husband works for these people and we are there only to earn money. Its my place to socialize with his bosses and other work people.”

Wow!! I was stunned to hear this. At the same time I told herย  that if I could, I would marry Shah Rukh Khan as I love him.

She recoiled and said that if I ever married a Muslim, she would kill me!!!!

Needless to tell you, the atmosphere in the room turned very hostile and uncomfortable. My sister intervened and that was the end of that. But to date, I remember this conversation and have never been able to respect this SIL of mine; nor I ever will!

Couple of years back, I was in Bangalore visiting my sister. One night we went to one of her hubby’s cousin’s place who hosted the dinner to welcome me to Bangalore. I was in no mood to socialize with her in-laws but since the invite was put in this way, refusing was very rude.

When we got there, both the gentlemen became engrossed in their conversations about Modi and Gujrat, etc. The lady of the house was chit chatting with me and asked me if I have seen Raees – the latest SRK movie. My sister piped in that she has a partner in crime, as I am an avid fan – just like her. So ofcourse both of us began to gush about his dimple, eyes and ……………..

Suddenly my BIL rounded on me asking me why was I in love with a Pakistani?


Initially I thought he was kidding and made light of his statement. But then the host also joined in and both of them proceeded to have the most ludicrous conversation with me. Their logic about him being a “traitor” was so so funny that I was laughing at them. That of course infuriated them further.

Seeing both the wives in a state of utter shock and fear made me realize that these men were serious and really really hated Shah Rukh Khan.

I cant tell you how sickening this evening was for me and how terrible I felt at being treated so by my own brother in law. Whatever his thought process, he was downright rude and offensive to me – something uncalled for as I was a guest. Dont even get me started on how vitriolic his cousin was. They called me unpatriotic as I refused to say I hate Pakistan.

Needless to say, I have a very strained relationship with my BIL and tread on egg shells around him. BTW his justification of his hate of Muslims is that he is an army officer’s son and all Indian army people hate Muslims and Pakis alike.

I wonder what the Muslim officers in Indian army go through if this is indeed true!

Oh and get this – their ire was only for SRK and the other Khans in the industry were patriots. Their logic was so hare brained that I am not going to get into it here.

*In case you didn’t know, I am from J of Jammu & Kashmir and have first hand experience of the tension due to militancy in the state. No one should think of lecturing me on evils of Pakistan. I have grown up with Muslim friends and to this day visit their homes where I am welcomed and loved. For me Muslim is never equal to Pakistani. I have always maintained my disgust at religious interpretation in our country. I don’t follow any religion neither do I hate any. For me humanity is the biggest religion of all as intended by the Divine.*

This intolerance for Islam is not limited to just my family members but friend circle too. I was with some friends at a get-together in Gurgaon and two of the ladies are self professed RWingers. One of them started talking about how its all very well to be friends with Muslims but she drew a line at getting married to one. Others also chimed in with similar thoughts.

When I mentioned I am uncomfortable with this conversation, owing to my thought process, the topic was dropped in my presence. I was glad of that but since that day the way I look at those friends has changed.

Being from J&k, this dialogue has been there right through my growing years. I have admonished my parents for bringing something like this in my presence. Some of my closest childhood friends are also not averse to being a party in this debate.

I have often asked them to be true and not hypocrites. If they feel so strongly about this, then why employ Muslims as workers? Why do business with Muslim vendors? Why not just boycott them totally in support of their beliefs?

I have asked them to ensure that if they ever are lying bleeding on the road, first check if the person helping them is a Muslim or not. Same for a blood transfusion to save their life. Under no circumstance should they take the help of a Muslim.

I am called overtly sensitive and hot headed by them all, as a response to this. This dialogue is muted now in my presence as I do react to it. I am intolerant of people with Islamophobia and would be grateful for such individuals to break off relations with me please. Take this post as an appeal for my sanity and just get as far away from me as possible. Doesn’t matter what our relation is or how long we have known each other.

I will not tolerate hypocricy, what-aboutery, bigotry and religious hatred in my life from anyone.

