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#Gratitude-Its the life in your years that count! December 2019

β€œ In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln

2019 is over without any major bangs in my life though the world at large seemed to have a lot of it. India struggled with the protests for saving forests, clean air and now the citizenship amendment bill. I am grateful to the people that stand up to protect the rights of all. I hope we continue to battle out such issues with grace and dignity in 2020 too.

Looking back at December that was, I can very happily say that it was full of joys and surprises for me. Its been ages since I finished off a year on a positive note. I had visitors from everywhere, get togethers, gifts and great effort on my fitness front. Blogging gave me immense joy this month as did the #DecBookLove on Instagram that I co-hosted with Soumya.

books-bookstagram-instagram - dec book love - count

There were about 20 odd people who participated in this month long book sharing prompt based challenge. Every morning waking up to the new postings and making one of my own, was such a highlight of my day. Grateful to each and everyone who joined in and made this such a success. My instagram page looks so so sexy these days πŸ˜‰

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gratitude-new year-meetups-count-gifts-january 2020

♥Β Blogging news ♥

I managed to write 65 posts in total in 2019 and this is when I didn’t blog for 2-3 months in the year. And so it was amazing to note the following stats when they popped up on my time line. This was indeed the best way to finish off the year for my blog.

blog stats- count

I am going to re-vamp my blog in the next few months and some changes have already been implemented. I wonder if you have noticed them? Any feedback? πŸ™‚

♥ Unexpected treats ♥

count-sisters-soul sisters-connects-friends-family-get together-lunch-winters-delhi-gurgaon

My social front was a huge bubbling cauldron of love as I had loads of visitor this month. First up was meeting with Vinitha-a blogger from Phoenix/Kerala with whom I has only interacted online. She made out the time to see me on her super hectic trip to Delhi and I am so grateful to her for that. IΒ  met not just her but her kids and hubby too. I cant express my thanks to the Universe for such blissful connects.

Next up with a meeting with A from Uttarakhand- yes my hill-y billy friend!! This one is a rare special connect of minds and hearts; we are convinced we were separated at birth πŸ˜‰ We spent a lazy winter afternoon at our fav haunt in Gurgaon – Pinxto where we gorged on some Hot toddy. Polished off our scrumptious meal with a sinful plate of churros.

food-gourmet-lunch-beginnings-pasta-hot toddy-churros-gurgaon

Next on the count is the sister meetup we ended up having as my sis was visiting form Mumbai. So a family lunch happened and it was so glorious to just gab and gossip away. Perfect winter afternoon with some really sinful food too.

♥ Secret Santa ♥

This year the Secret Santa outdid herself and I was thrilled to receive a huge truck load of gifts. At the last count, I had 7 books, one perfume (very sexy one) and a gorgeous scarf that were sent to me from all over the country. I am over the moon with all the new books and cant wait to get into them this year.

books-gifts-december-perfume-scarf-friends-secret santa

♥ Green thumb ♥

Following my health issues, a change in lifestyle and diet has been implemented steadily in the last 3 years. I decided to try and grow micro greens at home to supplement the health factor in my eating. I am delighted to announce that I managed to grow beetroot, carrots, fenugreek, lettuce, and fennel greens on my balcony.

growing micro greens at home

♥ Health & Fitness ♥

I am super chuffed with my fitness efforts in December month. I had set a target of 150 kms in the last three months of 2019 and am happy to announce that I aced 180 Kms – yay!!! Now I am hoping to do 225 kms for the first three months of 2020, average of 75 a month. Wish me luck guys πŸ™‚

walking-exercise- new beginnings

♥ Culinary efforts ♥

food-soups-recipes-cooking-culinary efforts-salad-fruits-cheese platter

December is the best month for hot soups and this time around I added the home grown micro greens to my soups. The flavor was enhanced to another level; not to mention the healthy factor too πŸ˜‰

I tried making Nimoona after following the recipe from Rachna’s blog and was delighted by its success. I had fallen n love with this dish when I had first tasted it in Benares a few years ago. Get this – I hate peas and thats the core of this dish. My taste buds are pretty weird huh!!!?

