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5 Favorite Sights in Tasmania, Australia | Travel Tales |

December- guest post- Tasmania - Australia - sightseeing- sea- beach- tourism- holiday- travelHello my devoted readers! Today on my blog is the gorgeous Rajlakshmi from the sunshine Australian state Sydney and she is taking us sightseeing in the island state of Tasmania. She is a military brat hailing from Assam. Most days you would find her reading about Parallel Universe, trying her hand at Zentangles, or watching the world upside down – in handstands. A Software Engineer by profession who loves traveling, writing, and more often than not, end up setting off the fire alarm while cooking. You can read a very interesting post about the Paper Flowers here

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December- guest post- Tasmania - Australia - sightseeing- sea- beach- tourism- holiday- travel

Tasmania – the island state of Australia is one of the dreamiest and stunning places on earth. Pristine blue-green lakes, miles and miles of ancient rain forests, and home to some of the most fascinating species of the animal kingdom. A few years back, my husband and I did a 9 days road trip along the coast of Tasmania, exploring the stunning coastal villages of the state. Picking only 5 top favorite sights is extremely hard since I loved every single thing about this amazing land, but I will do my best.

Falmouth Beach

We were driving along the eastern coast of Tasmania, somewhere around Scamander, where we saw a tiny coastal village from afar and decided to explore the place. Image our surprise when we found this stunning sight as soon as we stepped out of the car. The whole beach was covered in shells. It is still one of the most fantastic views I have seen in my life. We spent hours at the beach, admiring the view of the turquoise sea and swimming in the shallow water. With respect to the land and the ecosystem, we didn’t carry any shells with us.

Falmouth- shell beach

Lavender Fields

My second favorite sight from Tasmania is the view of Lavender fields running along the hilly terrain. The farm is located in Bridestowe Lavender Farm which is about 65 km from Launceston. This was my first time in a Lavender field, so I was beyond excited to be here. The purple hues of French Lavender against the blue colored mountain range is forever engraved in my heart.

December- guest post- Tasmania - Australia - sightseeing- sea- beach- tourism- holiday- travel

Doo Town

How about adding quirky to the list! Located near Port Arthur, there’s a holiday village called Doo Town where every house has ‘Doo’ added to the name. It is a small village, nestled between mountains and has an old-world charm to it.  I actually went around the village, reading every name –  Doo-a-little, Doo–n-time, GunnaDoo, Doodle Doo, etc.

Cradle Mountain

Dove Lake Circuit is one of the best-known hikes in the world. It is an easy 6 km boardwalk that will take you around a gorgeous lake, wooden bridges, and rain forests with moss-laden trees and streams, while the peak of the Cradle Mountains looms over you all along the walk. We completed the walk in 2 hours and decided to take a shoulder track called Ronny Creek. This is another picturesque 2 km boardwalk in the wilderness. Unlike Dove Lake circuit, the ground is flat with a wide stretch of button grass moorlands where we were lucky to spot a wombat leisurely enjoying his lunch.

December- guest post- Tasmania - Australia - sightseeing- sea- beach- tourism- holiday- travel

Wineglass Bay Lookout

The history of Wineglass Bay isn’t as pretty as it looks. This was once a popular whale-hunting spot in the 1820s. All the horrendous killing made the area look like a wine-stained glass. Thankfully, over the years as the killings stopped, nature claimed back its land. It is now as stunning as ever. The hike to the viewpoint is short but steep rocky terrain. We decided to do another hike to reach the beach – a 1.5-hour circuit track. It took us 30 minutes to reach the beach, but the hike back really made us sweat as we had to climb up the mountain. Nevertheless, I will do this again – just to feel the white soft sand run between my fingers.

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