If this world would do away with religion, our politics would get cleaned up in a heartbeat.The world would be such a better place without all the religious shit that’s shoved down our throats daily.

I love Shah Rukh Khan to this day and would marry him in a jiffy. He only has to ask ๐Ÿ˜‰

Okay I know this is a pretty hot headed post.. You have every right to stop being my friend and family, if you are offended by what I wrote.

But if you feel the way I do, please do share your thoughts on this post with me. I would love to know how many like minded peeps I am friends with ๐Ÿ™‚

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16 thoughts on “#MondayMusings – My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist!

  1. I think you well know how I feel both on SRK as well as this whole Hindu Muslim thing. And I can never ever understand this hatred towards Muslims or even Pakistanis for that matter. As a state Pakistan might be playing foul with us but that shouldn’t engender hate for every Pakistani.
    Also, it’s the height of hypocrisy to blame a country you live in, where you’ve gone by choice, for your bigoted views. If anything, it should make you more tolerant. Oh this is a raw spot for me Shalz and I can go on and on. I’ve started removing myself from company where the conversation takes a turn like this.
    Best to concentrate on SRK and forget about all such rubbish :-).

    1. Exactly Tulika. How can all the people be blamed for the politics of a few? Indians have been marrying into Pakistanis families for generations. If such hate propaganda exists then why not ban this? Why not ban all diplomatic ties with Pakistan? No more cricket matches or cultural events with them.

      When it suits them, these so called bigots make money out of such situations and otherwise spew hate. Aaaaargh!!!

      Yup its a raw spot alright and I am happy to have you in my corner.

      Isnt his dimple the most endearing thing ever? I know you agree with me ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I have been observing this Hindu-Muslim divide as an outsider – I must confess it’s pretty appalling. What’s happening in India towards Muslims is similar to what Trump is doing to migrants as well as what’s happening here by right-wing parties. I haven’t commented on the India issue because I’m not completely knowledgeable but I do remember I lived in India when Modi was CM of Gujarat and there was a lot of questionable activities that he allegedly endorsed against Muslims. I’ve known people like your BILs and SIL when I lived in India. I knew people who claimed it was okay to be friendly with Muslims but dating/marrying one was akin to being thrown out of your family. I lived in Oman for 5 years – most of my close friends back then were Muslim. Every religion/community has its idiots and extremists and idiots; we can’t taint the entire community with that. It’s a great post Shalz and your angst comes through. I’m with you in not tolerating any kind of bigotry. Yes we might all dislike individual people for whatever reason but race and religion shouldn’t be part of that

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Sanch – I am fuming to my core over these so called liberals and intelligent peeps that I am surrounded with. I cant tell you how badly affected I was by my BIL’s treatment to me as it continued over the next day too. I was staying with them and my sister just begged me to keep quiet and ignore as she doesnt want a fight in the house. I was suffocated staying there and then on my visits to my sister are limited as I dont want to engage with him at all. This is my real sibling – sigh!!!

      I marvel at the people who voice such statements – what is the level of their education? And they are such hyocrites to boot as when it suits them they will lick ass of a Muslim person because it suits them.

      I have become such a misfit in this world of bigots and have withdrawn from so many people I used to know as I find it very difficult to respect them.

      I know every community has idiots but mine seem to be winning the race in that number ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I can understand why you are mad . I too hate this divisive politics because frankly the politicians donโ€™t have anyoneโ€™s interest at heart but their own. I have always had Muslim friends who werenโ€™t my friends because they were Muslim: they are my friends because they are wonderful people .
    I think Shah Rukh is cute and have seen most of his movies .

    1. Yes Sunita same here for the friendship. I find it so weird when people will go all the way to Jana Masjid to have Biryani at Kareem but then be like this too. Such bloody hypocrites I tell you.

      Thank you for supporting My thoughts.

      Yes STL is the ultimate cutie in my book โค

  4. Shalz, with you. I always support humanity and no religion. To look at someone with suspicion just because they pray differently is not logical. I also believe a lot of hype is media created. Just think of newspaper headlines. If just the religion of perpetrators is not mentioned, lot of issues can resolved. I have lived through Mumbai riots of 1992 and I think the muslims were just as shocked as us.

