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Best Breakfast from around the World |Travel Tales|

“There are times when breakfast seems the one thing worth getting up for.” – Peter De Vries

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and one should never leave home without it. This is even more true for when one is traveling as one leaves the lodgings for a day of sight seeing and needs all the strength and energy to go through the entire day. Breakfast is generally complimentary at most places that one stays in and it makes sense to fill up on it to save some money on the second meal of the day. Its the best budget meal of the day during one’s travel and I always look forward to relishing it.

I asked a few fellow travel bloggers to share their memories of the best breakfast from their travels and here is the compiled post. I do hope you enjoy going through this.

^ All the text and photos are by the various travel bloggers and have been contributed specially for this post^

| Villa Blanche Bistro, Vagator, Goa, India | Shalzmojo |

Villa Blanche Bistro is a pretty charming and rustic cafe located near Vagator beach in North Goa. Its run by two German ladies who have now made Goa their home.

goa- cafes- travel review- India - girl travel- female travel bloggers

On my holiday in Goa, I ended up eating breakfast twice there for the offerings were simple scrumptious. From pretzels, pancakes, Spirulina juice, to open sandwiches with buffalo mozzarella to panacotta – all was brilliantly plated up and presented. The servings were quite generous and had fresh flavors. One can have a pretty hearty and heavy breakfast here after which one can loll at the beach or head back for a siesta.

I recommend this place for its heartiness in meals; sumptuous flavors; excellent hospitality and a gorgeous, peaceful ambience!

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 | Taaza Thindi, Bangalore, India | Shalzmojo |

Taaza Thindi means “fresh snacks” and is one mind blowing place to have a delicious, hearty and traditional South Indian style breakfast in Bangalore, India. And all under 50/- INR which is less than one USD.

Taaza Thindi- Breakfast - Bangalore- Jayanagar - India - Travel - Dosa- Coconut chutney- filter coffee

And what delicious taste in the butter soft idlis, spongy vada and the crisped up dosa. The coffee was to die for and they made mine with less milk and no sugar at my request! You have to sample this fare, at least once if you are in Bangalore!

What impressed me with this place is the neatness and organised way they seem to conduct their business. The ordering is done at the main counter (2 cashiers) and then you can proceed to the respective windows dispensing that particular dish.

I ended up visiting this neat little cafe four times during my two weeks stay in Bangalore and still didn’t have my fill of the place. Its one of the best breakfasts I have had on my travels and if you are in Bangalore, don’t miss the opportunity to try out this delicious fare.

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| Granita Siciliana in Sicily, Italy | GretaTravels | Instagram |

One of my favorite breakfasts I have ever had on my travels is without a doubt pistachio and almond Granita in Sicily, Italy.

granita siciliana- breakfast- Sicily - Italy- travel
Granita is a semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water and other flavors. It’s originally from Sicily, and the granita you can find here is very different from those around the rest of Italy. Compared to other granitas the ones in Sicily are much thicker and creamier, sometimes they’re so thick that they have the texture of gelato.
You can get a granita in any flavor, but pistachio and almond are some of the most classic Sicilian flavors. Pair it with a warm brioche and you have the breakfast of champions right there.
I spent seven days in Sicily and had granita for breakfast pretty much every day. One of the best granitas I’ve had was from Spinella Bar in Catania, one of the historical cafes in Catania. If you’re still hungry after your granita and brioche (unlikely, but it might happen) you can finish off your breakfast with a traditional Sicilian cannolo.
I loved having granita for breakfast in Sicily, not only because I love pistachio and gelato, but also because it was just perfect for the destination. The weather in Sicily is very hot, and starting our days with such a fresh breakfast gave us an extra push throughout the day.

| Winona’s Restaurant & Bakery, Colorado, USA | Travelling with purpose | Instagram |

If you’re looking for an amazing breakfast in the mountains of Colorado (USA) make a stop at Winona’s Restaurant and Bakery in Steamboat Springs. Winona’s is the perfect place to fuel up at the start of the day before strolling through this quaint town or enjoying the gorgeous outdoors.

Winona's restaurant- breakfast- brioche - eggs- USA- Colorado

First you must try Winona’s world-famous cinnamon rolls. These are the kind of rolls that inhabit your dreams and create a once-in-a-lifetime sensory experience.

These ginormous cream cheese frosted fluffy spirals have received rave reviews from foodies at magazines like Bon Appetit, Sunset, Gourmet, and Southern Living. At first the price for a single cinnamon roll, may seem expensive, but when you realize that each one is nearly the size of a dinner plate, you’ll understand. In fact, if you’re willing to share, one roll can serve two or three.

For your main breakfast entree, check out their creative variety of eggs benedict options. My favorite is Crab Benedict. A toasted English Muffin topped with Maryland Blue Crabmeat, cream cheese, parmesan, and green onions, then covered with hollandaise sauce. If you’re in Colorado in the summer look for seasonal dishes that include mouth-watering Palisades Peaches. They’re the best on the planet.

| Charlottes, Krakow, Poland | Together in transit| Instagram |

Starting a day with a good breakfast is always the best when travelling and have a busy day ahead. One breakfast that stands out for me was breakfast at Charlottes. This beautiful little place located in Krakow, Poland was a busy spot for delicious breakfast options. Find yourself a cute table inside, else outside in the sunshine is perfect.

Charlotte - krakow- poland - breakfast spread

For the menu, there is many options to pick from for all diets. From simple French croissants and a coffee, to a large choice of items combined. For my choice, i picked the full package. This has the following things for only a small amount in euros; fresh juice, spreads, different breads, a croissant, yoghurt with muesli, an egg (cooked to your choice), cheese and prosecco!
I think this a great place to visit with friends or as a couple, but would totally visit and recommend if travelling alone too. Its a welcoming place for locals and travelers, which is ideal if you are visiting Krakow for a few days or longer. As for the location, it is within 8 minutes of walking from the central square of Krakow, so there is no need to take any public transportation just to get there.
Charlotte - krakow- poland - breakfast spread

| Van der Valk hotel Ridderkerk breakfast | Cosette from KarsTravels | Instagram |

One of the best breakfasts I ever had was on a road trip through The Netherlands in the Van der Valk hotel Ridderkerk. Ridderkerk is close to the world famous Kinderdijk and Rotterdam. The breakfast buffet was so diverse and there was so much on offer. I’ve had many breakfasts in hotels and I still remember this one, since they had macaroons!

van der valk hotel- netherlands

During a luxurious stay at the Van der Valk hotel Ridderkerk you just have to take the breakfast buffet. On offer is a yogurt bar with different flavors of yogurt, cereals and fruit. Then a hot items corner, where you can find sausages, scrambled eggs and so on. They prep an omelet for you on the spot. In the middle are displays with fresh bread, pastries and an assortment of cheeses, meats and fish to eat with bread.

To drink there is coffee, tea, hot choc, juices and flavored water. You can take as much as you like, and it’s tempting to try something from every corner. All products were delicious, but the macaroons made it extra special for us.

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Hope you found this post delectable for your palate and provided for quite a visual feast. Do you have a great breakfast memory from your travels? Wont you share that with me please?

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