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#Gratitude-Nurturing my world in October

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” – Tyrion Lannister

What the hell has been happening in the world? I have been feeling very low with the political happenings in the country in the recent months. An entire region of India has been silenced and there seems no end in sight there yet. Same was done to a vast forest in Mumbai, even as people protested against it. Diversity and sustenance lost to the axe of political interests. Both cases the government is riding roughshod over the very people who voted them to power. While I pray and protest, it hurts to hope for the best now.

I haven’t been able to do much for Kashmir but I joined a save our forests campaign on social media and have been active in my protests there. While Mumbai battled for Aarey forest, Haryana is fighting for the Aravallis range. The list is endless for the number of forests under threat from our elected political goons. There are days when I excuse myself from the campaign whenever I feel its hopeless. But then I am back and hope to engage with as many people as I can to spread the awareness that #ClimateChangeisReal

The Diwali week saw me put off the morning walks as the AQI levels have been hovering at beyond hazardous due to the pollution. Our world needs a whole load of nurturing but we seem to be in a mood to demolish it beyond repair.

I have spent October in efforts to nurture my world from within and around and glad to see it bearing fruits for me.

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world- dhau-tree-aravali bio diversity park- flowering-fruiting-october - gratitude

♥ Nature walks ♥

My fresh set of resolves in September led me to sign up for some forest walks in the NCR on October weekends. This was my way to connect with the trees around me that I could still see and touch. God knows when the axe will fall on them.

I did one tree walk each in Lodhi Gardens, Sunder nursery and the Aravalli bio diversity park in Gurgaon with some very knowledgeable guides. Their love of the trees and the local fauna was very evident in their anecdotes and I was thrilled to be a part of it. I even tried out tree hugging and trust me, it was indeed pretty therapeutic.


In fact our guide especially showed us trees that people hug and bow to which is keeping with our traditions. They can be seen telling the tree their troubles or simply talking to them. We could see flower offerings at the base of such trees.


Bonus was stumbling onto the earth collective flea market at the Sunder nursery park after the walk. Picked up some of the gorgeous Darima cheese and Pao bakery sourdough bread which I had sampled in Satkhol when I had gone for a holiday there. Bought back lovely memories and the urge to plan a trip again 🙂

♥ Green Efforts ♥

I finally got down to cleaning out the balcony and the pots, largely because now I cant see any lizards. Damn I really hate those creepy things and avoid gardening in summer months. I have managed to sow coriander (dhaniya), fenugreek (methi) and spinach (Palak) and they should be ready for harvest in about 45 days.

Next in line is attempting to grow my own microgreens. Honestly, I have never done it before and am very apprehensive about it. But fingers crossed and lets see what happens! 🙂

♥ Unexpected treats ♥

A had fallen seriously ill and was bought back to Delhi. Thankfully her health is now back to normal and I went to spend a day with her . It was so good to meet with her and we spent the whole day chatting. I loved the treat of a hot chocolate fudge from Nirula and the home made aloo parantha – total pamper day!!

world-school-children-slum-construction site-diwali-lehenga-clothes-distribution

I had been part of a drive to collect old sarees and fabrics for a NGO that was converting them into Diwali clothes for under privileged children. So it was such a joy to be part of the distribution drive at the local government school in the colony. Some of the stuff was also given out at various construction sites in the area.

world-school-children-slum-construction site-diwali-lehenga-clothes-distribution

Isnt it wonderful to see so  much kindness and thoughtfulness in the world? Grateful to be a part of this initiative 🙂

♥ Binging on TV ♥

This month saw me watch some new serials on Hotstar and Amazon Prime. First one was Modern Love which is a collection of some very interesting love stories. There all kind of loves and through all the stories the flaws of human relationships were highlighted in plenty. Except for one, they were all kind of warm and good.

I have started watching Mrs Fletcher which chronicles the life of a single mom after her 18 year old son goes off to college. They both start a new chapter in their lives and its interesting to watch their struggles and triumphs. I especially love the lesbian fixation of Mrs Fletcher- its hilarious and then again very human.

A shout out to Modern Family fans as the new season has started and I am just loving it. Mitch and Cam are the quintessential gay couple without the overt dramatization.

♥ Blogging news ♥

I was able to be fairly consistent with my writing goals in October and am happy to see the blog doing well too. I  might do something surprising in December this year too. Last two years, I had hosted a marathon of Guest posts for the entire month and it did fairly well each time. So thinking of doing something interesting this year too.

♥ Health & Fitness ♥

I hit the jackpot with fitness in October as I finally got into my morning walk stride. I have been doing 4.5-5 Kms in 50 mts and averaging it to thrice a week consistently now. Yessss!!! A huge thank you here to Parul who has been nudging and prodding me in this everyday 🙂 In fact I managed to find several buddies to push me on my fitness regime and I am blessed to have them around me.

I met my healer for the monthly health check up and his delight at the improvement in my reports, had me beaming ear to ear. Its all thanks to his treatment and dedication that I have come so far in my health struggles.

One recco I give to you all and thats to add fresh/raw turmeric in your diet in winters. I make a tea out of it and have shared that on my Instagram several times. It has excellent anti-flammatory properties and will help keep those winter sniffles away.

Well that’s it from my world folks for the month of October. Hoping for fresher and brighter tidings in November!!

Joining up with Vidya for the Gratitude Circle Linky


I wrote this post about ZEN in a glen in a tiny corner of Ladakh while I was enroute to Leh from Srinagar by road. I hope you give it a read and let me know if you liked it 🙂

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19 thoughts on “#Gratitude-Nurturing my world in October

  1. WOW! That’s a lot of good work done! October was not that great a month for me. I am hoping November is the month that does the trick. My fitness levels have fallen drastically! I am interested in that turmeric tea for the Inflammation. I can use any help I can get to reduce the aches and pains.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Jyothi and I have messaged you on twitter for the recipe of the turmeric tea. DO try it and tell me how you found it to be.