    1. How I agree with you too Lata. Thanks for re affirming my faith in like minded people. It’s frustrating to see educated and liberal minded people indulge in this shit.

      I can’t imagine what you must have experienced in Bombay riots. For me that was something viewed through a movie.

  5. Stand in line woman, SRK is mine first ๐Ÿ˜›

    I love the man and have never given a thought to the fact that he’s a Muslim so far. I like people for what they are not for what religion or country they belong to. We Indians need to stop talking about the Hindu-Muslim shit! We’ve had enough.

    Working in Dubai and talking bad about them is really a high level of hypocrisy. I hope you told them that.

    1. Ah all of us are in line Somz – how I dream and drool over this man. Its been 30 years of love worship and doesnt dim, no matter what kind of films he does or what people say about him. He is just unbelievably hot and awesome. Okay okay I am getting in the line now ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Yes I did tell the lady off and so we have a very “cooled” down relationship as a result. I think she might have even forgotten about it all but Its pretty fresh in my mind and I do hold onto my grudges……………. This one is tough to let go!!

  6. I read this last night, Shalini and my comment got lost. However, I just had to come back here to tell you how I admire the stand you’ve taken and how courageous you are to blog about this openly.
    I’m appalled at the stuff going around social media. When did the Hinduism I knew and admired become this way? Someone told me last night “It’s all politics”. Crap! It’s no longer just politics. It’s plain bigotry.
    PS: SRK is a favourite!

    1. Oh I am sorry you went through internet glitches. Thanks for making another effort at writing here. Really appreciate this.

      Honestly Corinne, I could never respect Hinduism (doing a post on it for coming monday) and as a child faced the ire of both my parents over it. I have long questioned the various rites and customs that we need to observe to appease god- none of it makes sense to me. Never have I got a satisfactory answer.

      Yes its no longer politics or rather things have degenerated to the worst with this Right Wing ideolgy being preached out of every one;s arses daily!!

    2. This hate for Muslims, one and all, disgusts me. We can hold the present central government responsible for widening this divide. Yes, they have widened it what was always there. Look at that incident from 15 years ago. Those times were not the same as the present. People hated Muslims but in private. It is a shame that people have begun to scan every individual through the prism of Hindu-Muslim and are ready to despise and chide anyone, even close family members, for not acting by popular bigotry. All those lynchings are not a problem for them because these people think Muslims are getting back for what they did to Hindus for centuries preceding these times. Does this even make sense?

      Oh I can go and on on this topic. I realise I forgot to mention SRK’s name in the heat of my string of thoughts. You can’t just stop loving a person because he is a Muslim or a Christian. I am there with you though I would like to admit I belonged to the Aamir Khan club in school and gave only movie based love to SRK on the lines of ‘issue based support’ as in politics.

      Thank you for speaking out.

      1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me Anu – you have no idea how gratifying it is to know that I have connected with such like minded mature peeps. Yes this hate is dividing us meaninglessly and it will ultimately only profit a few who are the ones flaming the fire.

        Oh I like Aamir too – I think he is the Indian version of Tom Hanks whom I adore a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I don’t think it’s a hot headed post… I feel it’s a very mature take on growing islamophobia. And that army kid hating muslim is downright hogwash. Never heard anything as stupid as that. Take it from another army kid who celebrates Id with muslim and Pakistani friends. Also most Army cantonments would have Mosque along with temple and gurudwara. I can understand maintaining a relationship would be tough when the views clash at this level. Kudos to you for speaking up because it’s hard to be confrontational with people who are friends and relatives. The same kind of hatred is found in Assam as well due to immigration.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Raji- glad to hear our Indian Army is devoid of this nonsense and that gentleman just needs a very hard wake up call for talking such shit. I am fuming over it every time the conversations come back in my head. Educated people with such little common sense or dignity. Aaaargh!!!

      I am surprised to hear Assam shares this too – may we all find peace in our beings and stop being so communal and asinine all the time.

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