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An Echo of the Past | Fiction Writing |

“Life is an echo. What you send out comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. What you see in others, exists in you.” -Zig Ziglar

The door creaked as if in echo of her hesitation to enter this room. A splash of light entered with her. All the dust motes in its path twirled energetically, tracing random patterns.

Not daring to make too much noise, she carefully sifted through the carton lying under the window. Removing the tennis racquet lying topmost in it, she delved through the contents. She dismissed every item she laid her hands onto with not a speck of nostalgia for her childhood. Finally she got what she had come looking for.

It was her one and only journal which she had started writing on her sixteenth birthday. That was the day she had discovered that Ankur loved her and wanted her to be his girlfriend.

Ankur was a tall, good looking boy with an easy smile that lit up his eyes. Good in academics, he was also in the music band as he had a sensational singing voice.

They had spent the entire school year walking hand in hand down the hallways, passing notes in class, sitting together on the bus rides and spending every waking moment together.

Life was perfect and she had written his name, entwined with hers, over and over again in almost all the pages of the journal. Their future together was inevitable.

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Life was perfect, until that fateful day!

Ankur had gone out joyriding late at night with some of his friends when they lost control of the car. Not wearing a seat belt, he had been flung out through the windshield, cutting his throat and face on the broken glass.

Doctors didn’t think he would ever be able to speak, let alone sing. When Sia visited him in the hospital, the guttural sounds emanating from his throat left her repulsed. Not to mention all the cuts and bruises on his face terrified her even more.

She had fled from the hospital in tears, never once going back to see him again. Later Ankur’s family took him to the US for medical treatment and Sia never heard from him either.

Sighing Sia closed the journal and let her thoughts drift to the scene unfolding downstairs. Her daughter had just come back home from the hospital from her last chemo session. Now just the final PET scan result was awaited to let them know if she was free of the throat cancer.

This fictional tale was written for the Fiction Monday with Vinitha. The prompt for the 15th edition is ECHO. I hope you like my attempt at it though I have exceeded the word limit by over a 100 words.

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