Blog Challenge, My View

When & how I found my blogging mojo

  Monday evening, doorbell rings and I am wondering who it could be? Open door to hear someone say, “Madame aapka parcel hai!” Hopeful, I sign for it and yessss it’s from Santa!!!! You heard it right I have a discovered a Santa Claus who rewards me for being good ……. Years of moaning n groaning… Read More When & how I found my blogging mojo

Food Bytes, My View

Food safety +Nutrition +Packaging = Healthy me!

2015 is my year of stepping into the fourth decade of my life; its apt that my new year mantra be Forty – Fit & Fabulous! A couple of resolutions towards this step is to buy organic, fresh and seasonal fruits & veggies and to bake my own breads of flours, other than processed flour… Read More Food safety +Nutrition +Packaging = Healthy me!