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A Quirky cafe in Fort Kochi | Travel Tales | #atoz

Excited to land in Cochin after a god-awful early morning flight, I quickly organised my way into reaching Fort Kochi (which is 42 km away from the airport) and checked into an awesome homestay (which I will detail out in another post perhaps). Unfortunately, they only served brekkie and no other meals.

Disappointed and starving, I began perusing Zomato but the hunger pangs shot down all options based on distance of joints or the seafood fare being proclaimed as their delicacy ( I am a chicken-tarian).

I decided to walk out a bit and see if I could spot a roadside Kerala food joint as I was craving for some hot stew and Appams. A pizzeria, a seafood place,Tibetan fare…..dejected I walked on, famished and wilting in the mugginess.

I was distracted by these giant green canopies, towering over the roads which were actually age-old rainforest trees, each swathed in its personal parasitic (or was it symbiotic) creeper that dangled from the branches like christmas hangings.

Right there I noticed this cozy inviting cafe and made a beeline for it. Breathing in the cool air-conditioned air, I caught my breath first before noting my charming surroundings.

OMG!!! I didn’t come to Fort Kochi to eat at a European looking cafe. I doubt they will have appams here. While these thoughts swirled a Maelstrom in my head, I was greeted by a shy smile from the gentleman behind the counter.

I was perhaps undone by that smile or the fact that I was dying of hunger (last eaten at 6 am and it was 4 pm now) or that every table had some delectable looking food on it. Whatever it was, my mind was made up!

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I settled down on a table and hungrily perused the menu of sandwiches, salads and shakes. I ended up ordering the pineapple and cheese sandwich cos it sounded very different, avocado salad (avocado was here in almost every dish) and a hearty tall glass of fresh juice.

Hunger sated, I set about to notice the cafe and was delighted to note its quirky interiors. A typewriter on a sewing machine pedestal caught my attention. It was loaded with some neat booksΒ and the three travel prints on the wall above were quite zany.

The tall and wide glass window looked upon the green canopy of the rain tree while a wooden counter ran along the entire length of the window with some bar stools for the solitary eater to ponder at leisure at the world outside. Just parallel to it is another sewing machine pedestal with a plethora of whimsical items – I loved the colourful winking owl, propped up in the bird-cage.

The menu had an interesting thing written on it – Qissa means tale/story in Urdu – and the philosophy of the cafe is that there is a story in every sip/bite!!! How true!!!

I saw some really outlandish looking fish, each in their own jar. Piqued with curiosity at the individual jars, I asked Β the manager who informed me that there are Betta fish and are also called fighter fish. If kept in the same jar, they will fight and kill each other. OMG! such beauty with such beastly traits!!! πŸ˜‰


A2Z-BADGE-2017-blogging-challenge-theme-reveal-travel-stories-picture-speaks-louder-than-words-april-shalzmojosays-roadtrip-girltravel-india-fort-kochi-beach-nonchalant-morning-walk-kittens-waves-sea-seashells-fishing-nets-kerala-appams-bretta-fish-qissa-cafe-quirky-raintreeΒ  Β  Β Β A2Z-BADGE-2017-blogging-challenge-theme-reveal-travel-stories-picture-speaks-louder-than-words-april-shalzmojosays-roadtrip-girltravel-india-beach-nonchalant-morning-walk-kittens-waves-sea-seashells-fishing-nets-kerala-appams-bretta-fish-qissa-cafe-quirky-raintree

What I really loved about this quaint cafe is its effervescence and that it was quite the melting pot of art patrons, artists, students, volunteers, and travellers who would simply come here to recharge and perhaps make a new acquaintance (besides of course filling up on the delectable fare)

Ample light filtering in the cafe, its soft colours, oddball oddments and serene ambience – all lulled one into believing this is home! I did – I ended up visiting this cafe 4/5 days of my stay in Fort Kochi and sometimes twice in the day. And there was no hurry to place an order or hints to move on, once the food was eaten – the proprietor was at ease with his patrons – for that’s how he viewedΒ us all! No hurry, no worry – seemed to be the ubiquitous motto here!

