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#FridayFiction: Saying it with flowers is the best way!

#FridayFiction Juggling the paint brushes, Naina opened the door to be greeted by the florist delivery boy, yet again. This time it was an exotic arrangement of hot pink roses mixed with some white orchids and the card that read “An apology has three parts  I am sorry It’s my fault And what can I… Read More #FridayFiction: Saying it with flowers is the best way!

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Morning raga

Morning glories espied in new blooms, rosy cheeked petals being teased by the rising sun which twinkles in the dew drops, making these beauties shine bright while the birds enchant with their twitters and chirps and flit with the energy of a new day, making each branch vibrate while they play peek a boo in… Read More Morning raga

Travel Tales

Pondy Frames 2011 : Barringtonia Asiatica

Pondicherry –  french spellings on sign boards listing roads; wide and perpendicular boulevards, colonial style mansions and gorgeous hues of bougainvillea bushes. First day in Pondy and as we were heading out of the house, I glimpsed a tree with these beautiful powder puff like blooms and immediately wanted to photograph them. Since they were right… Read More Pondy Frames 2011 : Barringtonia Asiatica

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Bangalore diaries: Walking through Basvanagudi!

I have been in Bangalore for now almost 6 months and yet to explore the city to its potential. With this thought in mind, I logged onto the net; stumbled on a website which advertised a cultural walk through Basvanagudi; promises to unveil some of the myriad secrets of the area and overall introduce… Read More Bangalore diaries: Walking through Basvanagudi!

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Bangalore Diaries: Hebbal Lake

One Sunday morning (early morning), I happened to visit Hebbal Lake in north Bangalore, for a photo shoot with a group of ten fellow enthusiasts. Hebbal lake is one of the three lakes created by Kempe Gowda in 1537. The lake has a large garden spread out at the front side, near the entrance with… Read More Bangalore Diaries: Hebbal Lake