Hola people!!!! Welcome to my blog! It’s been just over half a decade since I started this journey and am grateful to all the people who have been reading, commenting and encouraging me. Writing is kind of stressbuster, though I am not sure what my readers feel about this verbal diarrhoea of mine!

I was known as the letter writer in my family- second of the two in my paternal family and the only one in my maternal side of the family. It was my eldest cousin (paternal side) who got me hooked onto writing letters (she being the first letter writer). So on my father’s side, I had her to correspond with and a few other cousins whom I could convince to write once a month. (Read armtwist )

However on my mom’s side of the family, it was a different story – not a single letter writer. I managed to pester one of my cousin brother to write to me; I suspect he agreed just to shut me up for he turned out to be a very poor letter writer. Oh well! Some was better than none.
In class 11th, my writing talent was greatly boosted by the English teacher and for the first time I felt the stirrings of the writer in me! Two years of his adulation, prompting and encouragement later (included my writing being published in school magazine), the academics took over and writing was pushed to the back-burner.
Then came the Internet and email and my sporadic correspondents became even more comatose, till it stopped.
It was 2009 when I discovered a BLOG.

#FridayFiction is a weekly column under which I will be writing about the adventures (or lack of them) of my two heroines- Naina and Ananya!! Hope you will tune onto it and give me feedback on these stories. Also what would you like to see more from me.

 I enjoy chasing butterflies, kids and dreams with my camera lens and am big on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram and you can enjoy these under the photorama section on the blog.
I have got a case of gypsy feet which like to travel as and in budget conditions or luxury – depending on the pocket.. Few of my favourite destinations which I absolutely “have to” visit again and again, would be Hampi , Kashmir , Ladakh , Jodhpur, Jaisalmer to name a few… A boutique hotel where I would like to stay all over again would be Rawla Narlai in Rajasthan – do read up on that too and if you get a chance to stay there – don’t miss it for the world.

I am also quite the experimental baker and after indulging my cookery sensibilities, I do brag….. Er….. Blog about it here. You could check out my ode to the carrot cake which is quite a big hit. And it turned out quite tasty too.

And I hoard stationery!!!! No, no I am serious! This is a childhood affliction and till date, if I step into a stationary shop, there is no ways that I come out empty-handed! Wonder if there is an AA for it where I can check in for some rehab 😜 before I go broke! If you know of any, please do let me know too!!!!

I also love to collaborate and do guest blogging, drop me a line if you would like me to do one on your blog or if you would like to do one for mine.

Services offered via my Blog:

  1. Product review *
  2. Food review **
  3. Travel review***
  4. Book review****
  5. Schedule a photo shoot to get that wow Profile pic for your blog @500/- (offer applicable within Gurgaon) @1000/- (offer applicable in Delhi)
  6. Photostyled images for your blog post @1000/- for a set of three images (Additional images will be 250/- each)
  7. Stock images which can be customised as your blog headers or used in your post @300/- each (customizing to make your personal blog header with an image of your choice @800/- This includes an image of your choice + customizing services)

* Attend product launch where it will be shown/given. Write a post and promote it via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @1500/-

** Food to be provided for two pax and an unbiased opinion will be given with a disclaimer that this is a paid review. Write a post and promote it via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @1500/-

*** Visit the hospitality space (all travel and acco expenses to be borne by the client), take photographs, experience all the services and then Write a post and promote it via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Price to be discussed via location, duration of stay, etc.

**** A copy of the book to be given. Write a post and promote it via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @1500/-

Contact me at

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