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#MondayMusings: Where the air is free & pure for me to breathe

Every year Delhi/NCR sees a spike in air pollution around mid October which lasts right upto end November. This is largely caused by burning of stubble in the neighboring states by the farmers to clear the fields for next planting and in part by the firecrackers burst on Diwali. Of course, the industrial and vehicular pollution are the biggest contributors but the aggravation happens in these 2-3 months, making it difficult to breathe.… Read More #MondayMusings: Where the air is free & pure for me to breathe

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Dragonflies in my backyard!

One memory of my school days is when we would go back to school after 2 months of summer vacations, the monsoon would be upon on us and the school playground would be over run by wild grass which at some points would be knee-high. It would take the school gardeners a few weeks to… Read More Dragonflies in my backyard!

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Suncity – living amidst nature’s lap!

After an arduous search for a new house, I stumbled upon my current living quarters on the second floor of a house in Suncity. The deal clincher for this house was the airy feel and the greenery all around. A gorgeous view of the ridge which stretched on for miles. And no construction on three… Read More Suncity – living amidst nature’s lap!