I rounded up the new year eve with a platter of cheese, fruits and some crackers to go with a glass of wine. Thrilled to say this was one of my best meals for the year 2019.

Wishing everyone a very Happy 2020 and hope you all make your year count with hard work, love and blessings.

Well folks thats it from me for December 2019. I did think of recapping my entire year in one post but then decided against it. Did you write your Gratitude post yet? Did you make your year count?

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I am co-hosting #TBRCHALLENGE2020 with Soumya – are you part of it?

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12 thoughts on “#Gratitude-Its the life in your years that count! December 2019

  1. I, too, had a lovely time sharing my bookish posts on Instagram last month. In fact, just some days before December began, I was thinking of going off Instagram, altogether. But, after last month, I came up with a new strategy. Nothing big, but just made a list of topics I can post on during the week. No hard and fast rules, but posting as an when I feel like it. It takes away from the stress that I was earlier reeling from.

    Thank you for the lovely Christmas gifts, Shalz! I loved them all!
    May you have a happy and a healthy new year! Take real good care of yourself, babes!

    1. I am so happy to hear such praise for the instagram thing- you all made it rock. So its all due to you πŸ™‚ Its great to hear you re-strategising your Insta. All the best with that. I am sure you will be soon getting some very good response there. I know the stress you are talking about and I intend to post when I can too. Cant do this everyday as its very time consuming and stressful.

      I am so happy you liked the gift. Wish you a terrific year ahead too πŸ™‚

    1. Ha ha thats great to know Debbie and thank you so much for your wishes. Wish a very happy one for you too πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Damyanti and yes my Santa surpassed herself to the core this year!! I am drowning in all the love and gifts πŸ™‚

  2. What a happy, full of love and warmth year-end post this is! May all your years be just as fulfilling Shalz. You and Soumya made December wonderful for me despite the anxieties hounding me. The hours I spent everyday thinking about books and browsing #Decbooklove insta feeds were the happiest ones. Oh and you’re a very generous Santa yourself, so you more than deserve the gifts that came your way. I hope we can meet up in person some time soon.

    1. Thanks so much Tulika. I was just very grateful to complete this year on such a happy note too. I am very thrilled about the book love too- cant believe we all shared over 500 posts for it. Isnt that something else?

      I am looking forward to meeting you in person too Tulika – hopefully we can manage that this year πŸ™‚

  3. Loved reading this post and felt like a happy warm year for you, Shalini! May 2020 be equally good and happier.
    We also met in 2019, hai na? It was so kind of you to come over! I loved joining the #DecBookLove with Soumya and you. On fitness, even I was able to do more cos I has to share with you πŸ˜‰ So thank you for being my accountability partner. <3
    Thank you for being my Santa too!

    1. Yes we met in 2019 and that was such a wonderful thing that happened. I am so happy to read such positive comments for the instagram book play- it greatly delighted us to do it too and we werent expecting such a huge and enthusiastic response to it.

      Ditto on the fitness with you. You pushed me more than you can imagine. I am continuing now and can see you doing the same too. So lets hope 2020 is the year we truly embed fitness into our lifestyle and continue it thereon.

      Being your Santa was heartfelt and thank you for your generosity too!!! I love having you as a friend πŸ™‚

  4. Such a wonderful year you have had, Shalz! I just wish we could have met this year. Let’s try to make it for 2020 πŸ™‚

    I’m so glad to have found you in this otherwise overwhelming blogging world. I love discussing books and everything else with you <3

    1. I know re- even I am rooting for meeting this year! Fingers crossed for this. πŸ™‚

      Ditto on finding you my dearest friend-you feel like a doppleganger with such strong likes and dislikes as me πŸ˜‰

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