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The Silver Trumpet Tree in its Golden Magnificence | #ThursdayTreeLove |

Genus: Tabebuia Chrysotricha

Common name: Golden trumpet tree / Yellow Tabebuia / Caribbean Trumpet tree / Silver Trumpet tree / Paraguayan Trumpet tree

When I used to live in Bangalore, I was simply bowled over by my first sight of the Golden yellow Tabebuia trees that seemed to just spring up with blooms overnight. Tight clusters of its trumpet shaped bright yellow flowers would be arrayed over the entire tree, highlighted more by the near absence of leaves on the trees. This has got to be one of the most showstopper of all the avenue landscaping trees that I have ever seen. And its been planted very generously all over Bangalore where one can see all three colors together in springtime of February – April.

In February 2017, I was on a holiday in Bangalore and happened to visit the museum where this tree was running a crazy riot all around. I think I ended up spending more time clicking Tabebuia trees than inside the museum 😉

The trunk of this tree grows pretty twisted and crooked and it was so evident in this one tree that had grown pretty wide and its ample canopy was providing such shade to the cars parked under it. That’s by far my favorite picture of this tree. Due to this kind of growth, the tree is susceptible to damage by uprooting in storms quite easily. This characteristic lends quite a droopy or weeping look to the foliage.

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The underside of the leaves and the bark of the tree has quite a silver / gray appearance, which leads to this also being called the Silver Trumpet tree. The tree is native to Brazil/Caribbean and is grown largely for its ornamental properties. It doesn’t grow quite large and can be easily planted in a medium sized container, lending it a bonsai-kind of look.

Tabebuia prefers a sunny weather and its flowers are great for attracting bees. Its favored very highly for planting on road medians and avenues.

Have you witnessed the glory of this tree? It also grows in lavendar pink and deep pink hues in Bangalore.

Thursday Tree Love is a fabulous tree hop by the lovely Parul K Thakur who opens the blog hop every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. So if you have a gorgeous tree to share with us, please link up on her post.

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11 thoughts on “The Silver Trumpet Tree in its Golden Magnificence | #ThursdayTreeLove |

  1. Great captures! I hear you about spending more time with this tree than at the museum 🙂
    I’ve been lucky to have been able to enjoy the Tabebuia in all its different hues, as it occupies a place of pride in both Bengaluru and Mysuru, where i’ve spent all my adult life so far.

    1. Oh yes this tree deserves to be the pride of every city its been planted in. Its flowering is just magnificent and a sight to behold. You are lucky to be in a city where this grows in abundance Priya 🙂

  2. It’s beautiful! I have also posted this tree in TTL from Bangalore. Not just once but a few times. LOvely shots, Shalini. I would have also spent more time clicking than in the museum. Thanks a ton for joining. See you tomorrow 🙂

    1. Thanks Parul. Yeah this tree is just amazing when it flowers. I have been in love with all of its shades and have posted them all on my blog too.

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