The uber friendly and efficient staff, and the great tasting food were the added bonus of thisΒ vagarious space. I forgot to mention, they played terrific music from most genres and eras. I always found a familiar favourite playing here.

‘Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson –

Did you ever have such a cafe/spot to recharge on your long stay journeys? Any favourite spot that you must visit enroute to your destination?

Fact File:

  • Qissa cafe has been opened by the same chef who originally worked at the famous Kashi Art cafe and has moved on to open his own venture
  • Go here for great European food, with good portions and value for money pricing!!!!
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Β  Walk on the beach

Kathakali performance

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50 thoughts on “A Quirky cafe in Fort Kochi | Travel Tales | #atoz

  1. That’s sounds like a great find for you. I loved the word Qissa. Coming from Azamgarh, Urdu is not new to me. Ek zamana hua yeh word sune πŸ™‚
    Personally, I love finding such places where peace and good food stands out. Many such little ones in Bangalore.

    1. I hear you about the word, I live Urdu too. It just rolls so much better off the tongue πŸ™‚
      I recently had visited many of these quaint eateries in Bangalore too- which is your favorite Parul?

  2. That is a very interesting interior! This place seems so cozy and peaceful.
    It is quite wonderful that all this is art by various artists…
    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    1. oh the pineapple and cheese was just yummilicious- I loved it a lot!! Cheese and pineapple is a classic combo with wine and as a cocktail snack- this was in a grilled sandwich and was just super!!! Must try Raj

    1. Thanks D – I am just figuring out under what do I put that – most of the good alphabets are gone and the tough ones are left πŸ˜‰

  3. Shalini – while i have had pineapple and cheese on a pizza, never in a sandwich .. will have to try it sometime..
    Qissa sounds wonderful – both the word and the cafe! And I am familiar with the fish, a couple of our friends had one for a while..

  4. I have been to Kochi too recently buddy and was smitten by its old world charm and I smelled the same being beautifully depicted in your post πŸ™‚

  5. I loved your description of the cafe. Almost felt as if I was there. I love spending time at such cafes where there’s no hurry to go on with life and you can spend a few moments just pondering over the world outside.

    1. I know what you mean Anagha – its a thing with me too and I do it at home too. Have a few fav spots in town to simply go and read and sip tea!!! πŸ™‚

  6. Its wonderful to come across cafes like this during travels. I loved the interesting and quirky interiors. A delight to the eyes. I too would have gone there most days to grab a bite and spend some lazy idle time ;- )

  7. I loved the word Quissa, Quite Quirky LOL
    And best was I loved the yellow pendant light.They five the cafe such a happy feel. Lovely read. Thanks for sharing

    1. Oh wow! Thats a great thing to hear Shalzz!! I hope you get to visit both soonest!! BTW I am in love with Kochi/Kerala and wondering if I could shift down there now! πŸ˜‰

  8. I like the name and your selection for the alphabet Q! This canopy reminded of the time when I was in Mauritius and had lunch in a tree restaurant. The branches were carved in such a way that it had separate tables on each one of them and man it was super scary because of the lizards around!


    1. Aaaah What do you mean Lizards!!!???????? Like chipkalis!!!???
      Geets you are damn brave to sit there and have food- I would have run away screaming and shouting!!! πŸ˜‰

    1. I was quite fascinated by this fish as this is my first encounter with them. Amazed at the creatures that exist in nature!! πŸ˜‰

  9. The name of the place is so beautiful and I loved its ambiance as well.

    I’ve visited Kochi before but did not explore much. Will visit again and check out this place.

    1. Oh you must must must. Its just before the beach and is quite popular with the tourists. Loved the guys there – they are happy to serve and talk and tell you about stuff too!

  10. Reading this is making me miss my time in Kochi earlier this year. I was only there for a day and stayed in Forte Kochi as well, but I would love to go back and explore more one day! Saving this place for my next visit, the ambience looks amazing.

    1. Thanks Charu – hopefully someday soon we will all be able to dust off our travel boots and start making plans again!!

  11. sounds like you found an awesome spot! amy food experience in Kerala was very hit and miss, I think i need to go back and find this cafe!!

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