      Sorry to hear that October was not that good for you; dont stress over fitness levels. Do as much as you can.

      Heres wishing you a fabulous November ahead and I wanted to say how good its to be connected via the blog. Thank you for dropping by 🙂

  2. It’s sad to think about what we’re doing to our planet. This year, despite a very long monsoon, I noticed that there was not a frog in sight!

    I’ve been enjoying your beautiful pictures on Instagram. We live in an area that though built up has pockets of trees and it’s delightful to see peacock walking around through the day. Nature has such a way of lifting our souls.

    I watched Modern Love at a stretch recently and loved it. Since I do my movie watching on my computer via Amazon, I’m finding it harder to catch good movies/serials.

    I’m glad you are keeping good health. It’s vital to have friends/ family pushing you to stay healthy! Do take care of yourself.

    Hugs and thanks for all you do to make the world a better place, Shalz.

    1. Yes the planet doom is getting larger day by day- a human extinction seems the only solution to save it or perhaps an alien intervention 😉

      Thank you for liking my pics on Instagram-that really makes my day. I totally agree with your thoughts on being uplifted by these gorgeous sights. I am blessed to be in an area where there is a lot of greenary. Thats why perhaps I push and rant so much when I hear trees being cut.

      I used to do the same till I availed of the Tata Sky offer of an Amazon firestick- check it in your area if you are a Tata sky subscriber- my viewing has become such a piece of cake and I Youtube so much too.

      Hugs right back at ya Corinne- I love all the nice things you say about me 🙂

  3. Now that you dared to criticize the happenings of Kashmir and Aarey get ready to get trolled and being called an anti-national, anti-Hindu, blah blah!! We are living in a country where nothing matters, our opinions are of no value to the concerned authority.
    Now let’s talk about Modern Love. I loved the series and am intrigued which one episode you didn’t like. Thanks for letting me know about the new season. will catch it up ASAP.

    1. I know about this trolling and stiff Balaka- what a way to govern the country. When Modi govt started using social media, everyone was agog with their skill at it and all praises for it. But then things got out of hand. True gundaism on social media by the actual goons of Indian politics- they have invented this in India and spread so much hate and terror via it- Karma is a bitch and I hope to see them suffer majorly for it.

      I didnt like the Tina Fey episode where the couple go for counselling and all- it dragged a lot for me. The one with the Doorman was brilliant and is my fav- which is yours?

        1. For me it was also the Dev patel one and then the gay couple with the baby adoption- I think they both were done so well!!!

          1. Not second series of this; modern family new season is on. Its a funny serial with some great characters. If you havent watched it, I recommend it highly

  4. When you start a post with a quote by Tyrion Lannister, rest assured I’d love it! 😀

    Glad to know that you had a very fulfilling October, Shalz. Very close to nature, very holy 🙂

    My October was as chaotic as it could get. Hoping that November will be much slower and better.

    1. Ha Ha- I know right!! He so rules Somz 🙂

      Yup October was good in some ways and brutal in others-hoping for peaceful November and December as I dont want anymore of this horrid news. Or maybe we can just leave it behind in this year. Cant believe its going to be 2020 soon!

      Wishing you a joyful and peaceful November girl XOXO

  5. Hey Shalz! Didn’t know you were unwell. I’ve only got back to the blogosphere this month! But glad to read you are getting better.
    October was a mixed month for me – productive mostly, but did fall down with the flu for a week. Looking forward now to catching up with everyone here…

    1. Hi Chikky- I have been struggling with some health issues for past 2 years but thankfully its all under control now and getting better. Glad to see you back on the blogosphere-you were missed.

      Hope the flu is gone and you are back to your feet-it can be very draining to be ill and not able to do anything. Though at times, its the body’s way of telling you to slow down.

      Hoping to see more of you from now on 🙂

  6. The political climate is getting very alarming, and the worst part is most people seem blissfully (or willingly?) unaware of it.

    Glad to hear your health is improving. All your hard work and dedication to fitness and healing is paying off!

    Hope you have an an even more awesome November!

    1. Thanks Shinjini. I agree about the political climate worsening with each passing day. I think the people need a wake up call to now take off the modi-blinders and get real with their votes.

  7. The world does seem to be going to shit, doesn’t it? We are having raging bushfires here this last week and it’s pretty scary. Climate change is a thing and none of the politicians want to seem to believe it. It’s so frustrating. I think you’re doing an amazing job. Well done on the fitness front and for keeping me motivated too! 🙂 Hope November is a good month for you

    1. Yup it sure seems that ways Sanch-I was reading about the bush fires and the casualties from it.My heart goes out to the poor animals who not only got burnt, scared and hurt but displaced from their habitat which is now burnt out. I wonder if anyone thinks of the trauma these mute creatures face in such a scenario. I have been trying to avoid seeing the pics but someone or other on my TL posts them.

      I am one of those who is praying for human extinction-we dont deserve this planet at all. The politicians and their ilk are just getting out of hand everywhere in the world over the climate issue. Why such a blatant disregard, is beyond me. Do they think they are indestructible? Or will all this money save them?

      I think the credit for the fitness motivation goes out to Parul- she is the one who has really taken charge to motivate all of us. I am happy that she kicked my butt into action 😉

      Thanks for dropping by Sanchie-wishing you a blessed November 🙂

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