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Biblioklept – 5 steal-worthy book editions on my wish list


A book you took/stole from a place. Or a book that was taken or stolen from you. Steal-worthy or limited edition books.

I am fond of collecting books, and the prettier it is, the more I want it displayed on my shelf. My bookshelf is full of hardbound books, which are more expensive than paperbacks. But such is my love for collecting them that I am often broke due to it.

Gilded edges and embossed covers are other things I look for in books worth collecting. Then there are the maps illustrated on the pages that capture my heart’s delight every time. Beautifully detailed illustrations are another thing I crave in books and have a few on my shelf because of it.

At the moment there are a few books on my hit list as most coveted due to them being special and limited editions. Sharing the top five books I wish to ‘biblioklept’  for my bookshelf.

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Biblioklept-books-book cover-night circus-alice in wonderland- harry potter- illustrated - faux leather-special edition

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen | Classics | Romance |

Part of a ten hardbound books collectible set published by Penguin Classics, specially designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, this is one of my favorite classics. I would love to biblioklept this special edition which is actually a faux leather edition.

P.S. : Actually would love to get my hands on all of these beautifully bound Classics – Sigh!!

Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern | Historical Fiction | Romance |night-circus- special edition- illustrated - limited- cloth bound- hardcover- fantast fiction - historical fiction

Night circus is the ultimate book about star-crossed lovers that is set as a historical fiction with fantasy as its central theme. It is one of my all time favorite book and I wish to get my hands on this uber expensive edition which has been designed by Books Illustrated Ltd in Letterpress edition  (580 books) and these are further available as:

  • Deluxe leather bound edition – 250 copies
  • Prestige lettered edition – 26 copies
  • Collectors cloth bound edition – 304 copies

Each book is signed by the author Erin Morgenstern and the Illustrator Anne Yvonne Gilbert and most have been sold out by now.

Get this- each of these books is priced at approximately 1.5 Lacs!

Also read the book review of Night Circus

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll | Classics |

This is one children’s tale that had me hooked from the word go and I devoured it within days. Next in line was Alice through the looking glass which continues her adventures further on. The original publisher of this timeless classic is Macmillan who has taken out a special edition which has both the books in it as well as extra features. This enviable collector’s edition has die-cut cover with intricate embossed two foil detail, head and tail bands, red foiled edges and a ribbon marker, making it truly unique.

The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde by Oscar Wilde | Classics |

‘ Illuminated Editions’ by Beehive Books has taken out some really beautiful collectible editions of classics. Designed by Maëlle Doliveux, each books has stunning illustrations and has its own slip case cover to complement the cover design. The slipcases are textured, being elaborately debossed and embossed, die-cut, and foil blocked. Each book is cloth bound with hand sewn signatures. One such book in this literary series is the Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde that I wish to get my hands on someday. Now don’t you think this one is worth a biblioklept?

Illustrated set of Harry Potter books by JK Rowling | Fantasy Fiction | YA |harry potter- illustrated- special edition - limited edition - fantasy fiction - biblioklept - magic - wizards

Jim Kaye has used his special talents to create the extraordinary world of Harry Potter in stunning imagery which one can avail as the special edition of illustrated sets. I happen to own two of these full color editions and both are a prized possession for sure. There is something so magical about the illustrations that I have begun to see the story in a new light. Its a childhood fascination for the beautiful color illustrations that keep me hooked to such books. Looking to collect the rest too as and when I have the resources for it.

Also read the book review of this fabulous series here

Well that is it from me on this subject. Do share which one is your favorite. And if you have one which is different from mine, then do share that as well.


Coming up tomorrow C- Cachinnate

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12 thoughts on “Biblioklept – 5 steal-worthy book editions on my wish list

    1. It’s a fabulous book and the telling is just fantastic. I loved it even more on Audible and would recommend you listen to it as an audiobook.

  1. I loved collecting books and have a big collection of books. But now that I cant read books (I am Kindle convert), I have stopped buying them. I’d love to check out Illustrated set of Harry Potter Books.

    1. I hear you on converting to ebooks. I am hooked to audible and am in love with the feel of audiobooks. The illustrated set is just gorgeous and am lucky to have very cool Secret Santas….. Praying the trend continues and I get the whole set 😉

    1. Oh You should. Its an amazing book written really well and the audio book brings it to life so beautifully. I am looking forward to hearing how you liked it.

      Thank you so much for stopping by on my blog.

  2. You should be happy that I’m not anywhere near you! Any of those books in your list could opt to go home with me! Haha!

    ~Ria (

    1. Ha Ha… I can quite believe that Ria. But as of now I don’t have any of these and am looking to beg, borrow, Steal them all.

  3. Hey! You know what—I would love to visit your home someday, just to check out your bookshelves!! As a collector of books of all kinds, it’s taken me time to adapt to the Kindle but, then it’s a great space saver, so not complaining!
    And btw, illustrated books are an absolute all-time favourite…the ones you listed, well, I’d really love to have someone gift them to me! Wishes!!!!

    1. You are welcome Esha- would love to have you over and have a conversation over some tea and cookies 🙂

      I love the illustrated books and yes am grateful for someone gifting them to me. They are all the more precious to me.

  4. The Godfather, The Night Circus, The Starless Sea, Becoming, Girl Woman Other. My picks.

    I can never get over how gorgeous the cover of The Night Circus is.

    1. The Illustrated prints of Night Circus are something else Soumya. Do have a look at them whenever you find some time.

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