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#Fiction: Hami Asto – for paradise truly is here!!

Through my writing, I wish to share some of my musings about the gorgeous paradise that is the Kashmir valley. Its in a trouble state at the moment and my mind keeps wandering to my many trips there. The food, the seasons and the people – there is much love, beauty and warmth there – hope it comes out safe and intact from this turmoil.… Read More #Fiction: Hami Asto – for paradise truly is here!!

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#WordsMatter – Outside my window

I am participating in the #WordsMatter bloghop this month and this post is in response to the prompt Outside my Window. I am attempting fiction after ages and hope this is well received by my readers.… Read More #WordsMatter – Outside my window

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Purple [ #Guestpost ]

Please welcome my guest today, who doesn’t need any introduction as she is a very successful blogger and graphic artist – Ms.Tina Basu . She has spun out a thrilling tale for us. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. Purple  Please stop this noise someone! What is this noise? It’s… Read More Purple [ #Guestpost ]

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Fiction – The Fight [ #Guestpost ]

A fictional piece submitted by a fellow blogger who normally writes Travel post. Read her take on fiction in this sory titled The Fight. This piece is a guestpost for the ongoing birthday ccelebrations on my blog all of september… Read More Fiction – The Fight [ #Guestpost ]

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I see no God here [ #Fiction ]

I SEE NO GOD HERE ‘Attic, my favourite place on earth. It’s next only to the open skies where my heart dwells’, thought Bradley. This was his routine reflection before going to bed. Recently, after a great fight with mom, he had shifted his base from otherwise well-appointed bedroom on the ground floor of their spacious… Read More I see no God here [ #Fiction ]

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When love strikes | Friday Fiction |

She was gone! The quiet of the room mocked him for sleeping so soundly to allow her to slip away again. Why did she leave? Didn’t last night mean anything to her? The passion had felt real, it had woken something in both of them. Throwing stuff into his suitcase, he packed up to check… Read More When love strikes | Friday Fiction |

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Opportunity knocks once, Temptation leans on the doorbell | Friday Fiction |

Quickly draping her saree, she stole a glance at his sleeping profile and almost slipped back into the bed. Collapsing into the waiting cab, she closed her eyes. Images from the night before flashed before her and she licked her lips as if to taste him again. She still felt it was a dream to… Read More Opportunity knocks once, Temptation leans on the doorbell | Friday Fiction |

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The last swan song | Friday Fiction |

Adjusting her Saree palla one last time, she walked confidently into a room full of her peers. The ballroom at Taj Palace was abuzz with conversation, laughter and clinking of glasses as the busy servers sashayed around the room, balancing platters laden with food, drinks and used glasses. She glanced around, exchanging smiles and nods… Read More The last swan song | Friday Fiction |

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#FridayFotoFiction: Of an era gone by…….

#FridayFotoFiction Blue spiked hairdo poked it warily with his cro-ray while the other kids watched from behind the safety shield, afraid that it might blow up. The lifeless pile of rags next to it stirred, making Bluey jump back, all his bravado vanishing. It coughed and sat up straight to reveal a weather-beaten wrinkled face… Read More #FridayFotoFiction: Of an era gone by…….

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#BarWoWe: The tattered faith

#WordyWednesday #4 – January 2017 – #BarWoWe   A gust of wind howled outside sending a shiver creaking through the window shutters. Muhu peered out of the dirty window pane, squinting against the low visibility at the slivers of light appearing on the horizon now as the weak sun attempted to break through the thick… Read More #BarWoWe: The tattered faith

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#FridayFotoFiction: Caged Forever

  #FridayFotoFiction Caged forever  Crowd thronged, lunging for preferred elixir Music thundered, dancers swaying over each other He perused, women looking like exotic creatures They entered, twin made up wonder He offered, potency in a glass full of colour They accepted, falling for his allure Dazzled, world spun in a maze of wonder Light headed,… Read More #FridayFotoFiction: Caged Forever

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#BarWoWe: Nothing can go wrong, or can it?

 A new day. The feeling of spring in the air. A pair of sparrows frolicked on my terrace; two for joy! Nothing could go wrong today! I stepped out for the day with this thought in my head, humming with the song on the FM and looking forward to meeting V today. I had just settled… Read More #BarWoWe: Nothing can go wrong, or can it?

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#FridayFotoFiction: Will she see him again ?

#FridayFotoFiction She came to the city in 2015 and cut through this park on her way to work. She noticed him on the bench – feeding the birds or reading the newspaper or chatting with the snack-stand vendor. Come rain or shine, he would be perched on this bench; very much a part of the… Read More #FridayFotoFiction: Will she see him again ?

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#FridayFotoFiction: The Escape

#FridayFotoFiction The Escape Her scarf came undone, letting loose her auburn curls which flew around her face as she raced down the pavement. Dodging fellow walkers, baby strollers, leashed dogs; she paused to check behind her. The three men were still hot on her trail. Breathing hard, she turned into an alley and hit a dead-end.… Read More #FridayFotoFiction: The Escape

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#FridayFiction: They preened, they posed and they courted – but all in vain.

#Friday Fiction Settling into the dating rhythm with Tapan over a course of two months, Naina was off in wonderland musing on the dates that had endured her till here – the funny ones, the weird ones and some which started sweet but ended badly….. If she was honest with herself, some had been the… Read More #FridayFiction: They preened, they posed and they courted – but all in vain.

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#FridayFiction: To date or not to date is the question

Date Fate “You can’t give up now! Its been only a month Naina since you started to date,” Angie exclaimed while trying to snatch her phone to stop her from deleting her profile on the dating app. “I have had it with all these jerks and bigots with over idealistic talks who fall flat on… Read More #FridayFiction: To date or not to date is the question

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#FridayFiction: Saying it with flowers is the best way!

#FridayFiction Juggling the paint brushes, Naina opened the door to be greeted by the florist delivery boy, yet again. This time it was an exotic arrangement of hot pink roses mixed with some white orchids and the card that read “An apology has three parts  I am sorry It’s my fault And what can I… Read More #FridayFiction: Saying it with flowers is the best way!

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#FridayFiction: I wont let you go hungry tonight, darling!

Continuing from Naina and Tapan’s date #1  Naina’s phone buzzed the next day while she was at her salon. She checked it to see a sms from Tapan. Smiling, she began to respond. “I was wondering if I could interest you in an authentic bengali meal?” “I am clueless about this cuisine though would love… Read More #FridayFiction: I wont let you go hungry tonight, darling!

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#FridayFiction: My fair lady!

#FridayFiction “How about some of their famous lemon cake, you love it, right?” Pratyush continued, looking hopefully at Naina. “On one condition – you tell all about your date, as she had the same experience as me but you looked more upset than her. So what was all that about?” Naina bargained as she felt hopeful… Read More #FridayFiction: My fair lady!

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#FridayFiction: The Great Switcheroo – part 2

#FridayFiction “You are not Pratyush?” Naina exclaimed in shock. What’s going on with this guy? “I am Vishwas and that over there is my friend Pratyush,” he said pointing to a table behind her where she could see a couple in conversation. Perplexed, she looked at her coffee companion. “Is this some sort of joke?… Read More #FridayFiction: The Great Switcheroo – part 2