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#Gratitude-September brings that winter wali feeling

There has been a slight nip in the air ever since September began this year. Its reminding me of that winter feeling though I know its too early to even think of it yet. Just when I think of putting out the woolens to be sunned, it rains. Yup the weather has been weird this September so far.

Its been a month of collecting harshingar flowers some mornings as they adorn the lawn in front of my apartment. I so love the smell and look of these pretty blooms. I chose them for my ThursdayTreeLove post with Parul for the second posting in September.

♥ Green efforts ♥

My biggest news and achievement in September has been to conduct two workshops in my colony. I practice making Bio enzyme at home and had shared the extra quantity with some residents. Seeing their enthusiasm for it, I decided to teach others how to make it. I got to engage with seven lovely ladies who were also excited to see my compost bin too. I am hoping to hold another workshop in October to continue this trend.


♥ Unexpected treats ♥

A random Facebook post about helping out a NGO who has been looking after some abandoned girls in Gurgaon made me hold a collection for them. I appealed on my colony whats app group and was soon flooded with tonnes of material for them.


Another post caught my eye about someone wanting to gift lehengas to girls of a NGO run school and construction site. It was heartening to see people sending me stuff once again, in a span of a week. I am so humbled by the  generosity around me and am blessed to be able to contribute to it.

♥ Binging on TV ♥

This month saw me very heavily invested in some serious TV viewing after ages. I saw some lovely movies that I recommend for the message of love and acceptance in them. While The Hate You Give deals with the complications faced by African Americans; Loving Simon deals with a boy who is gay and is afraid to own up to the fact. Both movies were an amazing watch for me and I would recommend them to you too.

♥ Blogging news ♥

I managed to write and post consistently in September and have now jotted down some doable goals for this too. Hoping to have a similar record in October too 🙂

art table - colors- coloring book

Good news is that I revived my art table and have started with some adult coloring book activity to push the mind. Please do admire my table.

♥ Health & Fitness ♥

Ah! my Achilles heel is hurting again as I once again failed to get onto the fitness routine. I have accepted the fact that I no longer will use my CULT membership as going to the gym is a huge effort me now. Looking forward to some winter walks in the park to get my lazy ass moving.

Well that is all from my end and I know this post is terribly delayed. Hope your September was gracious and loving. Do share with me the linky to your post please.

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6 thoughts on “#Gratitude-September brings that winter wali feeling

  1. Love your work towards going green and social causes. You are doing great and more power to you. Your art table looks simply cool. I am binge watching movies on Netflix. I recently watched The Silence, Evening Shadows, Article 15, Soni, Do Paise Ki Dhoop, Chaar Aane Ki Baarish, Margarita with a Straw, Badla . Will check out Loving Simon. Hope you get back to your daily walks. have a great October and best wishes of the festive season to you, Shalini ♥

    1. Thanks so much Shilpa-it feels awesome to have a giving community around me. Makes it easier for me to put my efforts into a good cause. Blessed to be supported so! 🙂

      Your netflix list is impressive and I have saved these reccos to check out on my next binge. I hope you do watch Loving Simon- its quite a different take on gay love-loved the protagonist and the way his thinking is captured in the entire movie.

  2. Wow, that’s great to know that you conducted such an awesome workshop. You are doing amazing work with the NGO, Shalini.
    I am hearing about these shows for the first time. Lately I have been watching Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy. That’s great news that you are posting consistently again. That art table is awesome, Shalz. I love that collection of stationery you got there. 😀
    It’s okay that you can’t go to the gym and workout. Walks are good too. I walk inside my home as the temperature was soaring outside during this summer. Planning to get outside as the temperature is coming down now. Take care of yourself, Shalini. Have a blessed October. <3

    1. Thanks so much Vinitha-blogging with the Words Matter prompt has done wonders for my writing consistently somehow. I so look forward to it. Have joined up this month again and cant wait to work on the prompt.

      Fitness is finally coming together with my walking getting some schedule in it and the early mornings are really beautiful here. Hoping to join in with little yoga routine too. Small steps I guess.

      Criminal minds is am altime fav as I love crime thrillers – CSI is another one that I was hooked onto. Check that out if this is something you liked.

      Hope you get your walking routine back on soonest! 🙂

  3. Wow Shalz, that’s a lovely month. I know your feeling about drying clothes. I’m facing the rain options this month and I must say I’m happy to see rains in Chennai finally. After two long years of no rains in our place, to be able to feel the rain feels amazing.

    Such amazing work with the bio enzyme. I am planning to learn about preparation of the same from Kalpana (Kalpavriksha Farms) next month. I’m so happy to know you are doing such amazing work too. Going green is a lot of learning and that’s exactly what excites me and makes me nervous.

    I am glad you have your little community to collect stuff and send it across to those in need. All the best for more such amazing work.

    Last but not the least, I love your art table. And look at those two lovely cups of colors. My eyes are all over your table. This reminds me of a similar table made by my grandfather during my school days. Your table is brilliant and I’m sure it’s comfy for your art ventures.

    Happy October and Diwali.

  4. Thanks Jayanthy I have been hearing about the rains from everywhere. Its going to be a wet Diwali this year for most.

    I am happy to see others switching to BE and getting into sustainable practices. Hope to get more people on this bandwagon . I have heard of Kalpavriksh farms and would love to hear your experience of the workshop

    The art table was a labour of love of 2 years of working on it. I hope to complete one more before the year ends.

    Wishing you a very happy and prosperous October

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