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Travelling travails !!!

In India, the peak tourist season is said to be winters. Rajasthan, Goa, Kerela, etc are considered to the most popular tourist destinations in India. Places like Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jaiselmer and Agra are a big attraction, especially with the foreign tourists.  The royal splendours of these places can be best enjoyed in winters only. Unfortunately, these are all […]

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Birdie num num!!

I chanced upon a stroll in the Japanese park in Rohini, New Delhi and was thrilled to capture these gorgeous birds; some of which I couldnt even identify as I had never seen them before. I had to patiently stalk these birds and then hope for a good angle; rest was all upto my trusted Canon 400 D. […]

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Glimpses of a white Kashmir

After seeing my pics of some of friends of Gulmarg and Pahalgam in December, I was so tempted that I planned a trip to Kashmir to see the snow. The weather was not as cold as I was expecting it to be; no snowfall in Srinagar and only sunny days everyday. I was surprised to see such barreness in Kashmir, after […]

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A perfectly sunny day as we set out for Gulmarg with thoughts of snow, sledding, snowman….. Our first view was disappointing as we glimpsed snow in patches; untouched where the sun couldnt reach – other than that it was dry and so barren of snow. But as we climbed higher, our hopes revived when we […]

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Wintery snapshots of Kashmir

One hour delayed Spicejet flight to Srinagar as it didnt make it on time from Delhi (congestion at IGA is nothing new); atleast it didnt get cancelled which is what happened to the yesterday one. But thanks to that, had an unexpected encounter with an old batchmate- met after 20 years and thanks to him, the one hour whiled away in […]

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I chased a bee across a sunny winter garden!

The sun broke out from a gloomy sky, flooding the garden with some winter cheer and sunshine. Out came the birds and the bees; one caught my fancy and was chased all across from the golden marigolds to the budding roses. The whir of its tiny wings, bought out the glossy lilac tones which glinted […]

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Walk In The Clouds

Every time I fly; I crave for the window seat as the view of the clouds at that height is simply breathtaking, magnified only by the sun’s rays which form an amazing spectrum of colors. The fluffy clouds seem to go on for miles; I always wonder if these are bouncy as well as soft??!!!! […]

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An ode to the Rains

An ode to the Rains they fell from the skies in a hurry to reach the earth drenching everything, the trees dancing in mirth silver drops laced with smiles and joys which bloomed on faces – girls and boys molten puddles, splashing feet falling rain drummed the beat out came umbrellas – a colorful feat […]

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Sex and the City

I wrote this about three years ago in response to an email request. (Dated 14th april 2006)   Everyone is aware of the serial SEX AND THE CITY which comes on HBO every wednesday night. (for those of you who dont) its a serial which follows lives of four single women and explores their relationships […]

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Hello Blogworld!

My FB status reads : Just created a blog page for meself; now to stir in some thoughts; add a dash of josh ; a pinch of wit ; garnish with some feedback from my fellow readers!! – all those who liked this will bear the brunt of my wit parade – so consider yourself […]

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