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I am a dreamer who dances to the tune of her heart, yet grounded with my head firmly attached on my very responsible shoulders. I believe in exploring each day as it comes and dislikes to attach agenda onto anything. A photography buff and bitten by the travel bug since a child – all transitioned into some erstwhile captures over the years via written journals and images captured in the mind and camera roll.

As a child holidays meant vacationing at grandparents homes with other cousins, being indulged with some awesome home-made goodies where each meal was resplendent of a picnic treat. Cookies, macaroons, jim-jams, candied fruits, home-made jams and chutney and tonnes of savoury stuff to tuck into at anytime of the day are some of my fondest childhood memories. Needless to say, food forms an integral part of my life now.

As I changed cities to get into making a career, the weekends afforded time for exploring the city and around with like-minded people. I developed a love for everything Indian; be it eating at a roadside dhabha, foraging local markets for local fruits & goodies to take back home and meeting artisans and story tellers who were not shy to share their crafts.

Walking narrow lanes in cities like Benares or the chor bazar in Mumbai; checking out local street side foods from pav bhaji to the choora matar – all have become a part of my gypsy travels and I look forward to each new discovery with a child like enthusiasm.


My blog

I love doing my own thing – “mojo” is a word that resonates me for that very reason. So my blog is called Shalzmojo and I am superbly proud and possessive about it.

Besides travel, I also indulge in writing about food in the form of recipes, dishes I have loved, food events, restaurant reviews and food photography. And yes cocktails / wine tasting do fall within this scope too.

I love to write about my opinion “as is” – unadulterated 100% my verdict on things as I see them to be. This is reflected in a quite a few of my personal posts about life, love, marriage, divorce, women’s issues, reviews, etc.

And I have also dabbled in a bit of fictional love stories; not sure if I would highly recommend them ūüėČ

Work with me

  1. Travel review –¬†Visit the hospitality space (all travel and acco expenses to be borne by the client), take photographs, experience all the services and then¬†Write a post and promote it via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. One post on Trip Advisor. Price to be discussed via location, duration of stay, etc. Also included are high-resolution pics/ videos / walk through of the property/travel features, etc.
  2. Product review –¬†Attend product launch where it will be shown/given. Write a post and promote it via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  3. Food review –¬†Food to be provided for two pax and an unbiased opinion will be given with a disclaimer that this is a paid review.¬†Write a post and promote it via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram¬†(Cab charges to be paid additionally)
  4. Book review –¬†A copy of the book to be given.¬†Write a post and promote it via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  5. Looking to collaborate with Tourism Boards, Airlines, Cruise operators, Travel & tour operators, Hospitality units, etc for opportunities to experience and write about their products/offers.
  6. Open for guest blogging queries; both for my blog and to write for others.


Contact me

Email: shalzmojo@gmail.com

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  1. I saw ur fotographs, its lovely to c, nice effort and good eye……….keep it up…….all the best 4 ur profession n fotography.

    1. Thanks so so much Corinne for the warm welcome and even warmer words! I am so dleighted to be a part of this group and hope to do many more posts in the future too!

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